Three pieces of advice you should follow to make your IG page thrive in 2022

Instagram has over 500 million stories uploaded to it every second and over 1000 posts – isn’t this fact enough to figure out how amazing and beneficial this platform could be for your content, service, or product promotion? That’s right: but today it would be a little harder to do than before because you’re not the only one who’s willing to find that golden mine here. Many talented content creators are searching for such opportunities, and many of them have already gathered their audience and started collaborating with brands and other bloggers in order to monetize their online “existence.” However, you can quickly overtake them if you use several helpful pieces of advice from this article.

We’re going to talk about the possibility to buy Instagram followers and close that gap between you and those people, about a chance to get some PR for free, and about several main principles, you should be following while generally organizing any PR action for your page. Let’s go!

Three pieces of advice you should follow to make your IG page thrive in 2022

How to make people trust in your success

There you can use the one and only trick “fake it till you make it.” It works great, and all you need to do is create that illusion of success and interest from the audience that hasn’t even been able yet to gather. How is it possible?

Well, quite easily, actually, if you’d turn to help from a professional PR website. You can buy real Instagram followers in any amount that you find convenient and need to quickly increase their number, but remember that any promotion should look natural in the eyes of people who have just joined your profile and in the eyes of people who are about to come. So try to more gradually, taking on paid subs in “small portions” – start by taking on 100, then 500, and slowly but surely enlarge the number as you go.

Where to get free PR

This is quite easy as well (if you follow the right order) – as soon as you gain enough paid subs, you can proceed to search for free PR from bloggers who have approximately the same number of readers as you. You can reach out to them and offer them collaboration, where they would tell about you on their page and vice versa. This will be extremely helpful and help you enlarge the audience without putting any money into the process. Nice!

How to launch a targeted ad

First of all, only after you’ve bought subs and reached out for the free PR; second of all, if you have started doing it, you should never stop. Surely, this thing might get pricey from time to time, but in order to always stay in the viewsight of your audience, you should be running it “in the back of your account” always. To save up, you can make the audience reach a little smaller from time to time, but the ad, in general, should never end. This way, you’re going to provide yourself with attention from interested people at all times, no matter, if you’re doing good, currently, or not that good at all.


Never hesitate to invest a dollar into your page’s growth and never hesitate to contact fellow bloggers for help – both of those things will give you the greatest results in the shortest time possible and will give you a priceless possibility to concentrate on way more important things, such as generating quality posts, interacting with your audience and engaging them into your profile’s online life.