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Stephen Coe

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I am a Competitive Chef who's 15 years of Award winning Olympic style competitions in Culinary and Pastries have led me to be an elite in my field. There are many chefs, But none with the drive and experience as I have gained, I stand alone! I surround myself with only the best people and products allowing me to have the cutting edge above the rest.

I provide a rustic style of plating through modern and trendy techniques. Gatherings from Intimate, Multi course Tasting Menus to Multi Person Customized Events, We are up for the Challenge!

Defined Palate is the mentality of a tight Network of Rogue Chefs that I surround myself with and we are fearless Industry Professional who stretches the limits ... challenges the boundaries... Mavericks! I pride myself by providing excellence in service and execution. I support local purveyors and bring Farm to Table to reality! Limitless is the fuel that feeds me with every private event or dinner party. I offer Private Chef Services, Restaurant Consulting, Cooking Classes, Rebranding, Special events.

Customized menus are always available upon request. Sample menus are provided. I am health, dietary, and allergen conscious providing everyone with the same experience. Options are limitless when you use my services thru Kitchen Surfing!

29 reviews

Morgan B. September 18, 2014

We hosted a cocktail party for about 50 people on a gorgeous, private rooftop in Fort Point. Chef Stephen Coe was the highlight of the night. He was thoughtful, gracious and chatter over the course of the evening consistently was about how delicious the food was. We enjoyed sashimi tuna nachos, duck confit flat bread, truffled lobster grilled cheese and more. Every bit was scrumptious. Chef even brought along some homemade sweet treats - an assortment of dark chocolates and macarons. Amazing! I look forward to having him join us for another event. From setup to break down, everything was perfect.

Mark A. June 12, 2014

My wife and I won a raffle at a charity event for a multicourse dinner prepared in our home. Chef Steven Coe exceeded any and all expectations I had for the event. My wife and I both love cooking (almost as much as eating) and our time with Stephen was educational, comfortable and relaxed yet completely professional. He customized the menu to meet our divergent tastes, and our palates were truly tested and rewarded with out of this world flavors and textures. His signature Smoke Show might be the best dish I have ever tasted. Truly extraordinary. The grilled oyster had a sublime crunch, the sesame tuna melted in the siracha sour cream…I’m drooling on my keyboard just writing this.

And to top it off, Steven is a great guy. We have a newborn in the house, two dogs, life is a bit crazy right now, but Steven fit in perfectly. He was a gentleman, both personable and professional. The timing of each plate was perfect, and man, my kitchen had never been cleaner! He cleaned up everything. Thank you Steven for a truly once in a lifetime experience. We look forward to enjoying your culinary excellence in the future.

Frank R. May 28, 2014

Stephen Coe provided us with a special meal that exceeded our expectations. This was our first time having an executive chef prepare food in our home and my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed this unique experience. Chef Coe arrived a little early and began preparing our meal. The food was delicious and was enhanced by the professional presentation at the table. He clearly explained the ingredients and preparation of each course. Each course was a taste experience!! The added touch was the clean-up. Our kitchen and appliances were left clean and spotless. Well done and thank you, Chef Coe! We are planning our next party to share this experience with some friends

Stephanie W. May 22, 2014

Chef Stephen prepared a 5-course dinner for 17 people for my husband's birthday! I had originally planned on 10 or so people but it kept expanding and expanding, which was no problem for the chef. I had been a little bit worrie that the quantity or quality of the food and experience might suffer due to sheer numbers. That was NOT the case! Each course was delicious and cooked to perfection. Can you imagine 17 pieces of filet mignon being cooked TO PERFECTION??! It happened, I can promise you that! He explained every dish and also told the group a bit about himself. He was welcoming in the kitchen, as was his assistant. They were happy to chat, answer questions, etc. It was so much fun to watch how this all came together! They also hand washed everything, reusing some of the plates for different courses (and we did have a dishwasher available but they actually chose to hand wash.). The kitchen was super clean at the end. I would love to have Chef Stephen cook for us again, for a smaller group to really see all the bells and whistles of what he can do! Amazing time!

