Why Choose Neutral Alcohol When Serving up a Tasty Cocktail?

clear cocktail glass with pink liquid inside

There is perhaps nothing better than enjoying a tasty cocktail after a long day or when entertaining friends at your home. While the ingredients abound, were you aware that the type of alcohol used can make all of the difference in the world between a memorable drink and one that leaves a less-than-optimal aftertaste? Let’s take a quick look at why neutral spirits are enjoying a great deal of popularity.

The Unique Attributes of Organic Alcohol

Sometimes referred to asĀ organic neutral alcohol, this type of alcohol offers several unique benefits. One important factor is that it does not contain any chemical preservatives. It has also not been derived through the use of pesticides and similar agents that may be harmful to your health. These are some of the main reasons why discerning cocktail aficionados will often prefer organic alcohol over mass-produced spirits.

Back to the Basics: A Return to Tradition

This variety of alcohol is also appealing to those who are referred to as cocktail “purists”. Of course, taste plays a crucial role. Many individuals feel that organic alcohol is able to bring out the taste of other base ingredients (such as liquors and fruits). This is not always the case when referring to artificially processed alcohol. As cocktails are often prized due to their unique flavors and their multi-sensory appeal, it only stands to reason that neutral alcohol is the best way to bring out subtle undertones that might otherwise go unnoticed.

More Than Spirits Alone

Believe it or not, neutral alcohol enjoys other uses within the kitchen. Were you aware that it can be used when cooking? This arises from the unique ability of alcohol to bond with fat molecules. Keep in mind that our noses can only detect the odors of fat-soluble molecules. If alcohol is employed when preparing specific dishes, the taste of the food in question will be enhanced. This is yet another reason why chefs will often cook with high-quality alcohol.

Even if you are not a culinary expert, we can see that there are plenty of reasons to choose neutral alcohol when creating a memorable cocktail. Still, always remember that it is wise to choose a high-quality brand in order to ensure consistency. Above all, never be afraid to experiment with your own concoctions. The next big drink to hit the markets may be only a mixer away!