Things To Do In Salzburg


Things To Do In Salzburg

Traveling to a foreign place is so much fun. You get to live a whole new life for some time and capture mesmerizing views that will fill your heart with peace whenever you look at them. One of the many breathtaking cities that are popular for their tourism is Salzburg, Austria.

There is so much to discover in Salzburg. You might probably end up spending weeks roaming on the cobbled streets. The city is indeed small, but it has so much to offer to its tourists. Every year, thousands of people visit Salzburg and fall in love with it. The bests part is, whichever activity you want to do, you can do it any time of the year regardless of what season it is. You might never want to come back once you are there, relaxing, sipping at your favorite fresh juice.

Of course, you need to plan before you pack your bags and get on the plane. Good research is what every tourist must do before they visit Salzburg. It helps you to make a list of places you would like to see. This way, you won’t miss out on anything. However, the size of the city makes it easier for you to travel from one place to another. The short visits add fun to your trip, and you won’t feel tired after spending a whole day out.

This post will help you discover some interesting places that tourists love to visit when they are in Salzburg.

DomQuartier Museum

If you must visit a museum, DomQuartier is the one. It is located on the Old Town’s heart. The surprising fact is that it combines five small-sized museums. Isn’t it just amazing and worth spending your money for? We must tell you that it is a sight for sore eyes. Also, if you are into history, The Residenz Palace is your spot to learn Austrian history. Opt for guided Salzburg tours. This way, you will make the most out of your time and money at DomQuartier Museum.

Moreover, you can get an exclusive view of the world-famous cathedral right from the top gallery. The view is peaceful and gives positive vibes that you would not want to blink your eyes. It is indeed one of the best places the city has.

Outdoor Swimming

If you are there in the summers, use this chance to swim outdoors and cool off. But where to find the perfect spot to dip? The Salzach River itself has a strong current, and therefore, bathers are not allowed to access it. However, there are three outdoor swimming pools. One of which is known as the adventure pool located in Leopoldskron. So if you are willing to enjoy outdoor swimming while in Salzburg, pick out your swimsuit and head towards the adventure pool. You can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the mountains. Moreover, there is a café and a volleyball court. You can also visit the nearby town of Fuschlee.

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Strolling On Mönchsberg

Monchsberng is about a twenty-minute climb away, and the view you get from there is awe-inspiring. In order to get to the hill from Old Town, you can take the steps from Nonnbering Convent and move in the castle’s direction that is located on the Festungsberg. It is up to you whether you want to go in or not. However, if you stay outside, the view from the top is enough to keep you hooked. If you look in the other direction, you can observe the beginning of the Austrian Alps. Your trip will be an hour-long trip taking to you the Augustiner Brewery, which is situated on the other side of Mönchsberg, or if you want, you can return to the city.

Stiegl Brewery

If it rains, it is the perfect time to go to Stiegl Brewery. It is the place where you will find Salzburg’s most popular beer. You will have to take a quick bus ride to get to the brewery as it is located away from the town’s center and in the airport’s direction. You can be a part of their beer tasting session at the end of your tour. You will be witnessing the process of brewing, their advertising campaigns. Also, you will learn about the Austrian beer culture’s history. You will be surprised to know that all the beer production is done locally, and they use the water that is sourced from the nearby mountains. There is also a beer garden and a restaurant for you to satisfy your food cravings.

You certainly wouldn’t like to get to know about a famous spot in Salzburg that you missed after you’ve returned. So, it’s always better to do your research or hire guided tour services. because there’s no regret bigger than missing out visiting a spot at a destination you just returned from!

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