What is Beer?

In Central Europe, the word “bière” (France), “birra” (Italy) or “beer” (United Kingdom) is used. It is said that this word came into the German language through vulgar Latin, where “biber” means “drink” (in Latin it is “bibere”).

What is Beer?
Gellinger (CC0), Pixabay

Beer or Bière, the important thing is that it tastes good.

You want to know how beer is made?

Read on.

Beer is a non-distilled alcoholic drink with a bitter taste made from sprouted barley grains or other types of grain, the starch of which is fermented in yeast-containing water and often flavored with hops

That is however according to Wikipedia…

Beer is more than that, it is many people’s favorite drink in Europe.

In Spain, beer is not just a drink, it is also a culture. Spain is a brewing country, this drink is just as present in all regions of the country as it is on a socio-economic level. It has become a social and transversal drink. It is the social drink par excellence; it has replaced wine as the first drink.

Beer is much more than a drink in Belgium. No, it is not an institution or a national symbol. Here is nothing more bragged than the best beer in the world.

One, therefore, has to say that it is much more because it is part of the history and the way of the Belgians. In fact, this drink has been made for personal consumption in various monasteries in the country since the Middle Ages. Today there are already over 1500 different types of beer in this country and around 200 farmers who are active.

In Brussels, the capital of Belgium, beer is as popular an attraction as the Atomium or the Grand Place. Just a few steps away from this fabulous Brussels marketplace is the Delirium cafe, whose beer menu is on the business record and the largest beer types exceed 2,500.

Beer means socializing, organizing parties, watching football, talking to friends, etc. It is therefore good to always have a beer at home.


There is suddenly a party in your house and you don’t know what you’re going to do?

I have the solution for you:

First, we have to think about how many people would be attending. With that, we know how much food and drink you need. You can make some homemade hamburgers, or a couple of Tacos always look great at any party. And for the drinks, having a number of beers wouldn’t be a bad idea. In order not to cause pollution, the best thing would be to have a cold beer dispenser. We avoid the production of bottles and help the environment. A beer dispenser is the best solution for those party lovers.

You can enjoy your party with music, food, drinks, conversations, what else do you want?

You’ve already prepared everything for your party. But never forget, when you drink alcohol, don’t drive!