Why Is My Gas Stove Flame Orange? How To Fix It?

Have you ever noticed the orange flames on your gas stove? If yes, then it is a matter of serious concern. An orange flame is not good for your stove, your utensils as well as your own health.

Our kitchen is like our laboratory. A lot of reactions go on in there every day, some of which may also cause some serious hazards.

A lot of what we do in our kitchen revolves around how our stove works. A stove’s flame is very essential for the maintenance of good food, good health as well as a proper functioning kitchen. When the flame of the stove appears orange, there’s a problem with the stove which has to be repaired as soon as possible to work safely and properly.

Why Is My Gas Stove Flame Orange?

Why Is My Gas Stove Flame Orange?

An orange flame indicates the presence of carbon monoxide which is being produced by incomplete combustion. It can cause problems related to food, utensils and your health. Some of the main reasons for an orange flame include;

  • Humidity in the air
  • Stove getting clogged due to excessive soot buildup
  • Insufficient amount of oxygen

What’s wrong with Cooking on Orange Stove Flame?

Orange flame is an indication of excessive carbon monoxide which is;

  • Extremely lethal for a human body; it leads to symptoms like nausea, dizziness, light-headedness and headaches.
  • Responsible for damaging your utensils; it turns your new and shiny utensils black this makes it harder to clean the utensil. It also is responsible for reducing the overall strength of the utensil as well
  • Indication that your stove isn’t working properly and needs immediate attention

Why Does The Gas Stove Flame Burn Orange?

As we know that the normal flame is blue but if we see a yellowish-orange color flame on the stove, it is a sign of abnormality. Burning orange means that the flame is released a big amount of carbon monoxide which is not healthy at all and can be hazardous at times.

Sometimes it may happen because of the burning orifices being clogged due to some reason and sometimes proper combustion doesn’t take place resulting in orange flames. So you need to fix the appliance as soon as possible to prevent any kind of problem.

If the flame of the gas stove is burning orange, it means that the gas stove has to be repaired immediately as it is not working properly.

How do I fix the orange flame on my gas stove?

Whenever you see the problem of the color change of the flame, you should fix it as soon as possible. Here are some factors on why orange flame may appear on your gas stove and how to fix this problem,

Proper Orifices:

Depending upon your range (whether you’re using natural gas or liquid propane LP), be sure that you are using the proper orifices. Along with this adjustment make sure that the gas pressure regulator valve was changed and the brass orifice was adjusted.

Clean Burners:

Make sure that the gas-burning orifices on the stove are cleaned and are free from any kind of waste. You have to clean the stove well so that there is no clogging left in the igniter or the holes.

Make sure that the portholes and burners are free of debris and clean. Cooking grease on any spillovers may block these openings and in turn, affect the color of the flame.

Note: After cleaning them, make sure that you put them exactly in the same position as this too can affect the flame color.


Humidifiers seem to change the flame color from blue to orange. If you have a humidifier turned on nearby any stove, turn it off and see whether that makes a difference.

More Air:

Another problem which may cause the flame to turn orange is the ratio of fuel to air. When your burner is not getting enough air, there is no complete combustion of gas.

If this is the case then adjust the air shutter of the burner so that more air is admitted.

Opening The Stovetop:

Many people have claimed that this method did the trick for them.

  1. Remove the top grate of the stove and lift up the stove top to expose the piping of the burner. Most stoves have air shutters behind the burner gas valves. (A burner gas valve is a tube or a plate that is used to cover the air vent of the burner).
  2. Loosen the screws of the shutter.
  3. Turn on the burner fully and slowly open the shutter until the flames turn from orange to blue.
  4. Retighten the screw, turn the burner off, lower the stove top and replace top grates.

Is Orange Flame On A Gas Stove Dangerous?

Orange flame can be very dangerous as it is formed due to improper working of the gas stove. The carbon monoxide that it releases is poisonous and can cause serious health problems. Carbon monoxide is not a noticeable gas, so we don’t even know that we are inhaling it until it’s too late.  

Moreover, when the appliance is not working properly it can cause an explosion.

What Is The Normal Color Of The Gas Stove Flame?

 Normal Color Of The Gas Stove Flame

The normal color of the flame of a gas stove is blue. The flames of a perfectly safe and normal gas stove are blue colored, having yellow tips and a slightly lighter blue color in the center. The light blue color in the center is normally triangular.

This blue color of the gas stove flame is an indication that the gas stove is working properly and the appropriate amount of carbon monoxide is being released.

Why Do I See The Blue Flame When I Turn On The Gas Stove?

The blue color is the indication that the appliance is working properly. The blue color in a flame is seen on the gas stove when the hydrocarbon gas in the stove finds sufficient oxygen with which it reacts to produce heat.

When the gas finds a sufficient amount of oxygen and proper combustion takes place, it creates a greater level of energy which makes the molecules of the gas excited and ionized. As a result of this proper combustion, the flame of the gas stove appears blue.

Final Verdict

It is advised to deal with the gas stove properly. One should be very careful while using the gas stove. Whenever you find a tiny difference in the color of the flame, repair it before working on it.

You shouldn’t worry as long as the stove flame is blue but whenever it turns orange you should get it repaired as soon as possible to avoid any type of hazards.