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Wondering what a trivet is? We’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find all you need to know about what a trivet is, what it’s used for, and what some of the best trivets are.

Trivet Definition:

A trivet, often misspelled as trivit, is an object usually made of wood, metal, or rubber that is placed between a serving dish and a surface, such as a dining table in order to protect the table from becoming damaged from the heat of the serving dish.

Trivets have been used for many centuries, in many different forms. Back in the days of the Romans, trivets were used as a means of preserving the fine marble that royalty would have dinner on. Trivets were primarily made of metal back in those days, although wood trivets could be found every now and then.

Trivets primarily took the form of a tripod, because they were often used when cooking over, or heating food over, a fire. It wasn’t until the mid-20th century when trivets took a more modern, flat form.

What are kitchen trivets used for today?

Trivets still serve the same purpose today as they did centuries ago. They are excellent at preventing damage to your dining tables. You’re not going to find many French metal trivets for sale nowadays. The most popular forms are wood trivets and rubber trivets.

Where to buy the best trivets?

There’s only one place that I like to buy my trivets from – and that’s Amazon. They have a great selection, all priced very reasonably. Here are my 5 favorite kitchen trivets for sale today:

Now that you’ve seen our top picks, we’re going to go into a bit more detail on each of them. Once you’ve decided which is the right choice for you, click the big button to buy.

Best Silicone Trivet Review: Love This Kitchen Premium Silicone Trivet Mats / Hot Pads

Love this Kitchen Premium Silicone Trivet Mats Product ImageOur top choice is Love This Kitchen’s best-selling premium silicone trivet mats. These mats are made of the highest quality, FDA-approved silicone. It’s made of such high-quality that Love This Kitchen guarantees that it won’t stain, mold, mildew, or absorb any odors!

They do a fantastic job of absorbing heat from your serving dishes. Rest assured, with this trivet made of silicone, your dining room table will stay protected! In fact, these little hot trivet mats are heat resistant up to 442ºF! That provides you with way more temperature protection than you’re probably going to need.

These mats come in sets of 2 and are available in 8 fun colors. They’re the perfect size at 7” x 7”. Click the link below to grab yours today!

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Best Kitchen Table Trivet Review: Trivetrunner Decorative Trivet and Kitchen Table Runner

Trivetrunner Decorative Trivet and Kitchen Table Runners Product ImageNext on our list is this wonderful decorative polyester trivet table runner from Trivetrunner. This awesome-looking trivit runner can handle up to 300ºF of heat, while still staying incredibly fashionable. This product is awesome to have if you have a longer dining room table that you eat on, or if you’re in need of a trivet for parties.

When you’re done serving and eating, you can easily roll this trivet up and store it away. Cleaning it is a breeze – simply hand wash with soap & water! That’s the benefit of having a polyester trivet – super easy to use and clean!

Having a size of 11.81” x 39.37” allows this wood rustic trivet runner will run the length of most tables. It’s anti-slip materials ensure that it’s not going anywhere once it’s placed down. Oh, I should mention it’s also available in 5 unique, awesome designs.

If you’re looking for a great trivet for your table, this is an awesome choice!

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Best Metal Trivet Review: Old Dutch Oblong Trivet

Old Dutch Red Oblong Trivet Product ImageAre you in the market for an oblong metal trivet? Well then the Old Dutch Oblong Trivet was made just for you! This beautifully designed trivet is made by one of America’s most respected manufacturers – Old Dutch.

Measuring in at 9.75” x 6”, the Old Dutch Trivet is the perfect size for any surface. It can withstand heat up to 290ºF, which should be more than enough for any home-cooked meal! In fact, we paired this piece with Old Dutch’s tea kettles and tetsubin and absolutely LOVE it. We get compliments on the set all the time.

There are two convenience features we love: it’s incredibly easy to clean and has a nice hanging hook built-in to it. The hanging hook allows you to hang the trivet when you’re not using it. It’s so beautiful, that it will look great in your kitchen. Heck, we purchased one for our vacation home as a purely decorative piece. That’s not to say we don’t use it from time to time – it’s hard not to!

This is a fantastic metal trivet that every chef should have. Grab yours today!

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Best Round Trivet Review: Le Creuset Silicone Round French Trivet

Le Creuset Silicone Round French Trivet Product ImageIf you’ve read our site before, you’ll know that we really love Le Creuset products. They provide you with a finely made, authentic French style. Naturally, we loved their Silicone Round French Trivet! They’re wonderfully made and will last you many, many years.

Coming in at 8” x 8” (remember, they’re round), these silicone trivets can withstand up to 482ºF of heat! The French design wasn’t made to match French décor. It’s actually a fantastic method of distributing heat evenly across the trivet, keeping your dining room table extra safe.

Since the Lecreuset French Trivet is made of silicone, it’s super easy co lean. In fact, you can even throw it in the dishwasher! These round trivits are available in 8 beautiful colors – so feel free to pick up a few so you always have a color for the right occasion. We sure did!

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Best Wood Trivet Review: MelonBoat Bamboo Trivet Mat Set

MelonBoat 4 Pack Bamboo Trivet Mat Set Product ImageSpoiler alert: we saved the best for last. We love, love, love the MelonBoat Wood Trivet Set. These heavy-duty, 7” square trivets (they also come in 7” round) are made of high-quality wood and are 100% heat-resistent. That’s right, 100% heat resistant. Your dining room table will be safe with these.

Also, they’re antibacterial, so even if you don’t use them all that often, they’re not going to be picking up bacterial germs by sitting in your drawer. I’m not going to lie – these look absolutely fantastic. I love the look of natural wood and am the first to criticize a product if it claims to be natural wood, but isn’t. I can confidently say that these wood trivet mat sets are 100% wood.

High quality, heat-resistant, anti-bacterial, durable, and very well priced. What else can you ask for? Nothing.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your set of 4 today!

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