Ten KitchenSurfing Choice of Portable Electric Stoves for Your Kitchen

We’re here to talk about the ten best portable electric stoves of 2021. Our purpose in creating this roundup is for us to identify the top products in the market today. After doing that, our objective is to trim our shortlist down to the ten best ones for this year. And as you can imagine, we needed to develop a thorough process for our list to be as valuable as possible for our fellow foodies and kitchen lovers.

Best Portable Electric Stoves

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And after running our thorough tests for each of the products in our list, we collected the results of our test group. We then analyzed this data, which allowed us to prune our list to the ten best portable electric stoves of 2021. This is the fifth and final step in our process. And here’s our up-to-date list of the top 10 compact electric stoves today:

Best Portable Electric Stove Reviews

ImagePortable Electric StoveRating
Duxtop 9620LS LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop 1800W Digital Electric Countertop Burner Sensor Touch Stove#1 - Duxtop LCD Induction Stove97%
Cusimax Portable Electric Stove, 1800W Infrared Double Burner Heat-up In Seconds, 7 Inch Ceramic Glass Double Hot Plate Cooktop for Dorm Office Home Camp, Compatible w/All Cookware - Upgraded Version#2 - Cusimax Portable Electric Stove95%
Portable Induction Cooktop induction stove Countertop Burner, 2200 W 120-Volts Induction Cooker with Timer Temperature Control, Smart Touch Sensor Electric Ceramic Cooker Glass Plate Cooktop for Stainless Steel All Cookware#3 - Wiland Portable Induction Stove94%
Proctor Silex 34103 Electric Single Burner, Compact and Portable, Adjustable Temperature Hot Plate, White & Stainless#4 - Proctor Silex Electric Stove93%
Sandoo HA1865 Induction Cooktop, 1800W Portable Light Weight Countertop Burner, Digital Electric Cooker Burner, with Timer 15 Temperature Power Setting, Suitable for Home Kitchen, RV, Apartment#5 - Sandoo Induction Stove93%
SUNAVO Hot Plate for Cooking Portable Electric Single Burner 1500W 5 Power Levels Cast-Iron Silver#6 - SUNAVO Portable Electric Stove92%
Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, Gold#7 - Duxtop Induction Electric Stove90%
OVENTE Electric Infrared Burner, 7" Single-Plate, 1000W, Ceramic Glass & Stainless Steel, Silver (BGI101S)#8 - Ovente Infrared Electric Stove89%
Rosewill Induction Cooker 1800 Watt, Induction Cooktop, Electric Burner with Stainless Steel Pot 10" 3.5 QT 18-8, RHAI-13001#9 - Rosewill Induction Cooker89%
Maxi-Matic ESB-301BF Single Electric Flat Cast Iron Heating Plate Burner Power Indicator Light, Non-Skid Feet, Easy To Clean, 1000 Watts, Black#10 - Maxi-Matic Electric Stove87%

For some added notes, we consulted social media pages to find out the opinions of several people from various cultures with different food preparation methods. Amazon was used to confirm the ratings of each electric cooker. We also relied heavily on the testers who participated in our group. They looked closely at each product’s cooking abilities, appearances, portability, and value for money. And here’s how each of these portable cookers stacks up:

1. Duxtop LCD Induction Stove

Duxtop 9620LS LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop 1800W Digital Electric Countertop Burner Sensor Touch Stove

Although somewhat expensive, the new 1800W digital electric cooker has more features than the average cooker. There are two heating rings, both with a smaller and larger rings. Everything is controlled from the LCD screen.

There are eight cooking settings, so you can fry steaks or chicken, sauté, cook pasta dishes, fry eggs, warm milk, and boil water. There are 20 preset levels to make it quick and easy for the user.

It’s an energy-efficient and user-friendly cooker. Electromagnetic energy is sent straight to the pans, reducing waste. There’s also a power-sharing feature. If both rings are being used and the temperature of one is increased, the other will self-adjust to ensure the maximum 1800w isn’t exceeded.

You can use cast iron pots and pans, as well as iron, magnetic steel, enameled iron, and stainless steel manufactured with a magnetic bottom.

It has a high/low voltage warning system for additional safety. It’s ETL approved and built according to North American electrical standards and comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

What We Like About It:

We appreciate the size of this cooker. It’s perfect for two large pots or one large pot and a frying pan. We could quickly cook a range of meals for four people with it.

