Who Benefits Most from Fresh Meat Delivery?


Who Benefits Most from Fresh Meat Delivery?

Over the past few years, the rise of online shopping has made delivery a way of life. The convenience of being able to pick out the products you want on your phone and have them delivered straight to your door saves time and makes life a lot less stressful, so it’s no wonder we have started shopping for meat this way, too.

But while just about anyone can benefit from having a box of steaks, chicken breasts, or seafood delivered to their door every two weeks, here are three types of individual who benefit the most.

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1. Busy Professionals

Some people are just driven to succeed. Day-in and day-out, they put in the hours to serve their clients, lead their teams, and make a positive difference in the workplace and in the world. The only problem is, all this work doesn’t leave much time for cooking healthy food.

With fresh meat delivery, though, busy professionals can place regular, repeating orders so they know high quality meats are always waiting for them at home. And because services many services offer individually packaged portions, defrosting and cooking takes no time at all.

Do you spend so much time at the office it’s hard to make time for a weekly shopping trip? Try getting meat delivered to your door and find out just how easy eating well can be.

2. Fitness Fanatics

For some, fitness is more than just a part of the daily routine — it’s the reason for getting out of bed in the morning. But as any gym junky knows, hitting the weights and getting your cardio time in on the elliptical is only part of it. If you want to achieve real, sustainable results, you need to fuel your diet with the right foods.

Whether you’re eating keto and looking to maximize your fat intake or you’re looking for lots of great lean proteins like seafood and chicken, ordering meat delivery ensures you’ll always have the right macronutrients on hand.

3. Locavores

Over the past few years, the local eating movement has gone from a niche interest to a cultural force re-shaping our relationship to food, and locavores are this movement’s most ardent devotees. For such people, eating local is a passion and a calling, a way of connecting to the regions they call home.

But eating local is also often measurably better for you and for the environment. Local meats tend to be:

  • Sustainably-raised
  • Healthier
  • Less intensively processed
  • More flavorful

While there are a growing number of options available to locavores, it can still be hard to find quality local meat in supermarkets. Fortunately, companies like truLOCAL have designed their meat delivery services around connecting local farmers, fisheries, and butchers with local food fans in their communities.

Whether you’re a busy professional looking to save time, a fitness fanatic who needs to load up on quality protein, or a locavore who wants to build a diet around local meats and produce, getting your meat delivered can be a game changer.

No matter what kind of a lifestyle you lead, the convenience of fresh meat delivery is pretty appealing. Even if you’re just looking for an easier way to shop, try fresh meat delivery to see whether this innovative approach to getting groceries is right for you.

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