Ten KitchenSurfing Choice Of Canned Crab Meat Reviews And Comparison

5 Best Canned Crab Meat For Your KitchenEating and all is quite simple, but pushing yourself towards breaking the barriers and diving into healthy eating, isn’t as easy as it sounds. Crab is one of the tastiest and most healthy delicacies; it needs more room in your kitchen. But what if your guests suddenly arrive and you don’t have access to fresh crab meat?

Well, canned crab meat is always there for the rescue. With our ever-increasing busyness, we merely find time to get fresh meat, but canned meats have always solved all our problems with ease. It’s time for some tweaks! So please look at our picks about the top 5 canned crab meat that help you instantly prepare every crab delicacy you desire.

Best Canned Crab Meat Review Center

Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more details, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

1. Bumble Bee Crab Meat

Bumble Bee Crab Meat Product Image

Last but not least, this one falling on our canned jumbo lump crab meat list is another excellent product serving customers’ needs for a long. It is the complete meat extracted from the body of freshly caught crabs and is very popular across the globe. When it comes to appearance, this meat is quite flaky and is an excellent option for every kind of exotic dish that you wish to cook. Being one great option for all the dips and hors d’oeuvres lovers, this one is taking over the reign as it falls under your budget list quite nicely. We love the product and its ingredients, which perfectly align with your diet plans, primarily the Mediterranean and Paleo Diets. As it is low in fats and carbs, it also maintains the efficient and desirable body structure you always wish to attain.

Bring this canned blue crab meat home without focusing too much on the outside food products and see the magic work. It’s preferred by every household and fitness enthusiast as it contains Only 40 calories per serving. Apart from that, you will find no MSG in it. This canned blue crab has whole or broken pieces of meat that come from the sides of the crab where its legs are attached. It is also an excellent option for soups and casseroles.

What we like about it:

There are many things which we love about this product. The top one is that you get the attached label containing details of additional recipes everyone can label. As mentioned above, it is an excellent product for crab cakes, salads, dips, and casseroles. This lump crab meat canned also offers a beautiful presentation when you use it as stuffing in fish or chicken.

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2. Miller’s Select Claw Crab Meat

Miller's Select Claw Crab Meat Product Image

This one generally tops our priority list for best-canned crab meat. Containing fresh, handpicked crabs meat with sea salt, water, disodium phosphate, and some citric acid, this one is a tasty and healthy option for meal preparations. It comes with reddish-brown leg and claw meat and includes whole pieces featured at both ends of the pack. It has a much more robust flavor than what you see in lump or white ones; the claw stands up for your choice of bold seasoning.

The local fishermen harvest the wild blue swimming crabs from the pristine Gulf of Siam to prepare this canned crab. After this, the crabs are chosen to give you the best nutrition and healthiest food. You only introduce your stomach to fresh live crabs steamed and then packed carefully, turning into a healthy choice for your gut. The Miller family has been sharing their love and quality for 35 years of experience; thus, this product will never disappoint your hopes. As it is shell-free and ready to use, rinsing is not required. You can directly drain the liquid and use it in any way you want.

What we like about it:

This meat is a healthy alternative as it is low in fat and contains no carbs but is high in protein. It is virtually shell-free, and there is no struggle at all. It is immaculate, fragrant, and is one of the most pristine crab meats in every grade. It depicts a short process time and contains minimal additives, making it taste like a fresh crab even after days of purchase.

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3. Crown Prince Fancy White Crab Meat

Crown Prince Fancy White Crab Meat Product Image

This wild-caught, lump crab meat in a can comes directly from Thailand and is one of the most preferred and consumed quality white meat packed in water. As most of us know that such white meat doesn’t contain any sulfites or MSG, this is one of the most used products in every household. It has no bleaching agents or things like preservatives added to keep it secure for a long. It is all packed in water and tastes like freshly caught crab meat. This canned lump crab meat is verified by the Non-GMO project and certified by the NFI crab council member. The product is entirely gluten-free and contains a significant amount of protein. It also includes a tremendous amount of calcium and is fat-free.

The quality white meat is extensively used for dips, ceviche soups, crab cakes, casseroles, and salads. It is suggested to rinse the canned lump crabmeat in lightly cold water to get perfect results in terms of taste. As with every other canned food, ensure you preserve it timely right after opening and using it. The product’s nutritional facts are astonishing; thus, this standard Crown Prince Fancy White Crab Meat encompasses all sorts of benefits and top-notch quality as desired.

