Why You Should Drink More Whisky

Of all of the alcoholic drinks that there are out there, whisky is by far one of the most popular with people from a wide range of demographics – all above the legal drinking age range that is. The reason for the popularity of the drink comes from the smooth and complex flavors that it delivers to the drinker. However, there is so much more to whisky that most people are not even aware of. Keep reading below to find out why, if you are above the legal drinking age, you should drink more whisky.

Why You Should Drink More Whisky
stevepb (CC0), Pixabay

It may stop cancer

Although the final details of the research have not yet been fully published, the early indications point to whisky being able to prevent the occurrence of certain cancers. This comes off the back of research done back in 2005 which showed that people who drink whisky that is of a single malt experience a number of health benefits, thanks to the presence of ellagic acid. This chemical is an antioxidant and so works to absorb any and all free radicals that there are within the human body. As a result, it may help those people who are going through intensive chemotherapy treatment.

It can relieve stress

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting down and enjoying a drink of Campbelltown Whisky with your loved ones. The reason why doing this can and does really chill you out is thanks to the effect that the drink has on the human brain – it slows down activity and increases the amount of blood flowing to it. Each of these things leads to a greater feeling of tranquility, which is why so many people enjoy the drink.

Great people drink it

Throughout history, some of the greatest people of the free world have drunk whisky and put their success down to doing so. For instance, the UK prime minister during World War II, Winston Churchill, was known to be a very avid drinker of whisky. Other famous names include the crooner Frank Sinatra, the author Raymond Chandler, and the beautiful Ava Gardner. By drinking whisky, you are joining this elite group of people who have a good taste in drinks.

There is so much choice

Single malt whiskies alone, there are in excess of 5,000 different types. This means that you never even have to drink the same one twice. This is great for those people who think that variety is the spice of life. Examples of some of these varieties include Tennesse whisky, Rye whisky, Canadian whisky, Bourbon, Irish whisky, and Scotch whisky. Then there are blends that are just a few years old and then ones that are decades old. The possibilities really are endless. For those big spenders out there, there are even whiskeys that even cost thousands.

It should be clear then from all of the above that drinking whisky really is great and that the next time you head to the bar you should opt for one instead of your usual drink.