Elizabeth H. May 12, 2014

Stephen Coe provided great service and exceptional food. The menu he offered was very much in line with the guidelines I had communicated and he was very accommodating of the changes I requested. His preparation and service were flexible and inobtrusive, the quantities of food offered were exactly right, and when he left the kitchen was even cleaner than it was when he arrived. My whole family was extremely impressed and thinks this might have been the best meal we've had through Kitchensurfing. Many thanks to Chef Stephen!

Allie L. April 25, 2014

Chef Stephen exceeded our expectations. He cooked a Saturday brunch for 5 girlfriends & I. He was professional, personable, & informative. Not only did he change the layout of the menu multiple times, per our request (we are picky - sorry!) but the whole process was smooth & concise. Once he arrived, he made himself at home in our kitchen & was able to navigate his way around without our help. The food looked, smelled, & WAS delicious - everything from the sweet potato homefries to the Nutella french toast. My girlfriends & I were blown away at the eclectic menu he created & the ability to address our sweet, savory, & sour taste buds. He was an absolute pleasure to talk tro, filling us in on the Kitchensurfing experience & his previous experience in the restaurant industry. The conversations were great & by the end of the meal, we felt like he was just another friend joining in on the experience. He cleaned the entire kitchen, packed up all of his equipment, & thanked us probably as many times as we thanked him.

I give the Kitchensurfing experience 5 stars & I wouldn't think about hiring any other chef besides Chef Stephen. We all were beyond grateful & thankful that we got to experience Chef Stephen. Thank you!

John U. March 13, 2014

When Stephen comes to my house to cook a meal, it's like having a celebrity chef in your home. For those who have too much on their plate -- figuratively speaking! -- to cook dinner, or those who just enjoy amazing food, Stephen is a find.

Alex H. March 7, 2014

Steve did a great job! The guests were thrilled and we'd love to use him again!

fredi s. March 5, 2014

Stephen was fantastic. We had an interactive experience for a "team building" Board event that allowed each of us to engage, have fun, learn a thing or two. Stephen helped move it along quickly so we got to enjoy absolutely delicious food! Clean-up was impeccable.

Avery G. March 3, 2014

Stephen cooked for a recent dinner party and we couldn't have been happier! We wanted him to surprise us with the menu, so I gave him a couple of things that we were not fans of and left the rest up to him. He came up with a fantastic menu - each dish was so amazing and we wouldn't have changed anything. He is also a super personable, fun person. He made sure to explain each dish he brought out and answered any and all questions from the group. Finally, he left the kitchen spotless. We can't wait to work with him again in the very near future!

Alex D. March 3, 2014

exceeded expectations in all areas and was a pleasure to have over.

emma t. March 3, 2014

Chef Coe was incredible. He was professional and attentive, created a personalized menu, and greatly surpassed my expectations. We had a fantastic meal, and thoroughly enjoyed having Chef Coe in our home. My guests were blown away by the experience and we can't wait to book another Kitchensurfing with Stephen!

suzanne r. February 26, 2014

Wonderful brunch for 20, a bridal shower at my house - beautifully presented and delicious!

Sara B. February 17, 2014

Chef Stephen made us one of the best meals we've ever had! It was great to hear about where the food came from, how it was prepared, and he even provided us with a lovely dessert wine.

Deanna G. February 17, 2014

Chef Stephen came and prepared a very special Valentine's Day meal, all last minute when our other chef cancelled on us. Each course was spectacular and my boyfriend and I were definitely spoiled. He was also very good company, and was gracious with our constant questions. If you want to book a really memorable meal then you should absolutely hire him.

David G. February 16, 2014

Fantastic! The surprise was perfect and the Chef was talented, impressive and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him or use him again. Thank you!

Sky M. February 11, 2014

Stephen created such a great meal in such a short time. The client enjoyed every dish and there were many of them.

suzanne r. February 11, 2014

Had a wonderful evening compliments of Stephen! Great food and presentation style.

Michael M. February 9, 2014

Chef Stephen provided an outstanding menu and food for our dinner party for 10. All of the dishes were perfectly cooked to the tastes of our guests and beautifully presented and described. Chef arrived on time, left the kitchen spotless, and did a terrific job. Bravo!

