Choosing the best sports for betting



Today, the sports betting market, including the world of online sports betting, is experiencing a real boom. Big bookmakers like bet365 are constantly able to increase their offerings and thus be able to attract more and more bettors. The popularity of sports is also growing, as you can already follow the events live at the bookmakers while betting. And getting information and news is key to a successful bet, no wonder sites like and others are very popular. However, there is a very interesting question about sports betting! Which sport should we choose to bet on if we aren’t great experts anyway, and we only know the basics of betting and the sports in general? In the following article, we will try to help you with some good advice.

Choosing the best sports for betting

The most important factor for making a decision

The most important parameter to make our decision is really the ultimate goal. That is, deciding whether we just want to play for smaller amounts on sports betting sites for fun or whether our goal is to earn a regular monthly income from betting on the outcome of each match. After all, in the latter case, we have to invest a lot more time and energy in getting the extra information we need to make decisions. Because we should have no doubt that the extra information is what contributes greatly to our advantage over other bettors and bookmakers. And there are certain sports that give us a better chance of winning – for example, the lesser-known sports. And if we just want to have fun, then we should choose a sport we like or we know or what we want to watch on TV, on the stream and so on.

Let’s start with the fact that we want to make a profit from sports betting. In this case, we need to start the decision-making process to choose the right sport, so which is the sport we know the most about. Here we think primarily of knowing the rules, but it is important to know a particular league or two, to know the stars and the best teams in a given sport. Based on this, we can get to 3-4 sports very quickly that have a chance to bet on them. Then comes into the picture the question: which of these sports is the least known, lowest class league, or just an unpopular sport? Because bookmakers spend far less energy on such sports and tournaments than on the most popular ones, like football and basketball. And once we’ve identified which sport we should bet on based on this factor, we can start gathering information and following the news.

Information is the biggest value in sports betting

But suppose we didn’t even know how to narrow the circle because we don’t really know much about any sport, just the basics of football or even basketball. There are sports that rush to our aid at such times. There are sports that are usually recommended specifically for beginner bettors. Examples are boxing or MMA. In these sports, bookmakers often don’t even offer a draw, and even if they do, there’s not too much chance of a draw in an MMA match. So by default, we can narrow down our tips to two possible outcomes. Plus we don’t have to know tournaments and leagues here, it’s enough to follow the statistics, careers, and current news of 2 fighters. The latter is very important, as in the past it happened several times that the fighter with the bigger chance to win, simply lost because he broke up with his girlfriend shortly before the clash.
But in relation to all the factors, it can be said that the time allotted will also determine how successful we will be. A lot of novice bettors make the mistake of looking at the statistics of previous matches and making a decision based on that. This is not always sufficient by default, as there may be other influencing factors. There are sports where weather, travel, and other parameters can also be important, while in other sports such as the aforementioned boxing, external factors also influence the end result.


At the end of our short article, the final conclusion is that choosing the right sport for betting is vital. If we always want to bet on the matches of the most popular, most prominent sports, then believe us, it will not be easy if we want to make a profit in the long run. Simply look at, for example, the current match of FC Barcelona, ​​the bookmaker is looking so seriously at the odds that we are in a very difficult position vis-à-vis the bookmaker. Therefore, it is worth moving towards sports that are less well known and where it is much easier for us to find serious profit opportunities. And if we want to stay with the most popular sports at all costs, such as football, we should definitely try to bet on more special leagues, lower leagues because here the bookmaker will not put so much energy into creating the right odds.

Accordingly, it is also important which betting agency to choose, as it is advisable to choose a bookmaker where there are plenty of sports and in addition to football we can also find ones such as floorball or just bandy. So when it comes to choosing the right bookmaker, it’s very important to consider the offerings of the sports in addition to the bonuses or just the finances. And it’s not enough to focus solely on the sports, as it also matters that the particular bookmaker offers special betting markets, not just tips on the usual final winner.

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