Vertical Vs Offset Smoker – Which one to Choose?


You were asked to host a barbecue party on Saturday evening by your friends, and you are preparing to buy the best barbecue smoker in the market to make the meat right. It may be that your family is looking to celebrate something, or your colleagues want to celebrate with you, and you are tasked to get a smoker to host the night; whatever the issues or concerns that could be, the troubles of choosing the right smoker is well understood and relatable.

One of the reoccurring issues is identifying which smoker is better or right. While doing your research or make findings, you might be wondering whether to select the Vertical or the Offset smoker. Since your main goal or purpose is to purchase the best offset smoker, then this article is meant to ease your problem to help you as it contains tips for you to make the right decision.

Whatever your needs and wants could be, a BBQ smoker is the perfect cooking appliance that maintains a low cooking temperature while smoking and absorbing the smoke for the meat. It can also help to create any amount of barbecue that you need; either small or large.

If you go to the market, you will find that there are many forms of the smoker. We have the Vertical Smoker, Offset Smoker, Box Smoker, Drum Smoker, Smoker Oven, Wood Smoker, Charcoal Smoker, Pellet Smoker, etc. the types are endless. However, when choosing the best product available on the market, you should consider such specs as the output of each smoker before making the decision. Take, for instance; you want to have the smoke covering the meat for a more extended period, then there is a particular type you can make use. If it is to grill more at a fast pace, then there is a specific type that you can use.

Below we would be explaining on the Vertical Smoker and the Offset Smoker; and also its pros and cons.

Vertical Smoker Vs Offset Smoker

Vertical Smokers

Vertical smokers can make plenty of smoked meat. It is designed in a vertical shape, and it takes less space than other types of smokers. If the goal is to have smoked meats, then it is the right choice for you.

It comes with three-part built into it. The first one is the generation of heat. The source is responsible for providing energy to the appliance, while the second t is ‘container,’ which softens the gas that is coming out of the appliance. The final place is the area where the meats are placed. It is known as the ‘smoking chamber,’ which is a stainless steel grate where the meats can be placed easily and made to accommodate smoke longer.


  1. It is built in a vertical format, i.e., straight line from the top. It gives you more room and space, either in the kitchen or outdoor.
  2. It also allows for the meats to absorb smoke much longer.
  3. Another pro is; it can be maneuvered easily. Because of its size and shape, you can quickly move it around from outdoor to indoor, using it for different purposes.
  4. It is less cumbersome, smaller, and easier when compared.
  5. From an engineering point of view, it allows the smoke emanating to cover the meat longer, and it is best suited when one is looking for smoked meats.
  6. It only requires less amount of fuel to run on.
  7. Finally, it is cheaper to buy.


  1. Many people that have been using the Vertical Smoker complain that it loses a lot of heat while grilling. This disadvantage is essential when cooking meat.
  2. It has only two grates which meat can put into; because of this, you cannot have a lot of smoked meats.
  3. Unfortunately, The Vertical smoker cannot be used to grill stakes and hot dogs.

Offset Smoker

The Offset Smoker is substantial and bigger than the vertical smoker. However, its design is very simple as it comes in a horizontal shape providing more space and options while grilling. They also contain an area for generating heat for the meat to be quickly grilled and smoked. It also comes with a slide for direct flame broiling.

The Offset Smoker runs easily. Just put light on the fuel, after which the heat generated would travel to the chamber through a hole that connects its and the firebox container.


  1. One additional option included in it is the ‘slider plate,’ which is found at the drip area and gives the option to slide for direct flame grilling.
  2. Installing thermal circulation makes you smoke a lot of meat.
  3. When it comes to using the Offset Smoker, you can save energy, reducing expenses of operating and managing it
  4. Meat is placed in an area known as ’cooking chamber’ which is vast and broad, giving room for the smoke to escape easily.


  1. If you are using the offset smoker, the smoke that is produced is likely to leave fast, preventing the meat from having a smoked taste.
  2. The design of the offset smoker may appear simple, but this might not be the case as sometimes it can be tough to operate, which undermines your abilities.
  3. There are many Offset Smoker types available in the market. However, a significant problem arises when trying to tell which is good or bad.
  4. The final disadvantage of the Offset Smoker is it consumes a lot of fuel when running. It even emanates a lot of heat while grilling.


To round up, we understand that choosing the right smoker is hard; however, as the pros and cons of each smoker are highlighted above, you should begin to get an idea of the one to select.

As mentioned earlier, depending on what you want the smoker to perform, that should be your basis for selection. Also, factors such as taste preference, cost, space, and size can be considered.

The Vertical smoker cannot be said to be better than the Offset Smoker, likewise vice versa, they each have a unique function that makes them stand out.

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