SKG Automatic Programmable Bread Machine Review

SKG Automatic Programmable Bread Machine Product Image

A beginner-friendly bread machine manufactured by SKG, you won’t have to worry about not knowing how to create bread or set settings manually with this machine.

The instruction manual and settings allow you to create the perfect loaf of bread (or other dough-related product) in a short period of time without messing it up.

In the next section, we’ll discuss the incredible number of attractive features that this bread machine possesses.

Breakdown of the Features

Before we get too far into discussing the features, let’s highlight the most prominent to make your decision easier.

  • 19 different program settings
  • 3 loaf sizes and 3 crust colors
  • High-quality, enhanced design
  • Automatic programmable
  • 2-year warranty for all parts and accessories
SKG Automatic Bread Machine Product Image
The SKG Automatic Machine is great for beginners! It’s super easy to use!

There are just so many attractive items to pinpoint. If you’ve seen bread makers on the market before, or even on this list, you’ll know that the SKG provides the most program settings out of them all at 19 different ones. These program settings include French, basic, cake, yogurt, gluten-free, and many more.

For those who are picky when it comes to bread (like our Italian family), you’ll be happy to know that there are 3 different loaf size options and 3 different crust colors. In having these, you get to experience that perfect loaf of bread.

Fully automatic and programmable, you can set this the morning or the day before with the 15-hour delay timer, and have your bread waiting for you. Beyond this, there’s a 1-hour “keep warm” function that allows your bread to stay warm when you’re not readily available.

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Live somewhere that often has the power going out? No worries as the SKG bread machine has a 15-minute power interruption recovery that keeps your bread fresh no matter what. Get out the generator and keep your food going!

A sleek, modern, and compact design, the SKG Automatic Programmable Bread Machine is 10 pounds in weight and around 15” inches in height. The exact dimensions of this compact machine are 15 inches by 13 inches and 11 inches. Taller than it is wide, you can have more space on your countertop for lunch or dinner prep.

You won’t have to prep your homemade bread any longer as this bread machine provides you with all of the necessary steps for bread creation. From preheating, kneading, and baking, this machine does it all and removes the harsh chemicals larger chain stores often use.

Before we jump into the pros and cons, let’s highlight the viewing window feature of this machine. While it’s a small feature, it’s one that helps immensely when trying to save time and energy. Having this window allows you to check on the color and texture of your bread in the midst of madness around your kitchen

Things We Love

There are so many attractive features highlighted above, but we’ll narrow it down to the machine’s best. One of the best features of this machine is the 19 program settings you’re able to experiment with. Having such a variety means that you can create to everyone’s dietary needs and restrictions – or just their desires!

From basic bread settings to French bread, whole wheat, cake, jam, yogurt, or gluten free – these are just some of the many program settings offered for this appliance. You can also create a light, medium, or dark bread in three different sizes with these settings! There’s a 1-hour “keep warm” function that allows your bread to stay warm when you’re not readily available

One last advantage of this (that we’ll discuss) is the fact that it comes with a 2-year parts and accessories warranty. While many of the features are great advantages, having a warranty like this allows you to feel confident in your purchase.

Things We Don’t

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages to the SKG Automatic Programmable Bread Machine, although none should affect the performance of your machine. One of the only disadvantages is that the backup power is only 15 minutes as we mentioned. While it’s only a short time, we should be happy that this option is available at all, despite its short length.

Lastly, you should not use this pan or the parts in the dishwasher. While some baking pans are dishwasher-safe, unfortunately, this product’s is not. Thankfully, you can ensure that it’s entirely clean when washing it by hand instead of having a patchy dishwasher washing job.


Overall, there are advantages and disadvantages. While the downsides of the item don’t really play into the performance of the machine, personal preference may reign supreme. A great appliance at a great price, we can’t really complain too much as there is an incredible number of features offered that allow variety and convenience.

From a 2-year warranty to 19 various baking settings, there’s a lot to do and experiment with the SKG bread maker machine. Besides the attractive design, the highlighted features are equally as attractive. I would highly recommend to those on a budget who want to bring quality bread to the table.

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