Wonder Bread Products: Cinnamon Breakfast Bread


My oldest daughter loves cinnamon toast. In fact, she likes just about anything with cinnamon on it.

A couple weeks ago, my parents surprised her with a loaf of cinnamon breakfast bread from Wonder Bread. When they got it, I didn’t think she would eat it. But, it is one of those foods she can’t seem to get enough of.

The bread is exactly how it is described. It’s a loaf of white bread with swirls of cinnamon baked right into it. And, there are a number of things I found I like about this product.

Obviously, the first one is the fact my daughter will actually eat it. But, I love the fact the loaf offers some versatility when it comes to how she eats it. I can toast it with the best 4-slice toaster or she’ll eat it plain. There’s enough cinnamon baked into the bread to add flavor. But, there’s still room to add even more flavor by adding some cinnamon and sugar to it. There are times when she’ll have just that for breakfast and other times when she’ll have it with something else, like a bowl of cereal.

As a parent, I’m impressed with how it can have so much cinnamon flavor without being messy. When I first heard what it was, I expected cinnamon to fall off of the bread when she was biting into it. But, I have yet to have a problem with that happening. This means she can either have it at the kitchen table or she can take it into other rooms with her too.

The thing that really impresses me though is the freshness. Wonder Bread is typically known for that (though I never noticed much of a difference between it and other brands). But, the company really goes out of its way with this product. The bread is sealed in two separate bags; both with their own twist tie. This is a bit of a pain when I’m trying to open it and happen to be holding our youngest daughter at the same time. But, it does keep the loaf from going stale right away. This is good because we really don’t go through bread that fast and I hate throwing away a large portion of it because it went bad too fast. I usually make mine at home in my bread machine.

This is a product I definitely am impressed with and would recommend to any parent. I have no problem buying this for my daughter again and I’m certain she would have no problem eating it.

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