Where to Put A Kitchen Bin?

Are you renovating or redesigning your kitchen and are confused about where to put a kitchen bin /trash can because you really want to place it somewhere where it is convenient to approach and does not spread the stench? For all your queries, keep reading this blog till the end to discover the different types of trash cans and the best possible places in your kitchen where you can place them.

One can place the kitchen bin according to his or her approach to discard waste. Some people place it in some corner of the kitchen. Whereas some people do not like an open kitchen bin, so they place it inside of some lower cabinet. Now, which cabinet would be the best one to choose? The thing to consider is that it must be approachable to you whenever you need to dispose of the waste, either while cooking or washing the dishes.

Where to Put A Kitchen Bin?

Either you can place the bin at some corner of the kitchen, or you place them in a specific cabinet (mostly right under the sink). The handiest place to put a kitchen bin is inside the cabinet that is right under the sink. So, whenever you wash your dishes, you can easily reach the kitchen bin for disposing off the waste with it being conveniently hidden inside the cabinet.

The feeling of regret you have when you see something on a daily basis that is not according to your requirement is incompatible. I do not want you to repeat the mistake that I did and probably most do. It might sound a bit silly in the beginning but then later on it all starts to make sense while choosing the perfect kitchen bin because it is not the kind of purchase that you can make daily or on a weekly basis. One trash can/ garbage can last for several months or years depending upon how well maintained it is.

  • Pull Out Bins Built into Cabinet or Under Counters

Where to Put A Kitchen BinPull out trash cans are to be customized while renovating your kitchen or building your house. You can get your trash can be installed under the counters or into a cabinet for easy access and good maintenance. 

Typically, the bins used for this purpose are usually normal in size, being not too big or not too small. The purpose of pull out bins built into a cabinet or under counters is to keep everything intact and easy to handle. In contrast to a trash can, the pull out bin would be covered up inside the cabinet or under the counter which would eventually help the stench to stay within the cabinet.

  • Hanging inside cabinet bin 

Where to Put A Kitchen BinHanging bins inside the kitchen cabinets are more of the hidden bins; some people really prefer to have hidden bins because it really doesn’t look good having your trash can filled with trash or trash overflowing from your trash can. Apart from the messy look, the stench can be really disgusting and not so pleasant to even go near to. 

The most common and ideal place to hang in such bins is in the cabinet that is under your sink. Having such trash cans in your kitchen would allow you to use the cabinet for other things too. The only con for these trash cans is that they are pretty average in size so it would be a hectic job for you to empty the completely filled trash bag twice or thrice a day. It totally depends upon how much you have to dispose in a day. You can certainly try this.

  • Step to open the lid or lift the top trash can

Where to Put A Kitchen BinLift top trash cans are the ones that have a paddle in front which requires to be pressed whenever you want to lift its top. This type of trash can is a bit different from the rest as it cannot be placed into a cabinet or any other storage compartment. 

It requires to be placed in a corner or somewhere you think it is easily accessible and doesn’t come in the way much. These trash cans come in a variety of colors, material and sizes depending upon your requirement and your kitchen surroundings. These can be a stylish addition to your kitchen.

  • Swing top bin under your sink cabinet

Mostly people prefer to place their bins in the cabinet under the sink. So, swing top bin really comes handy because of its storage size, material, and price all of which make it pocket friendly. Such bins are really helpful if you’re looking for an inside cabinet bin and cannot renovate the kitchen all over again. At this time, you can get your hands on this bin as it requires no installation. 

Also, use a trash bag inside this bin to prevent it from getting dirty. It also makes it easy to dispose off the trash. All you have to do is purchase this bin and place it into a cabinet and you’re good to go!

What type of kitchen bin you should consider?

Where to Put A Kitchen BinYou may wonder, why is it important to invest in the perfect kitchen bin, keeping everything in mind from its size to quality? It is because most of the kitchen bins are a one-time investment. And along with that, no one wants to invest in a bin daily or weekly.

  1. Size of the kitchen bin

The very first thing you should consider while buying a kitchen bin is its size; whether it is large or small in size. Various factors are to be noted while making a purchase, keeping in mind the space of your kitchen and your other requirements (like amount of waste) because large trash cans aren’t always a good option. But at the same time, small trash cans can also be hectic because of having to empty them too frequently if your requirement asks for a larger can.

So, you should search for a medium-sized kitchen bin that does not fill up too often and doesn’t start to smell either because of being too full for long. As usually such trash attracts different insects and can create a lot of mess instead of handling it.

  1. Combined kitchen bin for recycling items or separate

There are some products in your kitchen that require to be disposed off separately, such as you can dispose off wet and dry items separately or the items that you think can rot easily like organic items and seafood. So, it can be really convenient to dispose off your trash separately as you’ll have a recycling container to dump items that can be recycled.

  1. Visible or hidden kitchen bin?

When it comes to deciding between hidden or visible kitchen bins, hidden bins never disappoint you. Hidden bins actually mean if you want to keep the bins inside your cabinet, underneath your sink, or to set it up into the built pull out drawers. It is not obligatory to opt for the hidden drawers; it is all about your preference and your kitchen’s accommodation. 

But on the other hand, there are some pros of hidden kitchen bins as they can really stop the stench from spreading by limiting it in the cabinet. Whereas, one major drawback of the hidden kitchen bins is that you will be restricting the space for any other kitchen item by placing the bin inside the cabinet. This doesn’t effect you though if you have enough space.

Final Verdict

Thinking of the perfect spot for where to put a kitchen bin can be a little tricky, keeping in mind all the factors. If you have a spacious kitchen, then it would be okay to install a built-in pullout cabinet bin but if you don’t have a spacious kitchen then hidden hanging in bin or swing top bins are proven to be really good as they don’t occupy much of your space. 

Moreover, according to me, the best spot to place your kitchen bin is in a cabinet because not only it covers minimum space but also prevents the stench from spreading and limits it only into the cabinet.