Tips to Selling your home fast and at Great Value

Selling a house can be a daunting and stressful undertaking, especially suppose you are selling it in the fall. Getting a reliable real estate agent to work with to market your property should be the first step, and you shouldn’t take it lightly. But the selling process should not be entirely placed on the agent’s lap.

You can make your home as close as possible to turnkey standards with the strong guidance of a local real estate agent. A turnkey home is a house in which a homeowner can move in without initial repairs. Many buyers do not want to put more money and effort into a project after the long period of buying a house has passed already. By improving the value of your property, you can not only gain more investment but attract a greater pool of buyers.


Depending on the way your house appears, it might need repairs, or your kitchen might be outdated. Besides, there might be some wear and tear on the walls or floors. This brings us to the common home sellers’ dilemma. Should you renovate before selling?

Floor, kitchen, bathroom, and toilets are some critical communal areas of any house. Most home buyers will have a functional space in these areas. Most sellers make the mistake of overdoing upgrades, especially in the kitchen with fancy granite or marble benchtop.

While this looks sleeks and modern, most buyers will be turned off because they can assume that the home is costly. In any case, ensure that all the appliances are in working condition and your home appears tidy and attractive.

Organize Bedroom Lockers and Storage Spaces

Buyers are interested in storage space and would like to inspect cabinets and closets. It is essential to arrange them, as it sends a negative message if your storage room is overwhelmed with falls.

If a buyer sees everything planned down to the last level, it shows that you take care of the property and probably looked after the house carefully. In the kitchen cabinets, put spice jars alphabetically, stack the dishes and switch the cup of coffee handles to face them the same way. Shirts should be buttoned and hung together in closets, and shoes should be carefully lined up.


As soon as you know you can list your home (and before the photos), get to work out your house’s clutter. Rent a storage unit or get a family member willing to share an additional room in their home and box everything you don’t need soon. This includes old clothes, books, much of your decor, and almost all of your wardrobes and cabinets for a while. The fewer things you have to deal with, the more the buyers can see the space themselves and not the items that crowd it.

Stage Your House

To sell easily, your home needs to be decorated so that its best attributes are highlighted. This can mean anything from rearranging your furniture to space-opening (and eliminating furnishings that are bulky or unnecessary), neutrally painted walls, and obvious imperfections repaired. You would also want to ensure that you get rid of everything that dates from your home, such as holiday or snow shovel leaning against your garage.

Be Accommodating

The house selling process can be a bit painful, especially when the potential home buyers begin scheduling showings and you have to get of your home. But it can be worse; you can have no buyers coming through at all. Unless it is truly impractical, adjust the timetable to what is ideal for the customer and not what is ideal for you. If you propose a new period, the buyer or his agent cannot be able to do so and can only pass on a full tour of the house.

Price Your Property Right

There’s nothing that destroys a property faster than an overpriced property. Don’t let your ego weigh into the price of the listing. If you have chosen a solid real estate agent, trust them to direct you at the acceptable square footage rate. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take part in the price decision.

The average house sells between 65 and 70 days, but you can sell quicker than if you can optimize every part of the operation. Although you cannot make a purchaser materialize out of thin air, you can do whatever you can to ensure that the right purchaser instantly knows that his fit is ideal.

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