VEVOR Commercial Ice Maker (B009XDJ0SS)

VEVOR Commercial Ice Maker Sup Stainless Steel Portable Automatic Icer Make Machine Built-In Auto Clean for Home Supermarkets 110LBs/24h Button Mode

Vevor brings you another commercial ice maker, which is fast and efficient. It comes with the latest features and includes many automatic functions. It is one of the most convenient and efficient commercial ice-making machines, which brings you convenience and efficiency on ice making. The Vevor commercial ice maker is capable of producing 40 ice cubes per cycle in just 12-18 minutes. In 24 Hrs, this ice maker can make up to 110lbs of ice. It makes ice cubes of standard size, which makes it perfect for mixed drinks and small water bottle openings.

This ice maker machine comes with an auto-clean function. Hence you can do the cleaning by a simple push-button. Another best part about it is that it comes with reservations setting option for up to 5 Hrs so you can have a comfortable sleep in the evening. Apart from the reservation setting option, it also has an ice storage capacity of 44 Pounds. Once the storage is full, the ice maker automatically shuts down.

The machines contain Microcomputer automatic control systems, which are controlled by the operational panel. The operational panel is used to control the ice-making functions, auto-clean function, adjusts ice cubes thickness, shortage temperature, ice full, and overtime reminder. The interior of the ice maker is made up of stainless steel, which makes it rust-resistant and hence prolongs its service time. This ice maker works great for commercial purposes as well as for home use. Let’s know about some of its important features and benefits.

Powerful Compressor with high temp protection: The Vevor commercial ice maker has a powerful compressor of 310Watts. It comes with high-temperature protection, so if the machine temperature goes above the level, it automatically shuts down to prevent the loss. This makes it an energy-saving ice maker, as well.

Microcomputer automatic control: It includes a microcomputer that is being responsible for the automatic functions in the machine. It is operated using the operational panel and is responsible for auto clean, high temp protection, ice making, ice cube size adjustment, and many other functions. The operational panel includes a display that indicates the error when the machine stops working. The reservation setting can be done for up to 5 Hrs using the operational panel so that you can have a comfortable sleep in the night.

Highly Efficient: Talking about its efficiency, as discussed above, this ice maker is capable of making 40 clear ice cubes in one cycle in just 12-18 minutes. It can make 110lbs of ice in 24 Hrs. It includes an ice storage capacity of 44 pounds and automatically shuts down if the storage if full. It also contains a dry filter that prevents bacterial growth in water and provides you the ice made of clear water.

Highlighted Features:

  • Weighs 52 Pounds
  • Reservation setting up to 5 Hrs
  • 310W Compressor
  • 40 Ice cubes in one cycle in just 12-18 Minutes
  • 110lbs of ice in 24 Hrs
  • 44 Pounds ice storage
  • Auto clean
  • High-temperature protection
  • Adjustable ice cubes thickness
  • Easy cleaning with one button
  • Auto shut down if storage is full
  • Microcomputer automatic control


  • High efficient and convenient icemaker
  • Auto shutdown if storage is full
  • Has a reservation setting option for up to 5 hrs so that you can have a comfortable sleep in the evening.
  • It contains a dry filter to prevent bacterial growth so you can get the ice made of clear water.
  • The interior is made up of rust-resistant stainless steel, which enlarges its service time.


  • Not much convenient for commercial use.
  • It is not NSF approved
  • It has sharp pointed metal spikes which have no protection for fingers, hence must warn kids to stay away.

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