The controls are excellent! You can choose between setting a specific temperature or just low/medium/high. We could also set timers for vegetables and stews, a convenient feature that meant we could leave the food cooking.

The professional chefs who took part in our tests said this product is a brilliant option for outdoor cooking, especially for parties. The food is cooked perfectly, and it’s also easy to clean.

Online reviewers made an excellent point about partners who like to cook food the other person doesn’t like. Among our testers, one husband was banished to the garden to cook curry. The wife of one of our testers now has to fry fish on their patio.

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2. Cusimax Portable Electric Stove

Cusimax Portable Electric Stove, 1800W Infrared Double Burner Heat-up In Seconds, 7 Inch Ceramic Glass Double Hot Plate Cooktop for Dorm Office Home Camp, Compatible w/All Cookware - Upgraded Version

This double burner uses infrared to heat the burners, either individually or at once. Each burner is powered by 900 watts, giving a total of 1800 watts, and they heat up in a matter of seconds.

This electric stove is compatible with all cookware, including glass, aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. The maximum diameter for a pan is 7.1 inches.

You can use it for scrambling eggs, grilling cheese, making soups, and boiling vegetables and pasta. The black stainless steel body is durable and easy to wipe clean.

This cooker comes with excellent safety features and benefits for health too. It has an automatic safety shutoff function, and because of far infrared heating, there is no electromagnetic radiation.

Temperature settings range from 1 to 8, and each burner has separate light indicators. At 7.05 pounds, it’s lightweight for such a double burner. It has an 18-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What We Like About It:

We feel that this product comes in an ideal size for small kitchens, dorms, and RVs. It’s only three inches in height, so we were able to slide it into a cupboard when not in use. At the same time, it’s a good solution if you only have one cooker and many people who need to do some cooking.

It heats up very quickly. The temperatures are easy to control. Some people even prefer the dial knobs rather than the touchscreen display.

We appreciate the safety features, especially those of us with children. It was also surprising how many people in the testing group liked that you could use any cooking pot or pan. Many people have one set of pans made from the same material that won’t work on induction cookers. This cooker lets you use every pan in the kitchen.

We think a double burner electric cooker is well priced considering the warranty and guarantee. It ticks all the right boxes in size and features and looks nice design-wise.

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3. Wiland Portable Induction Stove

Portable Induction Cooktop induction stove Countertop Burner, 2200 W 120-Volts Induction Cooker with Timer Temperature Control, Smart Touch Sensor Electric Ceramic Cooker Glass Plate Cooktop for Stainless Steel All Cookware

With just one ring, you will have a minimum of 100 watts and a maximum of 2200 watts of power and 11 different settings. It uses infrared technology with far-infrared light wave heat transfer.

You can use any cookware, from stainless steel to glass or iron. However, it’s still worth doing the magnet test to check. It has a ceramic explosion-proof glass plate for easy cleaning and integrated smart touch controls. On the front of the cooker is an additional dial for temperature control.

The Cooktop heats up quickly, and you can choose between a single or double ring for larger pots and pans. The heat is evenly distributed across both sizes. There are some impressive safety features too. It will automatically switch off if the voltage is too high or too low if the surface temperature reaches more than 6501F or if the inside temperature reaches more than 100ºF.

What We Like About It:

The first thing that hit us about this electric stove is the design. The rectangular finish and the black and stainless steel combination look sleek. The handle is perfect for carrying it around.

One of our testers explained the benefits of all the safety features when using this electric cooker at a campsite. You have to trust that the voltage supplied at a camp is the correct amount; if not, it can cause severe damage to your appliances. The safety features of this product make it perfect for RVers.

It also makes an excellent addition to barbecues. An online review testified to using this cooker for vegetables and stir-fried rice while the meat was being prepared on the grill.

The chefs that took part in our test were able to cook a variety of food at very precise temperature settings. Soups were simmered, and the chicken was fried with excellent flavor and texture.

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4. Proctor Silex Electric Stove

Proctor Silex 34103 Electric Single Burner, Compact and Portable, Adjustable Temperature Hot Plate, White & Stainless

This cooker is a no-frills option, but it still does a brilliant job. 69% of 232 people on Amazon gave this the full five stars. It’s a single electric burner that is both compact and portable, with a burner coil measuring 5 3/8 inch diameter.

