What are Modern Kitchen Colors?

What are Modern Kitchen Colors?

Everyone has their own favorite colors. When you’re a child you might love purple and perhaps pink or you might want everything in your room to be bright green. Or maybe you loved black and wanted to paint your bedroom that color. To each his own, as they say.

Though not everyone’s taste changes from those early choices, adults tend to have a preference for slightly more subdued colors…or, at least, we think we should stop liking neon orange and opt instead for subtle shades of beige or blue.

Most often, our homes reflect our love of color and a preference for specific colors in particular. And though your taste continues to change throughout your life, chances are you’ve chosen colors that you believe are tasteful and that won’t have to be changed should you decide to turn around and sell your house tomorrow.

While the color you paint your bedroom will likely remain a private and personal choice, shared with your spouse, partner, or significant over, you probably choose a color for your living areas based more on accepted trends rather than personal preference.

That’s often true for the kitchen, where guests gather to eat and socialize. We go for colors that we believe are the most tasteful and that will be pleasing to our family and visitors. After all, we spend a lot of time in our kitchens and we want them to look modern and up-to-date.

So, what’s the latest in kitchen colors?

Where kitchens are concerned, neutrals are always in, and the reason why is easy to grasp. Neutrals match just about anything so you can pair them with a variety of floors, backsplashes, countertops, and more. So, if you paint your walls beige, cream, off-white, tan, or even a light coffee color, you’ll have a lot of options. You’ll want to stay away from white, though, because while it might seem like it should be lumped in with other neutrals, it tends to be too stark and overwhelmingly bright and antiseptic, even if you have dark cabinets.

Blues have always been popular for kitchens and remain so. Blue can be a cool color when it’s pastel or a warmer color if it’s mixed with a little green or even a bit of purple. Lighter blues are especially lovely with white or off-white cabinets and bring to mind the colors of the water. That makes it especially appropriate for beach houses.

Dress up space with beach-themed accessories and you’ll find a tranquil option that’s soothing for the soul. However, many of today’s designers are opting for darker hues for their kitchen designs. These darker colors, when used as wall paint, don’t have to cover every wall but are ideal for an accent wall, if you prefer. Consider teal, turquoise, or even navy. You can also pull into the color scheme by purchasing towels, bowls, small appliances, and other accessories in those colors.

If you have a penchant for something a little brighter, designers say reds and oranges are ideal for the modern kitchen. Orange is a wonderfully warm color which has a Mediterranean feel to it. You’ll find rusty orange walls it in a lot of Tuscan-style kitchens but you’ll see brighter oranges in today’s more contemporary-looking spaces. It looks great with white or off-white cabinets as well as light woods and even gray. Again, you could paint all the walls orange or just one or two for an extra pop of color that will make your kitchen look bright and sunshiny.

Red was very popular in kitchens of the 50s and 60s. Red walls and accents were often paired with white metallic cabinets, Formica-topped tables, and bright white appliances. That’s a cool retro look that some homeowners enjoy even today. But you can also use red in today’s traditional or modern kitchens because it works great with just about any wood tone (except maybe cherry) and is perfect with white or gray cabinets.

Again, it’s fun to add little touches of red as well, like a bright cherry KitchenAId™ mixer on the counter or a bright piece of modern art on the walls. Red is a very warm color and does tend to make the room look a little smaller because it’s dark, so consider a different option if your kitchen is tiny or use it only in very small amounts.

If you’re a fan of neon colors – like super-bright green and flashy yellow – you can employ those colors into your kitchen color scheme as well. They’re actually very popular these days! But they really are only palatable in very small doses.

So consider using neon tiles for a backsplash perhaps or maybe on a small accent wall. Some people choose to paint the inside of their pantry or cabinets with a bright color, which is especially cool if you have glass doors that will show that pop of color. And, as with red and orange, considering leaving the color off the walls and choosing neon green or yellow appliances, bowls, artwork, and other accessories, which are perfect with a white kitchen.

How about black? Black is actually a very popular design color but is used more in other living spaces than it is in the kitchen. But it’s actually a great color for some kitchens but not all. If you want super sleek, consider black cabinets AND black or dark gray walls. If the cabinets are shiny, make sure the paint is matte.

Or you can use black walls with white cabinets, which actually looks amazing as well. Black also looks good in kitchens that have a brick wall or two. One of the nice things about painting walls black or something close to black is that they look different all the time. In daylight, they are definitely a different hue as the sun shines through the window then they are at night with just artificial light.

There are a few downfalls, however. If you paint a small kitchen black, it tends to make the walls draw in upon you and makes the kitchen look smaller than it is. Secondly, it’s not really good for resales and chances are you’ll be painting over it if you decide to sell your house. Like any dark color, it also shows dust which is negative…though it might mean you’ll do more cleaning!

Of course, you’re never limited to just one color. Color blocking, or the combination of a few complementary or contrasting colors, is a very popular trend with kitchen designers and provides a lot of visual interest.

Popular combinations are yellow and turquoise for that beachy or Caribbean feel, brights, and darks like aqua and navy or orange and navy, or lights and darks or other “close” colors from the same color family, such as peach and orange or even red and hot pink. Remember though, the more colors you use on the walls or on elements like the backsplash, the simpler or neutral other parts of the kitchen should be.

It’s all up to you!

In the end, any decision made about your kitchen is totally up to you. You need to love it and it needs to make you happy when you walk into the room. If you’ve got a favorite color or colors that you want to incorporate into your kitchen remodel, talk to your designer or to another expert who’s helping you put the whole thing together about your ideas. They’ve worked on many a kitchen and may have suggestions as to how you can tastefully incorporate just about any color into your renovations.

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