Thanksgiving Deep Fried Turkey Recipes


When I worked at Albertson’s, there was a deli manager who fixed a deep fried turkey for the employee Thanksgiving dinner. He used a seasoning rub that his family from Louisiana had used for generations. He deep fried it in the deep fryer in his department.

That was the first time I had ever tried a deep fried turkey. I thought it was a very good turkey. The deep fried turkey he made was fantastic. Another year he used a cajun injecting mix for the deep fried turkey he did for the employee dinner. That was just as good as the first one he had made. The third link of recipes says not to use this, but one of his commenters says it’s fine to use. The turkey the guy from the deli made with the liquid cajun injector didn’t cause any problems while frying it.

One of the people who lived across the street from my mom and dad before my dad passed away, has fried his turkeys as long as we have known him and his family. They always have their neighbors and families, including their own, over for Thanksgiving day dinner.

I would suggest following all of the instructions though on any of the recipes for cooking them outside because it could become a volatile situation in your home if you don’t. I wouldn’t want anyone trying to fry a turkey for their Thanksgiving dinner to become injured from the hot oil or burn their homes down.

Now don’t let me scare you off with that last paragraph about having a fried turkey for Thanksgiving. If you don’t want to try frying a turkey at home, check with your local smoked meat places to see if they fry turkeys. I can’t promise any of them do this type of turkey cooking, but it never hurts to ask. They may know of someone who specializes in deep frying turkeys for Thanksgiving.

If you haven’t ever tried a fried turkey, you really should. They are delicious and wonderfully tasteful. They can add a great aroma and delight to your Thanksgiving Day dinner for your family and friends. Writing this article makes my mouth water for a deep fried turkey. Of course my arteries are hardening as well just writing and thinking about this twist on cooking turkeys.

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