Why Water Softener is the Best Option for a Healthy Lifestyle


People often go and buy the water softener just by hearing that it softens the hard water, without even knowing what water softening really means.

Why Water Softener is the Best Option for a Healthy Lifestyle

Let’s be honest, the reason most of us buy a water softener is not that we know the benefits it has, but just because everyone says it’s a cure for hard water.

Though we all know that hard water contains really high amount of calcium and magnesium ions, plus a lot of more free radicals. But do we really know what harm hard water can do to us, our lives, and our homes?

Well, we don’t care to give it a thought mostly. But as it is said, the facts lies in the details. So you have to know the health benefits of water softener in order to understand why a water softener is the best option to lead your way towards a healthy lifestyle. So let’s have a look below and discover if a water softener really makes a big difference to your health or not.

Health Benefits of Water Softener

Though there are many health benefits of water softener both big and small which can’t all be pinned down as it will take forever, however here we have discussed some of the major ones that will really change your life. So let’s have a look.

Water Softener Helps Prevents Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are by far one of the most painful ailments of all. If reached to an intense stage, it can lead to a painful death of the individual or can make him live like a dead person. You may know that kidney stones are the large or small hard particles that block the way of our urinary track, thus making it hard for us to urinate.

But these kidney stones don’t form on their own. The biggest reason behind kidney stones is the overconsumption of hard water. Hard water is rich in the salts such as carbonate and sulfate. This salt when mixed with the blood can increase the levels of urinary calcium and magnesium levels in our kidney, which ultimately gives rise to kidney stones.

However, installing a water softener is the safest option to prevent kidney stones as it gets rid of calcium and magnesium ions by breaking them into smaller particles via Ion exchange method, thus reducing the risks of developing kidney stones.

Helps Eliminate Fertility Issues

If you have been longing for the children but still haven’t got the precious gift, then you must give your water a test session instead of visiting your doctor’s office. Recent research has found out that the major reason behind most of the infertility cases was their water.

Hard water, if consumed in large amounts can really cause a major disruption in your hormones. Hard water contains an excessive amount of dietary calcium which if taken in large quantity can become a threat for both male and female reproductive systems.

Therefore, to avoid infertility issues in your family, you must install a water softener as it amazingly helps with removing all the dietary calcium so that your family tree can thrive. However, it should be noted that dietary calcium is not all that bad and our body does need it but only in a smaller amount.

Helps You Stay Hydrated All the Time

You might have noticed that your children may not be drinking enough water if it is hard. Most of the time, even adults are not fulfilling their optimum water requirement.

This is because the calcium, magnesium, and radicals in hard water make it taste a bit bitter, and it smells cringy most of the times, which is why we can’t drink it properly and hence our water requirements left unfulfilled, this increases the risk of dehydration, especially in young children.

So another health benefit of water softener in this case is that it helps us stay hydrated all the time by removing that rotten smell and taste from our water and making us want to drink it more.

Water Softener is a Treatment for Many Skin and Hair Problems

Have you just lost the shine of your hair, or has your skin started to show increased rashes and burnt patches. Well, this means it’s time to install a water filter for your bathroom too because hard water is not only damaging for your body from the inside, but also from the outside. Hard water can cause your skin more open to allergies and diseases like psoriasis, eczema, and rash as well as make your hair prone to damage, breakage, and dandruff.

So what you need in this situation is a perfect water softener rich in vitamins to restore your healthy skin and hair. You might be thinking about how a water softener can contain vitamins, well for your surprise, there are many Water Equipment Companies such as Fleck Water Softeners and many more that aims to provide you vitamin-enriched soft water to help you restore the freshness of your skin and vibrant hair.

Prevents Too Much Consumption of Minerals

Though minerals are important for our body, too much of them can cause some chronic ailments such as prostate cancer, cardiac problems, diabetes, constipation, etc. as there are a lot more sources where we are getting all our essential minerals, there is no need to consume the minerals present in hard water as they can only do damage than any good. So to ensure that your body does not consume too many minerals, it’s vital to install a water softener in your house as it makes sure that your water is free of any harmful minerals and negative ions so that you can live your life to the fullest.

Other Benefits of Water Softener

Apart from the health benefits, there are also other benefits of installing a water softener. Let’s give them a look.

  • It softens and brightens the clothes by removing the stains that are a result of negative ions and free radicals
  • Hard water makes cleaning a time-consuming process as it causes the detergents, soaps, and cleaners to make less or no lather at all, thus keeping them from cleaning. However, a water softener removes all the hardness from the water, thus making cleaning and washing a less time-consuming process.
  • Free radicals, calcium, and magnesium present in hard water cause mineral build-ups in your plumbing, thus damaging and decreasing the lifetime of your appliances, fixtures, and faucets. Water softener on the other hand helps prevents such build-up and water films, thus giving your dishes, appliances, and fixture a new-like look while also increasing their life expectancy.

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