Top 5 Most Picture-Worthy Lockdown Food Trends


While the COVID-19 pandemic may have imposed a lockdown on us, shrinking our world, it’s also given us the opportunity to try new skills and tests new trends — not least of these has been beautiful, picture-worthy food trends that are almost too good to consume but are just perfect for sharing on social media.

Creating culinary masterpieces at home has become one of the most satisfying ways to while away those lockdown hours. Combining practicality and creativity, this trend has entertained and sustained us in equal measure.

To keep us buoyed up in these challenging times, let’s look at the top 5 most picture-worthy food trends that have been brightening up our lockdown worlds.

Whip up a treat with Dalgona coffee

coffee, dalgona, specialty

This frothy beverage named after a similar-looking South Korean candy has possibly become one of lockdown’s top food and beverage trends. Easy to prepare from regular store cupboard ingredients, it has a fluffy, photogenic appearance that has made it a social media superstar.

In fact, according to Google, the term “Dalgona coffee” has become the most-searched term relating to coffee in the whole world.

Even those with no culinary skill can easily whip up one of these beauties in minutes. For two cups, all you need to do is whip together two tablespoons of instant coffee and the same quantities of sugar and almost-boiling water until the fluffy concoction keeps its shape. Then spoon carefully onto hot or cold milk to finish your creation. Use clear heatproof glasses to show off the froth to the max.

Easy to make and easy to admire on your socials!

Ramen ticks all the boxes for a beautiful, nutritious dish

noodle soup, ramen noodles, ramen

A freshly prepared bowl of Japanese ramen soup ticks all the boxes. Nutritious, comforting but a little bit exotic too, this dish has taken off on social media as one of the lockdown’s go-to homemade foods.

The dish actually originates in China but has become a staple food in Japan, typifying its cuisine packed full of fresh flavors.

One of the most popular varieties of ramen dishes is Shoyu ramen soup. This clear soup is typically derived from chicken broth and includes ginger, garlic, and its signature flavoring of soy sauce, as well as the essential noodles and a boiled egg for good measure and a splash of color.

The combination of textures and colors has made this dish one of the most picture-worthy you’ll find on the socials, especially when dressed up in pretty Japanese crockery and styled to look simple, elegant, and tasty.

Dazzle with displays of vegan fare

vegetable skewer, vegetables, food

Never before has vegan food been so popular — or so beautiful. Social media has come alive with dazzling displays of attractive vegan food, capitalizing on the fresh, bright colors and multidimensional textures that make this food so appealing and easy on the eye.

The plethora of attractive, presentable vegan food is certainly mirroring current lifestyle trends — the vegan life is fast gaining popularity and becoming less minority and more mainstream, especially with celebrities such as Madonna, Ariana Grande, and Woody Harrelson extolling its virtues.

Recreating the beautiful vegan fare seen on social media at home is super easy. Opt for a range of eye-catching colors to create a vegan platter — for fresh green, include a whole sliced avocado and lettuce; choose capsicum and roasted squash for a splash of orange and some bright red cherry tomatoes to add some extra zing.

Go back to basics with bread

bread, farmer's bread, crispy

It seems like there’s nothing more comforting than making your own bread from scratch — whether it’s a regular everyday loaf, sourdough, or something fancier like focaccia, ciabatta, or brioche.

The socials certainly picked up on this homey trend throughout lockdown, with mouthwatering displays of bread in all stages of production — from kneading the dough through to the fresh-out-of-the-oven end product, styled with homegrown herbs and a sprinkling or two of flour.

If you fancy a go at this at home, know that you only need three ingredients — flour, yeast, and water — for the most basic recipes, so they’re achievable by pretty much everyone. Enjoy the sensation of kneading your stresses away and the satisfaction of creating your own daily essential. That’s not to mention the unbeatable aroma of your freshly baked creation wafting through your kitchen!

Take a trip down memory lane with old-school favorites

meat loaf, liver cheese, eat

Lockdown seems to have brought out a desire for the comforts of our childhoods, with social media awash with images of favorite recipes from the past — dishes your mom would make on a weekday night like spaghetti bolognese, meatloaf, and fried chicken.

A favorite way to pass lockdown time has been to recreate that delicious nostalgia from Mom’s kitchen, reworking old-school recipes with a modern twist and presenting the finished product artfully on social media.

Adding a few flourishes to these tried-and-tested staples has been the way to go this lockdown. Pasta dishes have been embellished with fresh homegrown herbs and everything has been beautifully presented on stunning tableware brought back from exotic travels.

Have fun recreating your own childhood favorites and adding your own unique signature to these time-tested recipes.

Taking eating and drinking to another level

The beauty of these food trends is that they are easy to make at home, and can be made to look worthy of any social media feed using the right props and filter. Taking eating and drinking to another level of creativity and following and appreciating these trends have added a joyful dimension to time spent in quarantine, teaching us essential life skills in the post-lockdown world.

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