At just 9.8 x 9.2 x 5.2 inches, it only weighs 2.2lbs. It will fit in a cupboard, sit on a shelf, or be left on the kitchen top without too much space. Four rubber feet on the cooker’s base will keep it in place and make cooking safer. It’s built for easy cleaning too. The coil lifts out, and inside there is a chrome plate that can be wiped clean with a cloth.

It comes in white, with the traditional heat metal ring, which gets incredibly hot for the 1000-watt power. There are three temperature settings, low, medium, and high, controlled by the knob on the front of the cooker. There are indicator lights for when the cooker is plugged in.

It might be the cheapest electric cooker on our list, but it has passed the test for durability and reliability. It also comes with a one-year warranty.

What We Like About It:

We love the value of money. Not everyone has the means to spend a lot on an electric cooker. It’s a fantastic option for students moving out to college or people moving into an apartment that isn’t fully furnished.

It’s also handy for professional chefs to have one in a commercial kitchen. Plus, one of the chefs in the test group thought this would be ideal for a self-employed chef or a catering company that is always on the move.

The general opinion online is that it’s a well-made and sturdy little cooker. It’s excellent value for money for the temperature it reaches and does a perfectly good job cooking meals for one or two people.

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5. Sandoo Induction Stove

Sandoo HA1865 Induction Cooktop, 1800W Portable Light Weight Countertop Burner, Digital Electric Cooker Burner, with Timer 15 Temperature Power Setting, Suitable for Home Kitchen, RV, Apartment

Making its debut this year, the Sandoo Induction cooker is new to the market. It has 15 power levels ranging from 200w to a maximum of 1800 watts. It heats 50% faster than traditional electric stoves, and approximately 90% of the heat is delivered to the pan.

This induction cooker works with iron pans, cast iron pans, or stainless steel pots and pans. You won’t have to worry about the magnet test because the display will flash ‘E1’ if the pan is incompatible.

The temperature range is between 120ºF and 465ºF. You can set a timer for 1 to 179 minutes. You’ll be able to boil, fry, simmer, and more.

There are many safety features, too, including an automatic shut off after 2 hours, a built-in diagnostic error message, and a durable 7-blade fan to dissipate heat. It’s ETL certified and has a two-year warranty for peace of mind.

What We Like About It:

Those of us based in the US were impressed by the commercial general liability insurance of up to $13,000,000. The 2-year warranty is also more extended than what many other companies offer. We feel this is a testimony to the Sandoo brand. It’s also reassuring that it’s ETL certified.

We also really liked the error messages. It made it easy to understand rather than just assuming that the cooker was not working correctly. It has high/low voltage protection for those who tested it on campsites. One lucky reviewer had an issue with the voltage with no problems caused to the cooker.

Our testers who had never used the induction cooker before felt it was easy to use, quick, and efficient. Everyone attested that it is lightweight and comes with a longer power cord makes it very practical.

The straightforward controls make it user-friendly, making the LED display easy to read. Above all, professionals, non-professionals, and online reviewers are pleased with how easy it is to clean.

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6. SUNAVO Portable Electric Stove

SUNAVO Hot Plate for Cooking Portable Electric Single Burner 1500W 5 Power Levels Cast-Iron Silver

The Sunavo hot plate has a single 7.1-inch cast iron burner ring and a stainless steel body for ease. Not only is it strong and built to last, but it is also built for easy cleaning up.

There are five temperature settings, controlled with a dial at the front of the electric cooker. It has a 1500-watt power rating and can be used for heating sauces, boiling water, boiling pasta and vegetables, and making soup.

Because it isn’t an induction cooker, you can safely use any cookware, including glass, ceramic, woks, stone pans, and even steak plates. This provides a vast range of cooking options.

This hot plate has overheating protection. If the temperature gets too high, it will turn off until the temperature returns to normal. There is a light indicator to let you know when it’s safe. It is ETL certified and comes with a lifetime return and replacement service.

What We Like About It:

We like the little features that this electric stove has. The non-slip feet made it feel secure on our countertops, even when water or oil was spilled. It has a great cleaning cloth for stainless steel, which is an excellent addition.

