Uline Commercial Ice Maker (B07215SQ3Q)

U-CO1224FB-00B CO1224F 24" Combo Ice Maker Refridgerator, Integrated

Uline combo ice maker refrigerator comes in an integrated pattern of design, which makes it comfortable in professional and personal use, and even it is convenient. Ice maker refrigerator makes ice in a very short period with convenient ice production capacity. Uline combo ice maker refrigerator is one of the best ice maker refrigerator brands in the market, which is designed in the integrated pattern by new technology and comes with the latest features. These are very useful for personal and professional use like for restaurants, parties, bars, Coffee shops w/Ice Shovel, and any other purposes.

Let’s see its efficiency, this ice maker refrigerator produces and stores 8 lbs. of ice per day, and as it is integrated pattern design, so it is very useful because it has a Volume of 4.2 cu ft. Which holds up to 61 bottles (12 oz.) or 114 cans (12 oz.), and you need to worry about running out of ice or having another refrigerator for cooling purposes.U-Line ice maker refrigerator whistle interior is illuminated with led lighting.

The other best thing about these cube ice makers is they are easy to install as they can be easily installed where there are water supply and drainage areas and drain not required. Once they are installed and proper water supply is provided to them, then leave the rest to the machine. Its automatic operation will keep on making ice cubes until the ice storage section is full.

So let’s check the Uline ice maker refrigerator in detail. Mentioned below are some technical details and additional information about the Uline ice maker refrigerator.


Convenient and Efficient: The Uline ice maker is efficient as they make ice fastly and also stores other storage stuff. It can give 8 lbs. production in one day as well as has a volume of 4.2 cu ft. which easily holds up to 61 bottles (12 oz.) or 114 cans (12 oz.) The ice maker refrigerator can be easily used for commercial and personal purposes.

Energy-saving: This ice maker refrigerator is energy-saving as it is designed in the integrated pattern, so this will help you to save more energy.

Easy to install: Uline ice maker refrigerator is easy to install and comes with easy operation panel and storage capacity for bottles and cans or other stuff. This can be easily installed where you have water supply and is also easy to operate as it comes with an easy operation panel. The operation panel includes water, timer, clean and ice indicator which helps you to control the cooling process and digital touchpad control is conveniently located on the upper face of the unit

Design: It comes with a free-standing design that is easy to set as per your requirement. You can easily set it under or beside or however and wherever you wish to.

So if you are planning to buy an ice maker refrigerator with an integrated design pattern for commercial use and even or personal use, you can easily go for ULINE ice maker refrigerator. Its design and high level of durability help it to withstand the most demanding conditions, which makes it a more reliable product.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to clean
  • Stainless Steel body
  • Crescent ice cube dimensions: 1/2” W x 3/4” H x 2 1/4” L
  • Three removable tempered glass shelves
  • No drain required
  • Patented frost-free technology Whistle interior is illuminated with red lightning
  • Weighs 119 pounds.
  • Highly Durable

Pros and Cons of Uline ice maker refrigerator:


  • Suitable for both commercial use and personal use.
  • It has good ice making capacity and efficiency for a prosperous business like shop, restaurants, bars and coffee shops, and personal usage.
  • Easy to install and makes ice fastly
  • Free-standing design, hence easy to move or replace.
  • Energy-saving: It consumes less energy.
  • Patented frost-free technology
  • No drain required
  • It has an integrated design pattern


  • It doesn’t have the large ice-making capacity as it is integrated
  • It is a little noisy

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