The Best Buffets in Las Vegas Casinos


The pull of Las Vegas is extremely hard to ignore. It’s just so glitz and glamour with all the trimmings, so over-the-top fabulous. Whether it’s a family vacation, bachelor party, or romantic getaway, the fact that Las Vegas can cater for all is nothing short of amazing.

The Best Buffets in Las Vegas Casinos

Obviously, Vegas is geared up around one thing and one thing only; gambling. But when you are actually there, it’s just so much more than that. It’s about having fun, about excess, about living life to the fullest. And it’s all centered around the world’s best selection of hotel and casino resorts.

Each one different from the next, they cover all genres from ancient Greek to Egyptian pharaohs, New York to show-stopping glamour. Whether your interest lies in Finnish online casinos or long walks along the beach, there is something for everyone, and, more importantly, every great resort has one heck of a buffet to indulge in.

Why are the Buffets so Popular?

Simply put, buffets in Las Vegas casinos were implemented to keep people gambling. That’s a fact. If someone is spending hours on end pumping quarters into a machine, or hitting on 17, or thinking that this time red is bound to payout, they are not going to stop for a sit-down meal. In fact, they won’t stop and wait for anything, period.

The resorts caught on, and they also caught on to the fact that when you’re gambling, you lose the sense of time. So a buffet that can sit there all hours, where people can breeze in and out at will and that can feed the masses is perfect for gamblers, and cost-effective for the resort.

But in the last decade, things have changed dramatically. The buffet has evolved to something of extraordinary standards, of lavish excess, and also something worth competing for. Because that is Vegas in a nutshell; people competing for the best, for the jackpot, for that lavishness that doesn’t come from their normal suburban life. Now, the buffets in Las Vegas casinos are a thing of true beauty and for some, they’re the new drawcard to that resort, not the gambling.

Are the Buffets Expensive?

Everything is relative in Las Vegas. As a visitor, it should be one of the places around the world where you should budget to blow your budget. Like going to a yearly sale to buy one pair of socks, Vegas is all about excess, baby! So don’t stay in a budget hotel in the suburbs. Don’t avoid throwing too many quarters in the one-armed bandit and splurge on a buffet that you will forever compare all buffets to for the rest of your life.

In saying that, where can you get an amazing, 6-course meal from a 5-star hotel and not pay through the nose? Again, it’s the one place where you shouldn’t skimp, so avoid the Prime Rib Brunch at the South Point and head out in style and panache.

Prices obviously vary by resort, from around $16 pp for something mediocre to around $70 pp for something exquisite! For something that will ruin every other buffet you attend in life, that’s not too excessive, even for Vegas.

Our Recommendations

Without further delay, here’s our list of the most lavish that buffets that Las Vegas has to offer, in no particular order. Drum roll, please…

Bacchanal at Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace, as one of the beste online casino, has long been associated with the elite, and whilst their buffet is nothing short of incredible, it’s still value for money. With nine dedicated kitchens ranging from Mexican, Japanese, Italian and American classics, 15 daily chef’s specials depending on the season, and even themed sections to the dining room, it’s hard to beat.

Plenty of choice for vegans and the gluten intolerant amongst us, you can find everything from acai breakfast bowls to apple-smoked wagyu beef to dessert crepes, made to order.

Wicked Spoon at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

When you think of fancy, you’re probably picturing the interior of this little gem. Lavishly opulent and modern but with earthy tones that really warm up the area, no expense was spared here. Wicked Spoon was literally purpose-built to be the best that Vegas has to offer and is certainly right up there.

Smaller, plated portions to help us feel sophisticated. A carving station with andouille, culotte and wagyu. A dessert station bulging with gelato, pastries, and exceptional cakes. Try the salted caramel gelato; it’s to die for.

The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas

For a hotel of such perfection, the buffet matches perfectly with their exceptionally unique interior of marble, floral and airy accents. It’s beautiful. An incredible chocolate fountain, Guinness-braised short ribs, made-to-order sushi, and Alaskan crab legs are just some of the delicacies on offer.

Yes, the wagyu lasagne is excessive, as are the incredible topiaries that tower above your head, but that’s Vegas for you. Peking duck to street tacos to Frank Sinatra’s spaghetti and meatballs (his family recipe, of course).

The Buffet at the Bellagio

Come for the fountain, stay for the food. The opulent Italian theme of the Bellagio is iconic with Vegas. It epitomizes class and elegance and has been around since the beginning. All that style is brought into their buffet where they tend to focus more on the quality rather than the quantity. Like strolling through a Tuscan village.

Famed for its more healthy style, Las Vegas’s most famous salad bar awaits incredible seafood and Italian fare, too. A caviar station, Dungeness crab, and succulent rotisserie chicken await. Like the resort, this is pure heaven for lovers of everything Italian.

Our Top Tips

This was just a taste of what’s to come in Vegas, with everyone trying to outdo everyone else. The result is mind-blowing standards of food and it will put any other buffet to shame. But if you want to make the most of your experience, try to avoid peak times at these resorts. The best always get busy and queues are the norm when it comes to rush hour.

Try to phone ahead to book. Only some of the places will offer this service but it’s worth trying. Also, many will offer a premium ticket to skip the queue, an extra tenner to bypass the lower class of society. Also, if you love a good drink with your meal, enquire about all-you-drink options, as they’re a really affordable way to get a little merry. Just don’t fill up on the drinks, you’ve got a buffet to invest in.

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