The design is stunning, combining straight edges and rounded sides. The temperature dial has made it so there will be no guesswork on the cooker’s setting.

We asked what the chefs in our testing group thought about heat emission and distribution. They felt it did an excellent job, boiling a liter of water in just 7 minutes.

Finally, the price gives excellent value for money, and we all feel it would suit students, offices, RVs, camping trips, and additional cooking options for the home.

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7. Duxtop Induction Electric Stove

Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, Gold

For those who liked the Duxtop LCD cooktop but can’t justify spending the money, here is an economical option – a single-ring induction cooktop with 1800w. It’s more compact and weighs less, yet it still has many excellent features.

The temperature settings range from 140ºF to 460ºF, with the option of 10 settings. A built-in countdown digital timer lets you set the duration from 1 to 170 minutes. All of the settings can be set using the digital control panel.

However, you will need to use induction-compatible pots and pans for this cooker. But if you aren’t sure about your pan, worry not, as the cooker will indicate incompatible pots and pans with an error message on the digital screen. The maximum diameter for a pan to sit within the burner ring is 8 inches.

The cooker has a 5ft power cord and safety features, like high and low voltage protection, plus a two-year warranty and ETL approval.

What We Like About It:

Raised buttons are not the feature people usually think about when shopping for appliances. This is a beneficial feature for people who are visually impaired. Plus, the feet on the bottom of the cooker are larger than expected, providing extra safety.

It’s also great to choose between the temperature and power settings. The power settings let you jump in large increments, whereas the temperature settings give you more precise heat control.

One of our testers did have a few issues understanding the temperature settings. However, this person overcame the confusion thanks to the manual, making it incredibly clear. A few online reviewers agreed.

Altogether, this is a fantastic electric cooker. It is easy to clean off with a damp cloth. It heats up quickly, cooks beautifully, has the proper safety features, and is very well-priced.

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8. Ovente Infrared Electric Stove

OVENTE Electric Infrared Burner, 7" Single-Plate, 1000W, Ceramic Glass & Stainless Steel, Silver (BGI101S)

This is another option that looks like a no-frills electric stove but has quite a few surprises aside from the price.

The cooker’s body is stainless steel with a sleek crystallite ceramic glass top. The infrared burner is powered by 1000 watts. The burner ring can fit pots and pans with a 7-inch diameter and can handle a maximum weight of 6.6 pounds. There are five temperature settings numbered 1 to 5, approximately 105ºF, 125ºF, 155ºF, 180ºF, and 212ºF.

You can use any type of cookware, including ceramic and aluminum. The ceramic glass top provides heat distribution without any hot or cold spots. On the front of the cooker, there is an indicator light.

The Ovente is one of the most compact electric stoves we have seen, measuring 8.8 x 9.2 x 2.2 inches. It also weighs next to nothing at 2.4 pounds, making this the perfect solution for smaller kitchens, student dorm rooms, RVs, and camping trips.

It offers excellent value for money and comes with a one-year warranty.

What We Like About It:

We loved the size and weight! It’s perfect for people who spend long hours on the go but still want to enjoy a homemade meal. You can take it to work to heat meals and boil water for tea and coffee. It’s also perfect for RV-ers and families who need extra cooking space; of course, we can imagine this cooker being a college student’s new best friend.

The black and stainless steel design is sleek and almost futuristic. Everybody in the testing group thought it would look nice sitting on their kitchen countertops. It’s easy to clean, and once we had wiped it with a warm damp cloth, it looked as good as new.

We used this electric cooker to reheat curries and pasta dishes, and it did the job in no time. We also successfully boiled and fried eggs, cooked noodles, and stir-fried vegetables.

The chefs in our group felt it had its uses in a commercial kitchen but was more suited to families, couples, and students. However, they did confirm that it is a quality product and well worth the price.

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9. Rosewill Induction Cooker

Rosewill Induction Cooker 1800 Watt, Induction Cooktop, Electric Burner with Stainless Steel Pot 10" 3.5 QT 18-8, RHAI-13001

The Rosewill Induction Cooker is an 1800-watt electric burner. Its surface is integrated with a crystal-plating material and has an LED large-screen display for easy control.

