What Dishes Can Be Used In Oven? An Oven Safe Guide!

Are you also bothered with dishes cracking up or melting in the oven? Or are you frustrated with searching for what dishes can be used in oven? If yes, then you my friend, are at the accurate place to find solutions to all the problems you are facing right now.

Oven dishes are made up of many kinds of materials. Every material is not suitable for the oven.

What Dishes Can Be Used In Oven?

Mainly, the materials which are best for oven cooking and baking are.

  • Silicone
  • Steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Stoneware
  • Ceramics
  • Glassware
  • Aluminum
  • Cast iron.

These are, no doubt, the best materials, but various types of these materials are also less useable and less beneficial while using for the oven. It depends upon the thickness of these materials and the type of oven you’re working with.

Conversely, which materials should you avoid using? The materials which tend to be dangerous for your health and home are Woody materials, non-metallic dishes and the dishes that are composed of plastics.

Plastic is degradable and can spoil the food you are eating. Also, the woody and non-metallic dishes can result in cracking and burning. So, avoid these hazardous materials.

Now, let’s move towards the basic information about the dishes materials which can be used in the oven. According to my research, every material has a specific capacity to bear the temperature range.

Are Silicone Dishes Good For Baking?

What Dishes Can Be Used In Oven? An Oven Safe Guide!What Dishes Can Be Used In Oven? An Oven Safe Guide!Silicone is known to be a great material for use in the oven. It would not be wrong to say that silicone dishes are safe for the oven and freezer.  Silicone dishes are basically heat resistant and flexible and it is made of non-sticky material.

Most of the people are in a dilemma about whether this dish is suitable or not for baking in the oven. But they are unaware of the instructions given in the guideline book.

It quickly cools down if heated and also bakes things evenly and beautifully. Silicone dishes don’t change the flavor and don’t release an odor that affects food quality and smell.

But it also has its cons because nothing is perfect; it is a heat insulator so it may hinder the expanding process.

Some Silicone dishes that I think are excellent oven using dishes are.

1-Silikomart Silicone Classic Collection Lasagna Pan (temp. range -75 to +450F)

            (Best for microwave, fridge and freezer)

2-Juvale Nonstick Silicone Bakeware Baking Molds(temp. range -40 to 450F) 

        (Best for microwave, refrigerator and oven)

Can Ceramics be included in the dishes that are oven safe?

What Dishes Can Be Used In Oven? An Oven Safe Guide!What Dishes Can Be Used In Oven? An Oven Safe Guide!Are you thinking the same about ceramic dishes that whether they are safe for oven cooking or not? Oh, don’t worry, in that case let me tell you that they are absolutely safe to use and are not dangerous for your oven or your food.

One of the main types of ceramic that is highly recommended for oven usage is of Porcelain.

Porcelain is very strong and highly durable material that can be resistant to thermal shock and can bear high temperature range (2400 degree centigrade).

But consider one more thing, that no matter what, do not use glazed ceramics because glazed ceramics can be easily cracked during baking which may affect your food quality.

Ceramics change their shapes with the temperature and it is advised that always use high tolerable temperature ceramic material dishes. Such as the:

                        (Lead& Cadmium free, safe for microwave, oven and dishwasher)

Is Glassware the Best For Oven?

What Dishes Can Be Used In Oven? An Oven Safe Guide!What Dishes Can Be Used In Oven? An Oven Safe Guide!This burning question has a very simple answer. Yes! Glassware is the best for using in oven cooking. Keep in view that you must check on the quality and the brand before choosing glassware.

Every glassware is not good enough for the microwave or any other type of oven. Some glassware are best for microwave, some are good for toaster oven etc. So it depends upon the functioning of the oven as well.

Glassware such as Pyrex is mostly tagged as oven safe glassware for oven. Usually glassware is good for heating and re-heating food. Pyrex Glassware, composed of borosilicate glass, is called as break resistant if it is not passed through the temperature extremes.

I really like Pyrex Deep Baking Dish Set as an oven friendly glassware. (Pre-heated oven, dishwasher, microwave safe, non porous glass)

What Are Other Safe Options For Oven Dishes?

There are several dishes out in the market that are also known to be safe for cooking and baking in the oven; including steel and carbon steel, stoneware and aluminum dishes.Aluminum utensils are also microwave oven safe (if used properly).

Some people are unaware of aluminum materials, so, let’s clear this misconception; Aluminum is a good conductor of heat and there is no chance of melting, cracking and burning of material when heated whereas the cherry on the top is that heat is homogenously distributed. Hands down on this aluminum dish:

Nordic Ware 3 Piece Baker’s Delight Set, Aluminum & Oven Safe Nonstick Baking & Cooling Grid (1/2 Sheet), One Size, Non-Stick

                        (Durable, non- stick, heat safe to 400 degree centigrade)

Steel (specifically stainless steel) and Carbon steel pans are mostly used to bake cakes.

Carbon steel is usually light in weight and easy to lift ingredients, best used while grilling and frying. It is good at retaining heat so that food material can remain hot for a long time.

The best of steel tray that I could find to recommend is:

Baking Sheet, Zacfton Cookie Sheet Stainless Steel Toaster Oven Tray Pan Rectangle Size 12.5 x 10 x 1 inch, Non Toxic & Healthy,Superior Mir

            (Rust resistant, durable and dishwasher safe)

Final Verdict

To wrap the whole discussion; oven safe materials are specific, although they are specifically mentioned but they are good for your health.

Some materials are durable in their specific types and best for using in oven baking and cooking but some are low heat tolerable types of the same materials, so avoid using them in oven because they can cause burning, melting and cracking.

The excellent useable materials are those which are highly temperature tolerable like porcelain. Taking into account all these aspects, always check the labeling of the material to see whether it is safe for oven or not.