What we like about it:

The product is not just a result of years but is produced by experts who have been working for decades. To your notice from 1948! It is packed by using the lumps from the crab’s knuckle area. It is the highest of the 3-grade crab that you usually see in the market. Its delicate, sweet flavor gives the perfect texture to a canning recipe for your fancy real crab meat.

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4. Chicken of the Sea Fancy Crab Meat

Chicken Of The Sea Fancy Crab Product Image

This canned crab meat review talks about the famous one for its great flavor, appearance, texture, and excellent quality that it produces suitable in one serving. This canned meat is taken up from the swimming blue crab, prized, and acknowledged by chefs worldwide. You can enjoy this succulent crab meat all year round for those who like a sweet taste. Once brought, the meat is ready to consume and acts as a great meal or appetizer for people who love to get great protein sources. You can have it in various sizes and oz as required and keep it refrigerated for days. It is an NFI crab council-certified product and is ideally used in crab cakes, bisque, salads, dips, quiche, and many more.

Committing to sustainability, this chicken of the sea crab meat reviews Talks about the healthiest seafood you have ever encountered! Not just this product, but the manufacturer even operates online to help you fetch the best taste and the suitable dishes you dream of. Being a profound MSC certified product, its nutritional contents turn out to be a boon for all those who stay high on a protein diet and train a lot. It is a fast, convenient, easy, and healthy meal for any time, wherever you go.

What we like about it:

You can enjoy these protein-rich and high omega-three fatty acids containing the best lump crab meat straight out from the can or can be incorporated into any of your signature dishes. It delivers all the nutrients required to protect joints, benefit sleep, and eventually improve your vision. This excellent source of protein comes at very reasonable rates and provides a decadent treat for the health of your body.

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5. Consul Crab Meat

Consul Crab Meat Product Image

This one is another best-canned crab meat brand known for its enormous taste and excellent quality. It contains various nutritional ingredients like crab meat, salt, water, citric acid, sugar, Sodium Acid, and pyrophosphate to maintain the color and firmness, and Calcium Disodium EDTA canned product makes the use of Sodium Metabisulphite as a preservative.

When exploring the best place in the seafood market, this brand always overshadows many others. The borough market in London is producing the finest quality of lump crab meat in a can, Seattle’s pike place, la Boqueria, which is in Barcelona. Thus, this product is exported from London and is an excellent source of protein and energy. It is made out of handpicked and selected crabs that are uniquely tasty, and their authentic taste with flavors makes you smack your lips. Since 1934, the brand has celebrated its delicious diversity while seeking out the native ingredients that make you feel close to home even when abroad. To all those who can’t struggle around all day for fresh crab meat, this best crab meat in a can does all the healthy talking in a go. This canned meat must be a significant part of your diet, giving the boldest taste and soft feel.

What we like about it:

Like every other crab meat brand, this one is also packed in pieces of body and leg meat and shredded pieces. This crab is ivory or grey, and it is recommended to get a light rinse before using it. It is ready to serve and is the best crab meat for h’ors d’oeuvres, stuffing, sandwiches, or open seafood salads, containing zero Trans-fats and gluten.

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6. Lump Blue Crab Meat (2 Pounds)

Ten KitchenSurfing Choice Of Canned Crab Meat Reviews And Comparison

Another great addition to our list is the Lump Blue Crab Meat. The Lump Blue is wild-caught meat from the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. You will love Lump Blue because of its fresh taste. You can use it for crab cakes or stuffed flounder, where the flavor of the crab is critical. The Lump Blue is sweet and tender and has a chunk of bright and attractive white meat.

It gives you an excellent exquisite flavor with a subtle fresh ocean undertone. Plus, it is fresh crab meat that’s not frozen. You get the best quality for the best price on the web.

If frozen immediately after receipt, the Lump Blue Crab meat can retain its flavor and texture. However, you should use the crab meat within 3-4 days after getting it.

What We Like About It:  

The Lump Blue is a product of wild-caught crabs from the Gulf of Mexico, making it fresh, sweet, and compelling. It gives you a new ocean undertone flavor. It has an attractive white color. It is clean, and you can rarely get shells in it. Grab this crab meat and enjoy it.

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7. Phillips Foods Super Lump Crab Meat, 1 Pound — 6 per case.

Phillips Foods Super Lump Crab Meat

Are you looking for that mouth-watering light-flavored crab meat? The Phillip’s Food Super Lump Crab Meat is what you are looking for. The 1 pound—6 per case Super Lump is composed chiefly of broken jumbo lumps and smaller lumps of crab meat. The chunks are blended with special-grade crab meat to create a versatile product.

