Amazing Entenmann’s Carrot Cake Recipe


I recently attended a meeting where several types of pastries and tasty cheesecakes were served with coffee at the midway break. Having somewhat of a sweet tooth, I had to sample some of the treats that were offered. One of the goodies presented on the table was an Entenmann’s Carrot Cake. The carrot cake was left in its box, like most of the other dessert items. Being very fond of any and all Entenmann’s products, I really wanted to try the carrot cake, which I had never seen before. Through the years, I have eaten several different types of Entenmann’s products and have always been very impressed with the flavor, freshness and overall high- quality of every one of their products that I have consumed. Using the butter knife that was enclosed in the box for slicing, I cut off a small wedge of the Entenmann’s Carrot Cake. I intentionally cut- off a small piece of the cake, because quite frequently, I find many carrot cakes to be too dense and topped with frostings that are too sweet and/or cloying.

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Such was not the case with the Entenmann’s Carrot Cake. As soon as I pressed the butter knife into the cake, I was amazed at how easily the knife slid into it. I could see that this carrot cake was quite moist and not too dense. As I took my first bite of the Entenmann’s Carrot Cake, I was amazed at how light and fluffy the cake was. The cake practically melted in my mouth. Although this carrot cake is very soft and moist, it also retains a substantially- full texture that speaks of the inclusion of several tasty, high- quality ingredients. The mouth- feel of the Entenmann’s Carrot Cake is very pleasant. The moist, abundant cake marries well with the scrumptious cream frosting, creating a very well- balanced flavor.

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I noticed that the Entenmann’s Carrot Cake did not make me thirsty. Quite often, carrot cakes are too dry, too sweet or overloaded with spices, causing me to reach for a glass of water, milk or coffee. As the piece of carrot cake sat on my plate, I took a close look at it. I could see numerous small pieces of very fresh looking carrot, nuts and what appeared to be raisins. The piece of Entenmann’s Carrot Cake that I had cut was so good, that I consumed it in just a few bites. Normally, at such meetings, I only eat one treat, if any, with my coffee. I was so enamored with this delightful carrot cake, which I had to eat another small slice. This slice, I ate along with several sips of coffee. The combination of the Entenmann’s Carrot Cake and freshly- brewed coffee was absolutely wonderful.

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Being a huge fan of the “Seinfeld” (c) television program, I couldn’t help but think of the episode in which Elaine eats a piece of J. Peterman’s decades- old, delicious birthday cake, and replaces it with a piece of Entenmann’s cake. This carrot cake was re- affirming my feeling that all of the various Entenmann’s products are among the very finest commercially- packaged baked goods available in America. Another thing that I noticed was that the Entenmann’s Carrot Cake was disappearing quickly. It was a good thing that I decided to eat the second piece when I did, if not, the cake probably would have already been consumed.

Entenmann’s products are available at food retailers everywhere. In their distinctive blue and white boxes, Entenmann’s baked goods always represent and provide delicious flavor, freshness and baking excellence. The Entenmann’s Carrot Cake is without a doubt the best- tasting carrot cake I’ve ever eaten. Nutritionally, Entenmann’s Carrot Cake contains 310 calories per 1/9 cake (79g) serving. All things considered, Entenmann’s Carrot Cake is a delectable, high- quality product that this food writer highly recommends.

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