Sweet and Savory Treats Perfect for Double Wall Glass

Sweet and Savory Treats Perfect for Double Wall Glass

The best thing about making something delicious to eat for yourself or friends and family is naturally the taste of the dish but also the visual appeal of it. There are many dishes that look absolutely stunning, but they fall flat in presentation, so they are put into a thickly pottered bowl, where you can only see the top of the dish, forgetting the delicious sides that make the meal beautiful. Just as Christina Tosi from Milk Bar decided to famously not mask her cakes with buttercream but rather leave the sides open so that people could witness the lovely sponge layers of cakes and the inside filling, this is exactly what double wall glass dishes do. They give people the opportunity to peek inside the dish, creating a memorable and visually stunning look.

Kickstart Your Day with a Visual Treat

You can either go savory or sweet with your breakfast. Depending on the type of person you are, you will have a different dish to prepare. If you opt for the sweet, there are two delicious options you could go for: either a lovely fruit and yogurt salad or a wonderfully warm oat dish with a fruit compote or stew. 

The first thing you’re going to want to do is to pop the fruit right at the bottom of the double wall glass mug that you’re using, creating the first base layer. Top that with fruits of your choice. You can either simply pop them over the thin yogurt layer, or if you are feeling brave, you can stand them upright along the side of the glass mugs to create a stunning visual presentation. Continue this a few times over, changing between the yogurts and the fruits to create a beautiful creation. Top the whole thing off with some pieces of granola and maybe even some chocolate chips to make the ultimate breakfast. If you have different kinds of yogurt at your disposal, consider using both so that you can interchange the colors of yogurt, too. 

Going for the oat and compote route is very similar, where you move between the layers of stewed fruit and oats. However, these two dishes typically do not have as vibrant colors. Therefore, you need something to break up the colors.  A great option is a thin layer of play yogurt. The white color will cut through the more beige tones and create something spectacular. 

If you are thinking of going with a savory option, then a frittata is a stellar option. You can simply pop some scrambled eggs into a glass, add a few vegetables on top, repeat this process a few times and then enjoy it with a slice of toast on the side. This presentation will look much better than throwing some veggies and eggs on a basic plate and it’s more fun to eat from one of your double wall glass coffee mugs. You see, these mugs are not only for beverages, you can get creative by putting different types of foods in them too.

Stellar for Pretty Beverages

If you are a juice or smoothie person, you need to get your hands on a double wall glass mug. Not only do these keep your drinks cooler for longer but they can make the difference between a good smoothie or a great smoothie, just through the added visual appeal. 

Smoothies and juices come in many different colors, so if you are hosting a small get-together and want to wow your friends with some colors, make a few different colored smoothies, pop them into one of your double wall glass coffee mugs and create the most stimulating visual show. Picture a dark purple blueberry smoothie, a light yellow pineapple and mango smoothie, and then a healthy apple and kale smoothie. Here you will have three different colors on display. Or if you aren’t a big smoothie fan, then go for a juice. Choose a thick and deep orange mango juice, a light yellow and place apple juice, and a lovely red beetroot juice. Having a double wall glass to display these colors is going to be a feast for the eyes.

Make The Most of Tea Time

Tea lovers, a double wall glass mug lets you witness the beauty of tea – from flowering teas to rich herbal colors. This visual experience adds serenity to your tea ritual, making each sip a moment of peace. 

Double wall glass mugs are perfect for enjoying the visual spectacle of blooming or flowering teas. The clear glass allows you to watch the leaves unfurl and dance in the hot water, turning your tea break into a moment of art appreciation. The insulation keeps your tea at the perfect sipping temperature, allowing you to fully enjoy the delicate flavors and aromas. Just picture all the little leaves and blossoms floating around the tea in the glass mugs, this would be a stunning sight to witness. 

For those who enjoy a more robust tea, double wall glass mugs are perfect for serving up rich black teas or spicy chai blends. The insulation will keep your tea hot and flavorful, while the clear glass allows you to appreciate the deep amber or reddish hues of your brew. Sip slowly and savor the complex flavors and aromas of your favorite tea variety.

Sweet Snacks and Afternoon Delights

These glasses aren’t restricted to beverages. Layer desserts like tiramisu, showing off each delicious layer. Simpler snacks, like chia puddings, also benefit from the elegance and clarity of a double wall glass, elevating the humble to the exquisite.

There are so many different types of desserts that you can make that will be enhanced through a double wall glass mug. Think about a trifle, layers of sponge, custard and jelly. This would be stunning in glass mugs. You could even have different colored jelly flavors so that you can really get the most out of the color wheel. 

Any kind of sponge cake would also look great in a glass mug. All you need to do is cut the sponge to size, add some interestingly colored buttercream and there you have it. You can do this with a vanilla cake, where you can also add some raspberry jam and light pink buttercream. Or if you prefer something richer, go for a dark chocolate sponge cake, filled with layers of dark golden caramel and topped with some white chocolate shavings.

There are so many different creations that you can come up with when using a double wall glass mug. You can let your imagination run wild and come up with the most stunning visual presentations.