Starting a Year Long Bake Sale


Everyone knows how an old fashion bake sale works. Unfortunately, when the sale is over, it’s over right? Not anymore. Starting a year long bake sale is a perfect way for any organization such as your church, or school PTA to bring in a steady flow of money. Everyone who bakes knows how cheap it is to make your own cupcakes, cookies, and so on. And everyone who loves these delicious treats knows how much fresh baked goodies cost at retail prices. But how do you start a year long bake sale?

A year long bake sale works by offering baked goods when the buyer needs them, at a discount price. Not only will they be getting a deal, but the money is going back into the organization. EXAMPLE: A teacher might order 2 dozen cupcakes for the class Valentine‚Äôs Day party. By ordering from the PTA, the teacher saves money, she doesn’t have to drive anywhere, and the money goes back into the school.

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First you need to find a few volunteers who love to bake. Try not to turn anyone away, even if you have tasted their treats. Maybe one of your willing volunteers can’t bake, but their great at decorating. Perhaps one person can’t bake cupcakes, but they make unforgettable cookies. If a volunteer is just a plain disaster in the kitchen, consider other positions for them. Not everyone has to be a baker, you need someone in charge of collecting money, making posters & flyers, filling orders, and delivering orders.

Once you have your volunteers in order, it’s time to decide what you are going to sell, and the cost. Cupcakes usually sell fast when priced at $6.00 a dozen. However, what type of cupcakes are you selling? Chocolate and Vanilla are the most common but, you can offer other flavors such as banana. Once everything is decided have your volunteer bakers make a few samples. Samples can be left in the school office, a teacher luncheon, or at a church function. Be sure to listen to all the feedback you receive on your baked goods, and make changes if necessary.

Now that everyone knows just how tasteful your baked goods are it’s time to advertise. You want your flyer’s to be informative, and easy to understand. Be sure to list all options, prices, and contact information. Also, it is important to staple an envelope to your flyer, for money. Your flyer should either have an order form on the bottom, or the back of it. Another important tip is to make sure the buyer knows where to leave the money, and order form. Specialty items sell the best, so consider making a holiday and birthday selection available. Update your flyers every month. EXAMPLE: Thanksgiving cupcakes during November, Birthday Cupcakes, Etc… With a little work your organization can raise $200.00 a month or more, and that adds up over a year.

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