The pasteurized and fresh but cooked Phillips Super Lump Crab Meat is the best you can get. The expiry date on the can is very long, but you can refrigerate it. The best seafood restaurants use the Philips straight from the can. Knowing how expensive seafood can be, you know that the Phillips Super Lump Crab Meat is worth it. It is costly because of its large size, bright white color, and exquisite taste.

The fantastic product is large, fresh, and clean. It is challenging to find a shell inside it. You can use it as a crab dip or put it in a sauce. It is already cooked and ready to use straight from the container.

Regarding nutritional value, crab meat has 1gram of fat, 16g of protein, 200mg of Sodium, and 76mg of Cholesterol. This means it is a very healthy take for your body. The percentages are determined using a diet of 2000 calories per day.

What We Like About It:

The Phillips Super Lump Crab Meat is a very healthy take as it contains deficient fat levels and high levels of proteins. The lump crab meat also has a unique, mouth-watering exquisite taste. You can dip it or use it in a sauce. The best thing is that the Phillips Super Lump is already cooked; therefore, you can use it straight from the can. It also has a surprisingly long expiration date.

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8. Vital Choice Wild Dungeness Crab 6 Ounce Cans, Pack of 3

Ten KitchenSurfing Choice Of Canned Crab Meat Reviews And Comparison

This crab meat, a product of the USA, is a favorite among seafood lovers. Its exquisitely sweet flavor and texture make it irresistible for seafood lovers. Dungeness crab is considered to be one of the tastiest species of crabs. It was named after the coastal town in Washington State that hosted the first harvests. Its harvest is closely monitored and regulated by authorities to maintain its sustainability. The Vital Choice uses Dungeness crabs that have been sustainably harvested from Willapa Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

A Dungeness crab typically measures around 8 inches (20cm) across. The Dungeness crab has moist and naturally sweet meat that you can use straight from the can or put in salads, sandwiches, and pasta dishes. It features flaked meat with leg sections. The product has no shells as great care has been taken. However, it is good to note that sometimes, despite excellent care, some shell fragments may be present. The Vital Choice Wild Dungeness Crabmeat can either be served hot or cold.

Another essential feature of this product is that it is gluten-free. This allows gluten intolerant people to sample the sweetness of the Vital Choice Dungeness Crabmeat. This is a plus for the product.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch has rated the Vital Choice Wild Dungeness Crab Meat.

What We Like About It:

The Vital Choice crab meat is made from one of the sweetest crabs. As such, it is the most and has a very delicious flavor. The other good thing about this product is that you can take it straight from the can. It can be used with sandwiches or put in salads. Plus, the product is also shell-free. Crab meat is also gluten-free, thus giving people who are gluten intolerant a chance to enjoy its sweetness.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that canned crab meat comes in handy, mainly because you can take it straight from the can. Besides its sweetness and flavor, crab meat has a pool of health benefits with no or deficient fat levels. At the same time, it contains essential nutrients like iron, protein, and calcium, which are crucial in your body.

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9. Premium Lump 1LB Can

Ten KitchenSurfing Choice Of Canned Crab Meat Reviews And Comparison

Next on our list is the Premium Lump 1LB canned crab meat from Handy seafood. The Premium Lump features pieces of broken jumbo lump and body meat. Crabmeat comes from South East Asia. Specifically from Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. However, there is also a domestic one from Maryland.

The Premium Lump crab meat gives you an exquisite tantalizing flavor. You can use it in your sauce or use it with crab cakes. It must be refrigerated and has a shelf life of around 18 months when properly refrigerated. The vendor will send it while refrigerated, and even the grocery stores will keep it under refrigeration.

The Premium Lump is made from steamed live crabs that give it a natural crab flavor. The steaming also helps maintain its texture. This ensures that your delicacy is as natural as possible. The treat is ideal for breakfast, lunch, brunch, or dinner.

The crab meat is also very clean. It has been black-light inspected to ensure that it has no shells. It is challenging to get a shell in the Premium Lump Crabmeat.

Healthwise, the Premium Lump has no fat and no carbs. However, it has large amounts of proteins, Sodium, Cholesterol, and iron, all essential elements for your body.

Why We Like It  About It:

The Premium Lump crab meat is an essential addition to your kitchen. The product is healthy for you and your family as it has no fats and carbs. It is, however, rich in nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, and iron, which have health benefits for the body. The product is also versatile; you can take it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It also has a considerably longer shelf life, given that it can go up to 18 months when properly refrigerated. And to sum it all up, the Premium Lump crab meat is virtually shell-free.

