Tips and Tricks How to Buy Cheap Baked Goods at the Grocery Store


The first time I discovered the day old/ almost expired baked goods section at the back of the grocery store is an experience I will not soon forget. As a college student, cheap baked goods are something I can wrap my head around and truly enjoy as a gift from the heavens. On my most recent trip to Albertson’s, I scored a dozen donuts for a measly $1.99. We also love making our own at home in our donut pan and donut maker.

Could life get much better? Some other notable finds include a pumpkin pie for a dollar, angel food cake for fifty cents, and a dozen cookies for a dollar. I have honed my craft and have a few tips to those of you looking to enjoy some delicious, but slightly stale goodies.

  1. Scout The Bakery Section

At most grocery stores, baked goods are put in the discounted section on the morning of the “sell-by” date on the packaging. For example, if a pie says “sell-by October 14,” that pie should be put in the back of the store on the morning of that day. By scouting the bakery section the night before you plan to find some goodies, you will have an idea of what should be on the back shelf the next day.

  1. Go Early

The baked goods are put at the back of the store every morning, so by getting to the store early, you increase your chances of getting your hands on the food worth your while. While I have found some cakes and donuts later in the day, the majority of my hall of fame list was found before noon. Also, going early will give you fresher product to chow down on.

  1. Be Persistent

I’ve been disappointed many times after turning the corner in the back of my grocery store and finding an empty shelf or really stale dinner rolls. Don’t let this stop your hunt. Another day will provide better results.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

Although talking to the employees may be a little embarrassing at first, they have all the information you need. In my experience, the employees get excited talking about the discounted food and know that it’s a smart habit. The employees can provide you with information about when the food is put in the back of the store and how the system works.

Finding cheap delicious baked goods is a hobby and quest that will not only save you money, but is rewarding emotionally when you find something really tasty! With these few tips, you will soon be enjoying the satisfaction of ridiculously cheap food that still tastes ridiculously delicious.

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