Surprise Your Child with a Snake Cake for Birthday


No special expensive pans are needed to make this impressive snake-shaped cake. Easy to put together and super fun to decorate, much of it can be made ahead and assembled right before the party. Because it’s created from two full-sized bundt cakes, it feeds a large crew easily, and two different flavors like homemade vanilla cake and chocolate cake can be offered.

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How to Make a Snake Cake for a Child’s Birthday


  • Sturdy cardboard large enough to hold cake
  • Aluminum foil
  • Homemade or box chocolate cake mix
  • Homemade or box vanilla cake mix
  • 2 Bundt cake pans
  • 3 containers vanilla buttercream frosting
  • Colored mini chocolate candies
  • Hard lifesaver-shaped candies
  • Cherry fruit roll-up
  • Decorative icing pens
  • Candles


  1. Cover a large piece of cardboard with aluminum foil. Make sure it’s big enough to write a birthday message on after the finished cake is placed in the center.
  2. Using a favorite homemade cake recipe or a box mix, make two bundt cakes. These cakes can be made ahead and frozen. It will actually be easier to ice them if they are very cold or frozen.
  3. When it is time to construct and decorate the birthday cake, cut each bundt cake in half to form four C-shaped pieces of cake.
  4. Arrange the four pieces of cake on the foil covered cardboard so that they make a curvy snake shape (see picture).
  5. Decide which end will be the head and use a knife to gentle carve that part into a triangular reptilian shape (see picture).
  6. Frost the entire cake with buttercream frosting.
  7. Use the lifesaver-shaped candies to form the eyes and cut a tongue from the fruit roll-up and place it coming out of the snake’s mouth.
  8. Decorate the rest of the cake with the colored mini chocolate candies.
  9. Use the frosting pens to write a birthday message on the foil-covered board.
  10. Place candles and serve, cutting pieces off from the tail end first.

How To Make a Worm or Lizard Cake from the Snake Cake

With a little more cutting and crafting, the basic outline of this snake cake can be used to make a worm cake or a lizard cake.

For the worm, carefully cut each of the four quarter pieces of cake in half lengthwise so that there are eight more slender C-shaped pieces of cake. Then piece them together in a longer, thinner squiggly worm shape before frosting and decorating. This will take a very long cardboard base, but it makes quite an impression and looks especially cute when gummy worms or other bugs are used to decorate.

For a lizard, lay out just like the snake cake and then use a knife to make the tail thinner. Using pictures as guides, cut reptile four reptile legs from the fruit roll-ups and then position them correctly at the base of the body. A lizard head will also be rounded and not as angular as the snake’s.

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