Tips on Avoiding Holiday Pounds


It’s countdown time to generous family dinners, brunches, lunches and celebrations with family and friends- but this year, Rose Reisman suggests you follow her Balanced Living tips to avoid having to face any January over-indulgence hangover. A registered nutritionist, cookbook author and follower of her own good advice, Rose Reisman offers us a few choice bits of excellent advice, culled from her latest book, The Balance of Living Well by Penguin Canada.

Read on, because as Rose would say, it’s not about deprivation, it’s all about moderation:

  • Have a large lunch if dinner is going to be served later in the evening. Lunch should consist of a protein paired with complex carbohydrates, followed by a snack at around 6pm. This will ensure you’ll stave off hunger pangs and will curb the temptation of over-eating during the course of your late night dinner.
  • Try to avoid those “innocent” looking appetizers that may well be filled with heavy cream, butter and/or cheeses.
  • Keep fried food choices to a minimum. A small plate of high fat/baked appetizers can equal the total calories and fat of an entire meal.
  • If you feel you want to indulge in dessert, get a couple to share with the whole table- for your own protection!

Armed with these invaluable tips from the wise, you’re set to enjoy and spare yourself the battle of the bulge. Check out my next piece, Rose’s Healthy Holiday Appetizers, to entertain with full-flavour while skimming off needless calories!

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