Amazing Gift Basket for Coffee or Tea Lovers


For this special gift, I usually choose a fabric basket in rich burgundy plaid or deep colors and fruit design. I purchased some of these in Williamsburg, Virginia at the Williamsburg Pottery Factory. They were home-stitched and a perfect size for a small loaf of bread and accessories. At the four corners they had two ties which could be drawn together and tied to form a square-shaped container. Inside I place a drying towel with a design made to use in a kitchen or eating area. Some of my towels sport coffee mugs or tea cups. Others are striped or solid to match the basket and its contents. This hand-made basket can be used over and over again in the home.

My Coffee Lovers basket will usually contain different flavors of coffees in small one or two serving packages. Some of my customers’ favorites are chocolate raspberry, breakfast, or French vanilla. There are many out there to choose from such as a mild flavored coffee to a rich, dark Belgium. If you know the recipients preference, then the choices are easy. A coffee mug can be a thoughtful addition.

In my Tea Lovers Basket, I enjoy including a small teapot. There is a size that makes one small pot of tea-enough to fill a large cup about twice. Sometimes you can find ones that have a teapot warmer with a matching teacup as a base. I add a variety of different teas, creamer and sweeteners. I have also added a tea spoon with a decorative handle and, at times, a tea bag infuser.

Now comes the best part. I always add something homebaked from my kitchen to eat along with the beverages. Sometimes I will include a loaf of banana nut bread or cinnamon and raisin bread from a bread machine. Some people enjoy a coffee cake or even sourdough bread. And, of course, the favorite at any table, home-baked brownies!

During different times of the year, choices may change. Summer would prompt a light short-bread cookie or lemon bars. In the fall, a loaf of pumpkin bread delights most everyone. If you are making this basket for Thanksgiving or Christmas, homemade fruitcake would be at the top of the list.

People love baskets filled with things that they can eat and this type of basket says, “I made it just for you!”

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