There are a total of 8 temperature settings; 150ºF, 200ºF, 260ºF, 300ºF, 350ºF, 400ºF, 425ºF, and 450ºF. You can roast, stir fry, braise, boil, and deep fry. For additional ease of use, you can program the timer to cook for up to 3 hours.

The cooker comes in two models, the preprogrammed and the non-programmed. The non-programmed model has two sized heat rings, the smaller one is 4 inches in diameter, and the larger one is 10.5 inches. It’s 10.6 x 9.6 x 2.4 inches and weighs 8.2 pounds.

You will need to perform the magnet test to see if your pot or pan will work on this induction cooker. If the magnet sticks, it will work. The great news is that this electric cooker comes with a ten-inch/3.5qt 18/8 stainless steel pot.

What We Like About It:

We find the touchscreen controls make it easy to set and adjust the temperature. Even when our hands were slightly damp or sticky, the buttons worked! You can also set a lock to prevent accidental changes in the cooking temperature. The display is also effortless to wipe clean.

We noticed that the pots and pans we use all heated up quickly. This saved the professional chefs in our group valuable cooking time.

The stove comes in an ideal size and weight for our testers, who went camping with it. It also takes up very little space in the kitchen, so we like how there will still be plenty of space to prepare food.

The value for money had us thrilled! It’s a great little cooker that looks nice too. The pot that it comes with is ideal since it comes with a lid. Not only this but there is also a 1-year warranty.

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10. Maxi-Matic Electric Stove

Maxi-Matic ESB-301BF Single Electric Flat Cast Iron Heating Plate Burner Power Indicator Light, Non-Skid Feet, Easy To Clean, 1000 Watts, Black

The final electric stove on this list is another compact and versatile cooker at an incredible price. It’s a single burner cooker with a cast iron plate. It’s heavy-duty and non-stick, so it can be wiped clean with just a damp cloth.

We aren’t sure what material the cooker’s body is made of, though we know that it’s cool to the touch, which is a nice feature we haven’t yet seen. There are also four non-skid rubber feet for additional stability when you are cooking.

The temperature can be warm, low, medium, or high. The maximum power is 1000 watts, with an indicator light that comes on when it’s powered. The burner has a flat heating element that provides perfectly even heat distribution and saves energy.

The Maxi-Matic electric heating plate is 10.7 x 9.2 x 3.6 inches and weighs 3.55 pounds. The burner is five ¾ inches in diameter and is compatible with all types of pots and pans.

What We Like About It:

As some of our testers pulled this cooker out of the box, we heard words like “adorable” and “cute.” They were right, in any case. At the same time, the all-black design brought an element of elegance to it.

We wanted to know what our professional chef could do with this compact cooker, so we asked if they were able to make a complete meal with it. After putting it to the test with seared pork, vegetable creams, and even a tasty carbonara, they felt that it was an ideal size to make meals for two people.

Online reviewers said that it was precisely what they needed when their kitchen stove was out of order or when kitchens were being renovated. Many also use this cooker in their RVs.

It heated up quickly, and each temperature setting was just right for the food we were cooking. The pros testing it for us wiped it clean in one go, while the slightly messy non-professionals may have had to wipe it twice!

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The reviews we read on Amazon and other social media sites helped us form an overall opinion of these electric stoves. The final facts and views came from our testing group and the weight of the information on our list. Between the professionals and everyday home cooks, we got honest feedback on various aspects. This combination allowed us to compile the ten best portable electric stoves of 2021.

How We Choose Best Portable Electric Stoves

We first defined what a portable electric stove is, what it’s used for, and how it works. This enabled us to identify the key advantages, benefits, and differences of a standard portable electric stove over its non-compact counterparts in the market today. This also allowed us to pinpoint the main features that differentiate one portable electric stove from others. So let’s start from that point:

What’s a Portable Electric Stove?

As its name implies, a portable electric stove is a cooker with a heat source that you can carry indoors and outdoors. It’s powered by electricity and often has a temperature control mechanism. Most brands and models have detachable power cords and other components, making it quicker and easier for you to pack it up, carry it around, and set it up at your destination. This also makes cleaning more convenient, especially for detachable temperature control panels, which are often integrated with dishwasher-safe features.

Compact electric stoves are the best solution for those who don’t have a cooker top in their kitchen. They’re also perfect for people who like to spend days outdoors, camping, or traveling in their RVs. These are some of the primary benefits of a portable electric stove.

