Christmas Decorating and Baking with Your Children


Christmas too easily becomes a strain on many people. If one has the time, effort and money, it may not seem so stressful. But for people who have some time and plenty of effort, but very little money, these decorating and baking tips will help ease the strain.

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Keep in mind, your house does not need to be the brightest, most sparkly and most colourful in the neighbourhood. It is much more gratifying to know that your house is a place that is warm and welcoming, rather than a spectacle. Consider this valuable tip: clean the place. Tidy up your home until it is presentable at least. Even if you are not a neat person, you might be surprised at how much more comfortable it will be to have a clean living space. And think of the guests you may want to have during the holiday. They will appreciate a clean house.

Once you have done this, decorating is less of a challenge and more enjoyable. When it comes to decorations, most families will have a collection that has been building over time. If you are on a budget and your collection is in good condition, it will do rather than buying any new decorations. If you want a change from previous years, those decorations don’t need to be in the same places they were in last year. So dust them all off and be creative.

If you are creative and want a fun family activity, why not try making your own decorations. Then they will have more of your personal touch. Pine cones, ribbons, scrap fabric, fabric paint, cinnamon sticks, paper, popcorn and glitter glue are all good materials for making decorations.


Grocery stores will stock your favourite goodies and they are a temptation that many fall into. Yes, those baked goods are pleasing and they do save you the time or doing your own Christmas baking. But they also rob you of the fun that can be had from making your own. It’s okay if you are not much of a baker. As long as you can follow a recipe, you should be fine.

And recipes are not hard to come by. You can make your own cookbook that includes desserts, you may find one that suits your fancy. If you don’t, type your request into the internet and you are almost certain to find results that satisfy you. Or if you know someone who is an excellent baker, go ahead and ask to borrow a recipe.

Doing your own baking for Christmas may only be a little less costly that buying baked goods. However, baking is a great activity for family members to do together. If you get your kids involved in the baking itself, they won’t just be eating that batch of cookies that you worked for, they’ll enjoy the time spent with you. You’ll also find that homemade baked goods are many times tastier and more appreciated than store-bought.

Christmas shouldn’t be a strain, it should be a joyous holiday. Allow these tips for easy and fun Christmas baking and decorating to help you keep it simple and enjoyable for you and all your loved ones.

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