Fe G. February 8, 2014

Chef Coe cooked a start to finish delicious culinary experience and was both accommodating and fun to work with! We would highly recommend him as a chef, and kitchensurfing as an experience! A+!!

Rajan C. February 5, 2014

Stephen cooked a surprise birthday dinner for my girlfriend at our condo. I didn't know what to expect when I booked the dinner but wanted a unique dinner experience at home. Both my girlfriend and I were blown away by Stephen's culinary skill and professionalism. He came prepared with all of the pans/utensils he needed along with only the freshest ingredients for the 7 course dinner he prepared. Additionally, when he learned that my girlfriend enjoys cooking, he incorporated teaching into his preparation and allowed her to assist him in the kitchen. My girlfriend and I agree that it was better than any meal we have eaten in Boston, and we go out to eat at various "foodie" restaurants often. I can't speak highly enough of our experience and would recommend Stephen to anyone who appreciates quality food and an authentic and fun experience.

Jessica D. February 3, 2014

Stephen created a menu of tapas and dessert for myself and 3 friends. Each course was delicious and beautifully crafted. The freshness and flavors of each dish were impressive; we cannot say one bad thing about any of this food. He was able to accommodate for my dietary restrictions and had great communication with me about the menu prior to the meal. When he arrived he gave me clear instructions on how each dish should be served, heated to what temp and for how long (we didn't have him stay, this was a drop off meal).

Joshua K. February 3, 2014

Chef Stephen was Amazing!!! He showed up with everything he needed and the food was all prepared in time for the party. He made more than enough food for everyone, all the guests could not get over how good everything was. When Stephen left I looked into the kitchen and I could not tell there was a party, everything was cleaned and he even did the dishes! After having him come to my house I can not imagine hosting a party any other way!!!

kristen e. February 2, 2014

My family and I have had chefs cook in our home on several occasions, and after working with Chef Stephen, we were all in agreement that both his food and personable demeanor were the best we've experienced! Stephen was able to accommodate our dietary preferences/restrictions and was able to deliver seamlessly. He timed the meal perfectly and each dish was artfully plated and tasted amazing. I highly recommend Chef Stephen!

Jessica B. January 27, 2014

I can't even put into words how delicious everything was and how great this experience was. We had 7 people and did a menu similar to the Chef's Tasting. The menu looked amazing, but the food turned out even better than we could have imagined. Stephen was extremely personable, letting us get in his way and ask questions, describing the dishes and giving us a glimpse into his world as a chef. Also, my kitchen looked cleaner than when he got there! I'd highly recommend him - and can't wait to book him again.

Susan Z. January 25, 2014

Our dinner with Stephen was fantastic. Each course was so delicious and beautifully plated. Chef Stephen was a delight to work with, very personable, and he was glad to share cooking tips with us. He willingly let the birthday girl be his sous chef, but readily took over when it was time for us to sit down to eat. Dinner service was excellent, and it was a real treat to find my kitchen spotless when we were done! Thank you Chef Stephen for a truly wonderful, amazing and memorable evening!

Emma C. January 19, 2014

Chef Stephen was the perfect fit! We had him over to cook for a bachelorette party and the night went off without a hitch. The food was fabulous and Stephen walked us through preparation of most of the dishes. The bride-to-be even had a chance to help him, which was exactly what we'd wanted since she also loves to cook. We couldn't have asked for a better Chef and enjoyed Stephen's personable nature and humor very much. We look forward to working with Stephen again.

Andrew B. January 5, 2014

Chef Stephen Coe's food was outstanding! Our cozy dinner for two featured, 7 courses of imaginative combinations that treated and tantalized the full range of our palates. We routinely get out to the Best Restaurants in the area and are delighted to say this meal was the best we've had in a few years - I'd compare it to a wine tasting dinner at Radius. We're already planning a larger party with Chef Stephen Coe in a couple of months - thank you Chef!

Michelle W. January 1, 2014

Stephen was fantastic. We were so pleased and so were our guests. The food was so flavorful and the guests raved about everything. I would definitely use Stephen again!!