Which is Suit for You? CBD Edibles or CBD Dabs?

There has been a lot written about CBD over the past few years and if you’re reading this the chances are you are well aware what it is and what it’s about. We’ll look at its origins in a brief paragraph or two below, but we’re here to decide what the best method of taking CBD is. This will depend on the individual as we all have our preferences, but we’re mainly concentrating on two options, these being edibles and dabs. In case you happen to be new to CBD and are wondering what the fuss is about, let’s start with an explanation.

Which is Suit for You? CBD Edibles or CBD Dabs?

All About CBD

CBD made the news a few years ago when users started raving about its properties in helping ailments such as anxiety and depression, chronic pain, and even skin conditions. In fact, researchers have concluded that there are definite signs that CBD does help with these and other ailments, though it remains unratified as a medicinal product and can only be sold as a supplement.

What is CBD? It’s cannabidiol, one of more than 100 compounds that can be extracted from the cannabis plant or – to be specific – from the strain known as ‘industrial hemp’. The reason for this is that CBD products, by law, may contain no more than 0.3% of another compound of the plant known as THC. This is the part that gives us the high we experience when we smoke or vape weed.

So, CBD is a reduced potency cannabis product presented in many forms including vape oils, edibles and many more. We’re here to talk about CBD dabs and edibles in particular, so you’ll need to check out the possibility of getting a dab pen which is the simplest way of taking CBD dabs and a great way for newcomers to get used to things. Let’s have a look at these two ways of taking CBD.

Ways of Taking CBD

CBD is extracted and generally mixed with an agent such as coconut oil. This is the basic product. There are different ‘spectrums’ you need to know about too. ‘Full Spectrum’ products use CBD oil with up to the legal amount of TNC in. They also leave in all of other compounds of the cannabis plant. ‘Broad Spectrum’ CB products contain many of the compounds in addition to CBD – the choice of mix is made by the manufacturer and can vary – and may or may not involve THC. ‘Isolates’ are pure CBD, the product as it is alone.

Which of these you use is up to you and will depend on the feeling you get from them and the taste you want, so what’s the difference between taking CBD as edibles or as CBD Dabs?

Why CBD Dabs?

What do we mean when we talk about CBD dabs? Above we mentioned the different spectrums of CBD products. Dabs are pure isolate CBD and can be bought in many forms. You can buy wax, crystal, crumble and shatter CBD dabs – there are more but these are the most popular – and each takes a different form.

How do you take CBD dabs? The traditional way it to heat them using a traditional dab rig. This requires the dab to be heated with a butane torch before you inhale the vapour. There are also electronic dab rigs that do the job without the need for a flame. However, it’s possible that the CBD dab pen – as we mentioned earlier – is the simplest method of using dabs, especially for the newcomer. The fact a dab pen is electronic means you don’t have to light up a cigarette every time you want a draw; you simply draw on the pen or, with some models, press a button and the result is immediate.

With CBD dabs you get the full benefits of CBD quickly and with the most potency, but it may be a sensation that does not last as long as that you get with edibles.

So, what’s the story with edibles? Let’s have a look at those.

Why Use CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles come in many forms. The most popular are sweets that have gained the name ‘gummies’. These resemble jelly sweets, and each has a small dose of CBD in it. There are reasons people choose to take CBD gummies, with the most common being the convenience.

That is a good reason as you simply get one out of a packet and pop it in your mouth, and nobody is any the wiser as to what you just ate! However, there are a couple of ways why using a dab is perhaps a better option, so let’s cover those.

First, the dose you get with a gummy will be notably less than that you get from a standard draw from your dab pen. The latter may also be adjustable so you can vary your dosage. Then there’s the way the CBD enters the bloodstream. As we’ve seen using CBD dabs either by a dab rig or vape pen takes it into your bloodstream almost immediately. With edibles you have to wait until they have been digested and travelled through the digestive system before entering the bloodstream. Clearly, that’s going to take some time.

So, which one should you choose? Let’s sum things up.

Which is Best for You?

Rest assured that the future of the CBD industry is looking at vaping as the major source of intake for its products, as it is by far the most effective and efficient. This is why CBD dabs are also here to stay, and thanks to the convenience of dab pens will grow in popularity.

There is room for edibles in the market as convenience items, as there is for topicals, gels, bath bombs and skin creams, but when it comes to regular use of CBD whether for pain or anxiety release or any other ailment or simply for enjoyment, the dab method will always win hands down, especially when coupled with the convenience of a dab pen as the tool of choice.