We also found that these compact electric stoves come in various shapes and sizes. There are also a lot of different aesthetic styles and form factor designs to choose from, depending on your personality. For example, some of the top 10 portable electric stoves in our 2019 roundup are ideal for those who regularly go camping, fishing, and hiking. These are usually integrated with a more rugged design.

Afterward, our second step was to go to Amazon. We carefully browsed through their top-selling portable electric stoves today. While doing this, we took note of the ratings and reviews that other buyers left as they shared their experiences and insights into using these products. Of course, we considered both their positive comments and negative remarks. And this allowed us to generate an initial list of the most popular compact electric stoves this year.

But we needed to look at other sources as we continued to add more portable electric stoves to our shortlist. So for the second step in our process, we went to online communities and social groups where we hang out with our fellow foodies, home cooks, chefs, and other kitchen lovers.

We asked them about their opinions regarding the ten best portable electric stoves of 2021. Many of them shared new products and gave us helpful reviews regarding their recommendations. Meanwhile, others shared their experience using the compact electric stoves that were already on our list, as they regularly take them outdoors for camping and hiking trips.

Factors to Consider in a Portable Electric Stove

And as we collected this data, we realized that many Amazon buyers and our fellow cooks primarily focused on specific aspects when deciding on the best portable electric stoves. So for the third step in our process, we took note of these things and compiled them into this list:

  • Size & Shape — An important consideration for a portable electric stove is its size. That’s because this will also dictate the volume of food that you can cook using it in one pass. Remember, the size of the pots, pans, kettles, and others that you can place on your compact electric stove will also depend on its size. So you wouldn’t want to cook multiple batches to serve to, say, 2 to 4 persons simply because your portable electric stove isn’t cut out for such capacity, right? And in terms of shape, you need to decide where you want to place your electric stove as you take it with you outdoors and indoors. Depending on the frequent areas where you intend to use it, you’re recommended to select a compact electric stove with the right shape and size to best fit in your chosen destinations;
  • Safety Design & Materials — Even if your portable electric stove doesn’t directly come in contact with your food, fumes of burning chemicals and plastics can mix in with the meals and dishes that you’re cooking on it. So you must check and ensure that no harmful chemicals and components are used to manufacture your compact electric stove. Plus, you’ll be able to avoid products that are fire hazards when you do this as you’ll be able to choose portable electric stoves that are made out of the highest quality materials;
  • Sturdiness & Durability — A flimsy portable stove will likely cause severe accidents and fires. For example, imagine your compact electric stove tipping over as you place a pot full of boiling water and noodles. This is why you should avoid portable stoves that don’t have a sturdy form. And this is the same when it comes to the durability of the materials used in the stove. That’s because it might break down and cause similar accidents while you’re using it for cooking your food. Besides, it’s just an awful waste of time and money to buy a new portable electric stove now and then, right?;
  • Additional Features & Warranties — Many of the products in our roundup of the ten best portable electric stoves this 2021 are equipped with features that aren’t found elsewhere. Some have timers and more granular temperature control settings. Others in the market have detachable components integrated with dishwasher-safe features. But remember that some of these added features will likely increase the prices of these products. So keep an eye out for parts that won’t fit your particular use case. Also, remember that a product’s warranty is based on its manufacturer’s test results. As an example, a manufacturer that bundles a 1-year warranty is saying their thorough tests point out that their portable electric stove can last for up to a year or longer despite prolonged heavy use; and
  • Price & Other Promotional Incentives — Once you’ve gone through the list of factors mentioned above, as you carefully review each of the products in our list of the top 10 compact electric stoves of the year, you’re advised to compare the prices of your shortlisted options. This way, you’ll be getting more bang for your buck. But also take a closer look at particular promotional stuff that the manufacturers of these products are currently offering. Some often give away recipe books in digital and hard copy format when you buy their portable electric stove, while others hand out discount vouchers for their other kitchen tools and products.

As we were going through this list while reviewing the top-rated portable electric stoves on Amazon and the recommendations of our peers, we realized that we needed to use these factors for creating our testing procedures and processes. So we went on to the fourth step in our approach: to build a small team of testers and collect the results of tests we asked them to do for each portable electric stove in our shortlist.