10 Best Student Planner Apps for Studying

10 Best Student Planner Apps for Studying

Time-management plays a central role for students today due to the vast amount of information to process. To make the studying process not be torturous, you need to dedicate more attention to plan your time correctly. Thanks to computing technologies, we have the opportunity to read recommended literature in time, provide research, and prepare for classes efficiently. Having an arsenal of useful online tools will highly increase your studying productivity and simplify various educational processes. Consequently, we invite you to our guide on the ten most practical mobile applications you should consider installing.

1) TickTick

This to-do list app helps you to organize your schedule by hours, days, and weeks. See the month’s overall picture of what you need to do to be on time with your studying. With TickTick, you can add your tasks and set a reminder for each of them. The focus timer helps you to stay concentrated on your tasks and limit time for studying. The collaborating feature is one of the most significant for this app. Share your habits and goals with others and get online support from your teacher, classmates, or even family without phone calls and offline meetings.

2) Dreamie Planner

This app is good for students who like to dream about high grades. Still, to get them, you need to study following a well-run system. Dreamie Planner gives it to you! Adorable design helps you to identify events by colors and icons. Simply depict your main activities for the day! It includes daily, monthly, weekly, and yearly planners. This app is compatible with many devices and uses backups for your cloud storage, so you don’t lose your notes and events. For example, when after doubting on how to write a creative essay, you’ve ordered help from a student writing service to get the essay sample, you can always track the deadline and not miss a thing preparing your project.

3) My Daily Planner

This app is a calendar, planner, to-do list, and reminder in one place. There is no need to worry about lost subtasks and projects because it can work without an Internet connection. Why is it suitable, especially for students? Because they can’t skip important tasks. It will help you not only to set a task and forget about it but combine to-do lists, project lists, and subtask lists. It will help you to create details for each of them and always have a description in your hand.

4) To Do List

This is a very special planner for students with exceptional goals! With To-Do List, you will always know what comes next. Organize your life with notes and events, not to miss any class. When getting things done, we forget to evaluate our achievements. With this app, you will track your progress so you know for what and how you can treat yourself. Complete your work with the help of classmates, family members, and friends by sharing your plans with them. By assigning pieces of work for each other, you smartly delegate responsibilities and free yourself from studying. Remember that this app integrates with Google services (Calendar, Tasks, Assistant, Gmail), Evernote, Dropbox, Jira, Trello, and more.

5) Time Planner

By downloading this app, you will learn how to structurize your tasks and follow your schedule without delays. Time Planner helps to set components to categories and track the time you spend on each project by taping on the bubbles. Easily create a subtask to schedule things on timeline precisely. Resize timeline and drag-and-drop planned activities to adjust your day to reality. Using “Part of day” schedule mode, you will set strict time boundaries for each task. A broad view of the month schedule and statistics will help you to compare your expectations to reality.

6) My Tasks

Whether you have unsolved issues in college, My Tasks is here to the rescue. Once you open the app, you’ll see the unsolved tasks you have for today. Make notes, control personal efficiency, and benefit from voice typing. It is incredible to combine so many features in one tool. Badge your necessary activities and events with reminders so you can easily find them on the calendar. The list of common tasks is also applicable to arrange your notes more conveniently and not to repeat the same list each day.

7) School Planner

Prepare for a better version of yourself with School Planner. Maintain your goals with a convenient task scheduling system. This is a combination of timetable, agendas, and calendar in one tool. Mark completed subjects and start unfinished ones. Easily distributing assignments into small steps to follow will simplify your learning process. Set a priority for each subject and prepare for tests without effort. Track your grades, record your lectures, and set reminders before starting the subject.

8) Evernote

Having this app, you won’t want to change it for something else. Evernote helps millions of students worldwide save ideas from various sources in one reliable place. Here, you can not only plan your classes or leisure but write down any inspirational idea. It’s not necessary to look for a better helper than Evernote. All necessary journals, book quotes, lists of recommended literature, essential phrases, and sayings are now located within one finger touch. Get ready for class projects with full-fledged research with attached PDF, audio files, and images in one amazing more-than-planner app.

9) Memorigi

This app is essential to get a kick with goals. Developed for increasing personal performance, Memorigi will help to overcome the issues of procrastination. Assimilate the art of taking small steps into your life, and you will see that both short and long-term goals are closer than it seems. Planning with ease is a new reality with such a modern approach that Memorigi represents.

10) DigiCal

This special calendar digitizes the educational process and personal achievements list. Forecast your results with the graph widget. Don’t miss another webinar, class, or test.

A built-in location search will help you to save your time looking for a campus or library. This app allows you to share your time-management experience with others. Give them access to track your progress or let them join to help your project. With a colorful interface, you will burst your creativity and bring fun to your time-management. Choose one of the seven calendar views (day, week, month, year, timeline, blocks, or graphs) and enjoy planning!

Choose one of these fabulous apps and stay happy planning – it is halfway to becoming a successful student during college!