Things to be considered before choosing Glass Balustrades

As much as house interiors are important so are house exteriors. The balcony area is one of them which need to be fashionable yet safety oriented. A simple way to make your balcony look beautiful is by adding Glass Balustrades. They come in various types and sizes to suit all kinds of requirements. Some of the frame types are frameless, semi-framed, or framed glass balustrade. In types, they are differentiated as tempered glass, safety glass, structural glass, and glass that comes in textured, solid, curved, or opaque designs.

A Glass Balustrades is a balustrading material that is used to provide a safety barrier of some sort or in some cases; it is used as fencing too.

Uses of Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades are very versatile as it can be used anywhere in the home to replace traditional balustrade or railing system.

  1. Staircase- it can be used on both interior and exterior staircases to give a floating impression on your staircase. For additional safety, railings can also be introduced
  2. Balconies- Irrespective of how large or small the balcony is it provides a great barrier. The best part is that the view is uninterrupted, making your balcony look larger and open. Structured glass materials are used for balconies due to its thickness
  3. Pool fencing- the view of the sparkling water and beautiful pool area is not compromised while also providing safety. Where beauty is a priority, look for balustrades that are textured, colored, solid, or curved.

Why Glass Balustrades?

There are numerous reasons but the primary one due to which they are so popular is because they are see-through. No view is lost due to its installation. And people find it more convenient as many of us are very fond of looking into our surroundings, be it from a garden, poolside or a view of the beaches, forest or mountains. The use is not restricted to modern or contemporary only but any style room.

Apart from being so alluring, it is also very safe to use because it is made up of thick tempered safety glass, which is very difficult to break. And even if in the rarest of the case it breaks it won’t break into a sharp fragment. Places, where there are children, are ideal and can stand in any condition.

The biggest plus point is that it is very low maintenance and durable. The fittings holding glass panels in place are made up of marine grade stainless steel or powder-coated aluminum. A mild detergent would help remove all stains from the glass. It is easier to improve your home with glass balustrades by TuffX Glass. They provide an unrivaled quality with a varied range of glass thicknesses.

  • Glass creates an illusion of more space this is why they are so popular
  • Glass helps to keep your home full of natural light as it does not block sunlight
  • A touch of modern sophistication can be added which brings a lot of beautification to the house
  1. It is a hassle-free job to clean these glass balustrades in no time with the help of a lint-free cloth
  2. While they look so amazing, they are extremely durable and exceptionally strong
  3. Glass ages slowly, which is negligible to human eyes

Glass complements perfectly with all other materials in your houses like wood, metal, and stone

Things to be considered 

The type of Glass Balustrades you chose depends on the kind of aesthetics, safety, and style you are looking for. A correct type can bring a lot of difference to the interiors and exteriors of your house.

  • Safety 

Safety is always the first thing, which is to be considered. A staircase is the most dangerous area in your house a single stumble can cost you life especially for people having mobility issues and children. It is of utmost importance to choose a secure and reliable balustrade, which will be enhancing the safety of your staircase and balconies. A balustrade is primarily a safety feature more than just for visual appearance

  • Cleaning

As a lot of people use staircase areas and balconies it is surprising how much dust it catches. Handrails and balustrades should be cleaned after regular intervals. Wooden balustrade can get stained while cleaning, no such issue is there in glass balustrade.

  • Maintenance

Out of all types of timber, a balustrade is very high maintenance since there is a need to treat the natural wood. And steel ones need a top coat of paint after a few years of use. However, glass balustrades are quite low maintenance.

  • Durability

Always assure premium quality material is used so that utmost durability can be experienced. A trusted and reputed supplier is all you need for your balustrade to last longer. It must have the quality to resist heat, storm, rain, and wind.

  • Style 

A glass balustrade is majorly considered to maintain a style quotient. The style of the building should be kept in mind. Glass balustrade suits more for a modern, contemporary, and artistic building type. The style chosen should complement the balcony or staircase area design.

  • Cost consideration

Everybody has a budget constraint, thus price is a major deciding factor. Whether it is used for an office building, office, or public place. A glass balustrade is cost-efficient and provides great value for money. A cost is of two types first the installation and second is the maintenance.

  • Installation

Installation of the balustrade is also an important factor on which its usefulness will be dependent. Do consider a professional worker for the installation as it is a tricky job.

  • Function

Know the purpose of your installation, is it for serving beautification purpose or for creating a barrier for safety for the high-risk area, or maybe both.

  • Prep work

Prep work is needed where there is an old structure, which is to be replaced. Consider the prep work required and get it done beforehand to ensure easy and quick installation. This gives you a better idea of the time and resources that will be needed.