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10. Reese Fancy 15% Leg Crabmeat, 6-Ounces (Pack of 12)

Ten KitchenSurfing Choice Of Canned Crab Meat Reviews And Comparison

Step out of your comfort zone and be adventurous with this Reese Fancy 15% Crab meat product from Malaysia. If you focus on taste and affordability, this product is the one for you. The Reese Fancy 15% Leg Crab meat gives you a mouth-watering taste and crab flavor while minding your pocket.

The Reese Fancy 15% Leg Crab meat is made from wild-caught crab meat, salt, water, sugar, and citric acid. It also has Calcium Disodium Edta, which helps promote color retention, while Sodium Pyrophosphate maintains the flavor. Then Sodium Metabisulfite is used as the preservative.

The Reese Fancy crab meat is an excellent choice for making seafood salads or homemade sushi rolls. It has a salty and delicate flavor which is good for absorbing flavors during the cooking process. The Reese Fancy crab meat is also very clean because the shells have all been removed.

It is suitable for your health as it has no carbs and fats. It, however, has large amounts of Cholesterol, calcium, and iron.

What We Like About It:

The Reese Fancy 15% Leg crab meat is awesomely delicious, and it is the right choice when you think of making any seafood. 15% of leg meat is a plus. You can even use it for your sauce or dip. It virtually has no shell. The Reese Fancy crab meat is a healthy take for you as it contains all the essential elements your body needs.

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How do we choose the top canned crab meat on our list?

Well, this might be one central question popping up in your brain while reading the whole review. Many factors determine the right choice of canned crab meat. Yet it is highly subjective as each of ours needs to differ. We have researched extensively and looked at all sorts of product sizes, especially the nutrients.

For choosing these top 5 brands, we went through their ratings and reviews online, which gave us a clear idea about what makes them the best. Moreover, these products are from top-notch brands serving the masses for more than years. As already discussed above, all featured products are high in protein. The best-canned crab is the one that contains very little or no fat, 100% effective protein, and about 60 calories per ½ cup serving.

Colossal lump, white meat, backfin, jumbo lump, and claw meat are just some types of canned crab meat. However, you can buy each of them at your convenience. All the products featured on our list are not restricted to one portion size. You can always enjoy the advantage of starting with a small pack and then increasing your intake if required. All of our canned crab claw meat under this top 5 list can be used either directly or can be included in any of your favorite dishes.

Different types of canned crab meat

Various canned crab meat satisfies your instant desire to eat fresh and protein-filled crab. Some of the major ones include-

  • Colossal Lump Crab Meat is the master of them all and is simultaneously the most expensive on the market. It gets so heavy on your pocket because of the extinction of blue crabs, which are pretty tricky to find out nowadays.
  • Jumbo Lump Crab Meat – this one fits like an acceptable dining option. You will have to pay more for it as the big hunk of white meat comes with very few cartilage and shells. They take extra care and remove this unwanted part before packing the crab in a can.
  • Backfin, also called the Backfin Lump, is extracted from the same body parts as the crab-like jumbo, but the lumps are broken here. In this, you will find some large and small pieces of meat. You will also have more shells and cartilage mixed in.
  • White Meat or Special – This is an excellent combination of jumbo lump blue crab and some claws and is generally flaked. As the claws are present, it has some sweet-filled flavor.
  • Claw Meat- this one has got a rich, succulent flavor that you won’t find in other parts of the crab. You can use it in all recipes, which fits perfectly into your budget.

Why do you need the best-canned crab meat in your kitchen?

There is no doubt that a crab in a can, becomes your instant shield in an emergency. It is not just a comforting food but is highly rich in protein that we should consume daily. You will build up incredible muscle mass and have the best-toned body with the proper exercise on regular consumption. Moreover, it contains long-chain omega-three fatty acids and various vitamins and minerals. Most crab meat can use water as a preservative instead of other artificial add-ons. Thus it works best even if kept for a long duration.

With its rich, buttery, and sweet flavor, Crabmeat is a unique gustatory treat that offers substantial benefits to health. The mild taste makes it versatile and even satisfying while mixed with ingredients. You can mix it up in bisques, soups from your pressure cooker, dips, and casseroles, and make your guest happy with a perfect dining alternative.

The right kind of canned crab contains Riboflavin or vitamin B2, making it even more healthy and beneficial. The best part is that they all seem amazingly fresh even after canned and fit your gut. With great inclusions like copper and phosphorus, your canned crab becomes a beneficial product that can outshine every other product in your kitchen. So start consuming canned crab today and see how the magic works on your family’s health.

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