Your Guide to Chatime’s Authentic & High-Quality Ingredients

Your Guide to Chatime's Authentic & High-Quality Ingredients

Everyone loves bubble tea, from young kids (“hold the caffeine!”) to college student (“more caffeine, please!) and everyone in between. It’s a universally beloved treat that mixes comfort and surprise in equal measure.

The relatively recent craze got its start in Taiwan in the 80s. Since then, boba has touched every corner of the globe thanks to Chatime – the world’s leading bubble tea brand.

In this article, we peek behind the “tearista’s” counter to see what’s brewing at Chatime. We’ll explore the high-quality teas and other innovative bases that populate the menu; we’ll delve into the authentic toppings that hang suspended in the drinks; and we’ll review a few innovative flavor combinations the brand has concocted.

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Classic (and Not-So-Classic) Milk Tea

This is how it all started. As mentioned, the origins of bubble tea trace back to Taiwan in the 80s, when enterprising teahouse owners began putting tapioca pearls in an already existing favorite: milk tea.

Chatime makes its lactose-free signature milk tea by adhering to tradition. They blend premium loose-leaf black tea with quality milk and the sweetener of your choice to create something greater than the sum of its parts – a satisfying, smooth, and well-balanced base for bubble tea.

Your Guide to Chatime's Authentic & High-Quality Ingredients

But the brand wasn’t content with just the classic – they needed to innovate. To push the envelope and accommodate diverse tastes, Chatime has crafted various spins on milk tea, each with its own peak ingredients:

  • Earl Grey milk tea swaps the straightforward black tea for the bergamot-spiced version we all know and love.
  • A Genmaicha version made with Japanese toasted rice tea.
  • Golden Lily milk tea is brewed with a premium oolong tea called Alishan JinShyuan. The tea has a fragrant, floral aroma that pairs beautifully with bubble tea.
  • A version made with jasmine tea.
  • And even hazelnut, chocolate malt, and salted caramel milk teas, which add a welcome dash of decadence to the bubble tea. They’re ideal for comforting movie nights, celebrations – or just your average Tuesday.

Each option boasts premium tea sourced from farms across Asia and the best possible milk or oat milk. There are only so many ways to describe these bold, intoxicating flavors; in truth, you have to try them to get a real sense of their allure.

Creative Bases: Fruit Tea, Matcha, Smoothies and Slush

Who says black tea is the only choice for a bubble tea base? Not Chatime. In addition to offering innovative twists on the classic, the brand has also developed zippier alternatives to satisfy palates that want something a smidge lighter. They include:

  • A handcrafted taro base made from real ground taro
  • Tropical-inspired fruit teas like mango, passion fruit, lychee and grapefruit
  • Matcha bases that start with earthy, robust powdered matcha
  • Fruit-forward blended slushes like honeydew and peach
  • And even milk tea smoothies

You can order these any way you like – with or without ice, full-sweet or partially sweet, and – of course – with a range of exciting toppings.

Your Guide to Chatime's Authentic & High-Quality Ingredients

Chatime’s Quality Toppings

Chatime balances authenticity with innovation. And nowhere is that more apparent than in their toppings.

“Toppings” refer to the suspended bits of deliciousness that either float to the top or sink to the bottom of a bubble tea. (They are the “bubble” portion of bubble tea, in other words). Purists tend to stick with tapioca pearls as their topping; it’s the original boba topping, and still beloved by many boba fanatics. However, in true Chatime fashion, guests also have an array of other options.

You can try grass jelly, a Chinese delicacy that – despite the name – isn’t made from grass. It’s made from the mesona herb, a relative of mint, and has a similarly refreshing taste. Or opt for coconut jelly, which lends a smooth and satisfying chew to any bubble tea base.

To add a “wow” factor to your drink, you might try popping boba. These exciting little pearls are made from fruit juices like lychee or passionfruit. They have a thin exterior that pops when you bite into them for a surprising little kick of flavor.

Chatime also offers innovative toppings like sea salt crema, sweet egg pudding, and red bean. Each topping is made from painstakingly sourced high-quality ingredients. If you’re having trouble deciding, consider ordering multiple toppings. That’s the beauty of a fully customizable drink!

Premium Espresso Drinks and Macarons

For those times when you need a serious pick-me-up, Chatime offers robust premium espresso drinks and elegant macarons at their Ontario locations.

Their espresso milk tea is the best of both worlds – a high-octane mixture of the brand’s signature milk tea and expertly pulled espresso. It may finally solve the tea vs. coffee debate by presenting a simple solution: why not both?

For those hot summer days (or even winter evenings), Chatime offers an espresso smoothie that whips their premium coffee into a refreshing treat. Recently, the brand has started offering an espresso Thai milk tea; the drink marries strong black tea, espresso, condensed milk, evaporated milk, and sultry spices to create a seriously addicting treat.

Finally, the macarons are available at Chatime’s Ontario locations. These sweet little bites of French pastry are the perfect thing to nibble on as you drink. Crafted according to the French tradition, these delicate, sophisticated treats feature a hint of almond laced through their sweet meringue.

As mentioned, it’s one thing to talk about milk tea. But in order to get the true experience – to taste the authentic toppings and premium bases – you’ll have to place your order. If you’re new to bubble tea and at a loss for where to start, our recommendation is, to begin with the classic milk tea/tapioca pearl combo before branching out into Chatime’s innovative drink menu.