These Are the Only Kitchen Tools You Need

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Modern devices help to save a lot of time and effort. The necessary and useful home appliances are designed to make cooking easier. Housewives today find it difficult to imagine life without such assistants. Read more about useful kitchen tools on cookingtopgear.

Kitchen tools help to cut, warm-up, cook, etc. It frees a person from many routine operations. There is a huge variety of devices on sale. Which appliances are most needed in the kitchen? After all, it is not possible to store a lot of equipment due to the small size of the kitchen.

Top 8 household appliances that should be in every kitchen

Some devices are difficult to do without. They are often used, so they must be present in the kitchen.

Electric meat grinder

This tool will help make fresh mincemeat. It makes appetizing cutlets, meatballs, filling for pies and other dishes. Electric mincer is indispensable in the kitchen, it saves a person from the need to spin meat on a mechanical device. Not everyone likes this kind of exercise.


A mixer makes life easier for the hostess. It performs simple operations, without which it will not be possible to prepare ordinary dishes. The device will help you beat, mix well, and chop food. New multifunctional mixers are in demand in the kitchen.

It is better to give preference to a stationary model that will work independently. It is enough to set it a certain mode, and at this time you can do other things.

Coffee grinder

It is used for grinding coffee, making powdered sugar, and grinding spices. It is indispensable in the kitchen for families with small children. An electric coffee grinder helps you save time for making an invigorating drink. This is especially true in the morning when you need to quickly get ready for work. This is especially true in the morning when you need to quickly get ready for work. See The Coffee Folk for a guide to the best coffee grinders.

Microwave Oven

It’s necessary to defrost the food quickly, warm up the ready meal. With this device, you can bake meat, prepare delicious buns or a muffin. No oil is needed to heat food. The compact model is even suitable for kitchens with modest dimensions. The defrosting process is considerably reduced. The oven does not require a hostess to be present in the kitchen at all times.

Electric kettle

Modern models have additional functions. Such electrical appliances can heat water to the specified temperature. They emit a sound signal that informs the person that the heating process is over.

Also, you can control some models using your smartphone. If you are in another room or away from home, you will be able to heat the water.

The mobile device can be placed in any place where there is an outlet.


It is a multifunctional device. Cooking in it saves time. It is enough to prepare the products, put them in a container, and choose the mode, and this technique will do everything else independently. It is easy to use, just wash it after cooking. The multifunctional device takes up little space and can replace other appliances: a steamer, bread maker, oven.

Food processor

This appliance combines several devices at once. Its functionality depends on the selected model. There is a technique that can cope with the processing of solid food, and there are products designed only for soft foods. Basic functions:

  • grinding of various products;
  • preparing the dough;
  • slicing solid foods.


There’s an honorary assistant who can handle the greasy dishes. Many women would rather spend their time on something more enjoyable than endless dirty dishes. The machine will save hands, manicure, and save a lot of time, which is better to devote to the family.

The necessary appliances for the kitchen are chosen by each hostess independently. Before you buy, think about how often you cook a particular dish at home, as well as how many people your family consists of.

The choice is influenced by people’s taste preferences. It is mandatory to take into account the presence of small children or elderly people in the family. A device that is necessary for one hostess may be a completely unnecessary device for another.

Top 5 the most useless kitchen appliances

Some devices are easy to replace. They have a limited scope of application in the kitchen. If the room is small, then a large amount of equipment will not fit in it.


The fryer cooks dishes that are not healthy. The product is difficult to wash, so it is rarely used in the kitchen.

Fondue pot

If you want to cook Swiss fondue, then, of course, you will need a fondue maker. It is important to accurately follow the technology to get a delicious dish. Housewives do not often prepare this delicacy, so it is not worth spending money on this device.

Yogurt maker

The yogurt maker is suitable for cooking a delicious and healthy product. The more powerful the technology, the faster the process will go. The device can’t boast of compact size. Often people buy a yogurt maker and then return to the usual yogurts from stores. And the device remains dusty on the shelf.

Bread maker

Bread maker allows you to prepare delicious pastries. It is necessary to set aside a special place for it in the kitchen, which is not always convenient in a small apartment. You won’t find ingredients for homemade bread in all shops. Several times, using the device, the hostess forgets about it. There is not always enough time to prepare baking yourself. And the store has a huge variety of fresh bakery products. Besides, the preparation of such bread costs a lot. Not always homemade bread is cheaper than the finished product from the store.

Choosing appliances for the kitchen is a responsible step. You need to approach it with all responsibility so that in the future you can use it with pleasure and do not regret the money spent.