5 Minutes Baked Potatoes Recipe

Do you love baked potatoes but hate to wait for them to bake in the oven for a couple of hours? I do, too! Did you know there is a way to get a five-minute baked potato with the same great baked-potato taste by microwaving it? Well, you can, and it’s simple to do!

To get a five minute bake potato all you have to do is get a big nice baking potato and wash it up really good. The next thing you will need to do is take a fork and poke holes throw the skin of the potato so the holes let the steam vent from the potato while it cooks in the microwave. Next you will place the potato into the microwave on high for 5 minutes, but depending on the size of the baking potato it may take longer. Then you take the potato out of the microwave and let it sit on a plate to cool for about a minute before you cut it open to eat and that’s all there is to making a five minute baked potato. You can even place five or six bake potatoes in the microwave at a time and cook them all at once in the same amount of time if you have a big family and need multiple baked potatoes. It’s a great dinner time saver.

You could even take the five minute baked potato and dress it up with your favorite toppings such as butter, sour cream, and chives. So yummy! My all time favorite is to take some melted cheddar cheese sauce and broccoli and pour it all over the top of the bake potato for a meal. Another all time favorite topping for a baked potato is chill. Chill taste wonderful on top of a baked potato and is like eating a whole meal and really fills you up fast. One more thing you could top your baked potato with is melted cheese sauce and bacon if your looking for a smoky tasting potato. There are so many topping you can add to the five minute baked potato all you have to do is chose one.

Now you know how to make a five minute baked potato in your microwave to enjoy for a snack, lunch, or dinner. Now you won’t have to wait an hour for a great tasting baking potato to cook in your oven! You even have some awesome ideas to add for toppings to your baked potatoes. Isn’t that awesome! I hope this makes some of your lives easier in the kitchen at dinner time. I know it helped me.

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