4 of the Best Wines to Start Your Collection

4 of the Best Wines to Start Your Collection

For a very long time, wine has been one of the most popular things to collect. Whether it is for personal satisfaction or profit, wines have always been sought after, especially rare and limited edition bottles.

Aside from doing it as a hobby, collecting wine can also be a worthwhile investment. However, beginning to build a high-end wine collection is a task in itself. Just like any other hobby, it always helps to know where to start.

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Wine Collecting

Collecting wine is a well-known hobby. It has a history extending back to the mid-nineteenth century. During the 1990s, wine collecting was acknowledged to be an authentic investment opportunity. It benefits both hobbyists and investors who want to profit from their passion and expand their portfolio.

Beginning a top of the line wine collection implies putting money into age-worthy wines whose values will increase as they mature. A wine’s collectability relies upon its vintage, rarity, and aging potential. Wines with high critic ratings, firm tannins, and high acidity are capable of aging for a long time in a cellar.

Vintages whose growing season had ideal weather conditions are consistently sought after on the market. It is also vital to determine the rarity of the wine. If the maker makes less than 100,000 wine bottles each year, it is more likely that the wine is worth collecting.

Best Wines for Beginners

Beginning a top of the line wine collection is an extremely satisfying hobby for a wine lover. Not only will it introduce the best wines around the globe, but it can also be a beneficial financial investment. Wine collectors with high-end collections can commonly gain hundreds or thousands of dollars when selling their wine.

Although drinking the wines is incredibly fulfilling, it’s not the most profitable approach to discard a wine collection. Luckily, there are a few standard methods to sell your wine collection. To begin building your high-end collection, it’s best to start with:

Bordeaux Wines

Bordeaux wines are named after a port city in France’s wine-growing region. Over 90% of Bordeaux wines consist of red wines created with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. When tasting the wines, they have a distinct fruit and mineral notes which leads into mouth-drying, savory, and prickly tannins. The tannins are commonly high enough to enable the wines to age for decades.

Primary flavors are dependent upon the vintage, quality, and what area inside Bordeaux the wine is made. Fruit flavors can go from sweeter ripe fruit to more tart fruit. All in all, vintage variety is undoubtedly something to look forward to when it comes to Bordeaux wines.

Burgundy Wines

Burgundy red wine is created only from the pinot noir grape. Pinot noir grapes have an intricate arrangement of flavor attributes that is evident in Burgundy wine. It has a complex and vibrant red that isn’t especially strong or heavy in alcohol.

Burgundy reds mirror a broad scope of shades. Burgundy reds, for the most part, peak during the 5-8 years of aging. It should also taste smooth and dry on the palate. The classic Burgundy white is called Chablis. This wine is arguably the catalyst in starting the world’s adoration for chardonnay-based wines. The chardonnay grape is the cause of the unmistakable zesty and fresh smell in Burgundy whites.

It is a very delicate variety, for it is inclined to be overwhelmed whenever mixed with different grapes. However, it also simultaneously delivers a full-bodied and powerful white. A good bottle of Chablis has a light acidity and is extraordinarily dry on the palate.

Italian Wines

During the last three decades, Italy has experienced a revolution in producing wine. The change stretches out past the conventional whites and reds. For a long time, Italy has been famous for producing famous wines like Passito di Pantelleria, Brunello di Montalcino, Barolo, and Amarone. As of now, Italy is one of the world’s biggest producer of wine, second to France.

Italian wines are commonly created with a wide range of different grapes. However, Italy also produces grapes that are indigenous to the country. Teroldego, Sagrantino, Nero d’Avola, and Fiano are grapes that exclusively come from Italy. They are used to create wines that are genuinely Italian in flavor.

California Wines

California wine has a uniqueness to it. In the greater part of the world’s wine-producing regions, an area offers only one style or type of wine. Usually, regions permit just one, or maybe a few distinctive grape assortments. However, this isn’t the case with California wine. The main reason behind California wine’s fame is its flavor. Overall, California wines are known to be incredibly flavorful and fruity.


For the most part, what separates a casual collection from a top of the line wine collection is that the wines in the latter were carefully considered. The first mistake beginning collectors make is buying an excessive amount of wine without thought. Always remember, to create a high-end collection, every purchase should be directly connected to the goal for the collection in the future.