How To Make Low Fat Gravy


Low fat gravy is easy to make and you can do it quickly after your preparation of turkey is finished. Once you take your turkey out of the oven try to scoop out the juices that are not fatty and put them into a sauce pan.

Once your less fatty juices are collected and put into a sauce pan you can put the sauce pan on the stove and put the burner on high heat. For every cup of less fat turkey juice that you have been able to scoop up you need to mix up a cup of water with three tablespoons of corn starch.

Once the low fat turkey juice is boiling quickly pour in the mixture of corn starch and water. As you pour in the corn starch and water mixture make sure you mix the pan of turkey juice. Keep stirring until the mixture is the consistency of gravy and then take the mixture off the burner and turn the burner off.

Once the mixture is cooked you can add spices like salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, white pepper or garlic powder (Here are some great garlic presses for you!). The choice of spices depends on what you like your gravy to taste like.

Pour the low fat gravy into a serving bowl and serve.

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