5 Best Kitchen Towel Sets for your Kitchen


Whether you need a simple towel or a decorative one which is super absorbent for drying the dishes, then you must have good kitchen towel sets. You can find them in hand sizes too which you place next to sink or can drape over the handle of oven door.

These best dish towels can be folded well and they are also not too bulky. They are great for adding some designing style to kitchen as they can select bold pattern or bright color for helping in pulling look of room together. You must go through best sets of kitchen towel now.

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#1 – Kitchen Dish Towels set of 12-Tea Towels by Harringdons

Kitchen Dish Towels set of 12-Tea Towels by Harringdons product image

This is one product which is having large set of the kitchen towels. If you are the one who is looking out for the best set of the towels, this is one set which includes around 12 dish towels. All of them are 28 x 20 inches in size and they have flour sack towel feeling. With the best commercial grade hemming & herringbone weave, these towels can stand well multiple numbers of washes and are also lint free. When you will take them in your hands, you will be able to feel its light weight, which makes it amazing to dry out the dishes. You can use the same to make bread, line a proofing basket or some other purposes for cooking.

Each set of the Kitchen Dish Towels set of 12-Tea Towels by Harringdons comes in different colors. You can get four of them in green color, four of them in red color and other four in blue color. These towels come with a hanging loop in their corner, so that you can hang them easily for instant dry as soon as you finish using it. This one set includes the 12 towels, have a flour sack and soft feeling. It is rated as 4.9 out of the 5 stars in their reviews. It is completely pure and natural made of cotton. You can also place its order online.

What we like about it

These are the best dish towels which all are eco-friendly. They are eco-friendly as the alternative to the paper towels. They are made of environment friendly and sustainable cotton for regular usage.  They are lint free and can be washed in machine. It is of commercial grade hem which prevents unraveling even after the multiple numbers of washes. They are generous in their size as per the strict specifications which offer the best quality and value.

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#2 – Utopia Towels Kitchen Towels

Utopia Towels Kitchen Towels product image

This is the best kitchen towel of flour sack which is made of line technology as they can be dried, lint free, soft and even highly absorbent. This comes in 12 packs and has the hemmed edges. It can also last for much longer time. These towels are completely white and great for the embroidering too. You can also double them as cooking towel as they are having same texture to the cheese cloth. One can use the same for covering bread. These towels are 28 x 28 inch in size. They are square in the shape and great enough in the size for working as kitchen towel perfectly.

You can maintain well kitchen surface or can wipe the hands with this best kitchen towel sets. They are made of cotton fabric and they possess the breathable features which makes them perfect for the polished surface as well as for the hands. They are agreeable in touching, hypo allergic and is best for the people which comes with the hyper skin sensibility. It is terry in the nature and are absorbent with loops on sides that helps in creating extra area of surface for complete drying off every surface. They also offer the versatility, absorbency and coverage. You can use them in your floored surface or kitchen and easily use them for quick dry and comfortable lounging.

What we like about it

You can call it as the best towels for drying dishes which comes with the expert hemmed edges that are crafted carefully for enhancing the towel durability and quality. They are absorbent enough and remain completely soft even after the multiple washes & the dry cycles. They are designed to be used for making them perfect for regular use. This includes the set of 12 towels of cotton which has six white color and six black color towels.

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#3 – Cotton Craft – 4 Pack Oversized Kitchen Towels

Cotton Craft - 4 Pack Oversized Kitchen Towels product image

This is one set which includes oversized kitchen towels for all. They are crisp and pure which is 100 per cent cotton, heavy in weight, heavy duty and others. They are the dish cloths which are available for all around. It comes in superior range of quality with the woven construction & bright color strip designing. They are highly stylish, practical and ideal for the daily use. They are safer for all environments apart from the paper towels. It takes lot of wear & tear and comes with easy care machine washing. These high qualities of the colorful towels are great deal. They are of good quality and can be found everywhere.

The best thick kitchen towels are made of 100 per cent pure cotton. All of them are oversized and features well convenient loop for hanging. They all are easy for good care and can also be washed in machine easily. It comes with multiple numbers of usages. You can use them for drying, cleaning spills, wrapping bread or can also put your picnic hamper in the same. You can gift it to anyone. The 4 piece set kitchen towel can add color to kitchen. You can enjoy three different color tones in each set. They also come with corner hanging loops. This is the best price towel which comes at fair price.

What we like about it

Add warmth & beauty to kitchen completely. Are you the one who need good size of the dish towels or your old ones falling apart? They can complement well kitchen & dinner table. All of them are stitched in superior way and the hemming ends will also not at all unravel with daily usage. They are made with eco-friendly and sustainable cotton in the herringbone weaves. You can wash the same in machine as they are bleach safe and don’t even shrink afterwards.

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#4 – Skoy Eco-friendly Cleaning Cloth

Skoy Eco-friendly Cleaning Cloth product image

You can find this as the best kitchen hand towels which are biodegradable, absorbent, and fabulous and stand as the natural cloth to be used for multi purposes. This is a usable cloth which is perfect for bathroom, kitchen and office. It can be used on all surface areas. They can be used in place of paper towels, wash cloth or sponge. It is made of the natural cotton & wood based pulp cellulose & 100 per cent as biodegradable. After the independent test of composting, this also broke down within just 5 weeks. This is also a durable product which comes with the reusability factor & even last for long months.

Using Skoy Eco-friendly Cleaning Cloth is also equivalent to the 15 rolls of the paper towels in average home. With great quality of these paper towels, they are obvious choice for wallet as well as environment. They have absorption factor of around 15x. It dries easily and it is also not breeding ground for the bacteria. They can also be placed in the microwave for killing the germs. You can wash it in dishwasher or washer. They are dryer safe. This comes in set of 4 in different colors. You can wet them before its use and can use well water or household cleaners. For keeping them as germ free, clean them in water, microwave or dishwasher.

What we like about it

The Skoy Eco-friendly Cleaning Cloth is made in Germany from the cotton & the cellulose wood pulp which is harvested from the sustainable forest. It is suitable for cleaning all the dishes and is perfect option for homes, hotel, offices or restaurant. They are made of 100% cotton and come with good properties of absorbent which can eliminate all water from dashes. They have fluffy and smooth surface and comes in all decent size for all.

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#5 – AmazonBasics Thick Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

AmazonBasics Thick Microfiber Cleaning Cloths product image

This is the best towels for drying dishes which comes in the pack of three. They are effective & reusable tool for cleaning car, household surface, boat, truck and others. They are available in convenient and small pack which can be used well for different cleaning jobs. This is perfect to be used in garage to clean cars, boats, trucks, RV’s and even in home on counter tops, TV’s & more. They can be used in the clothes which is absorbent a lot and made for trapping the dirt, grime or some other particles which can minimize the scratch, streaks or lint.

The best absorbent dish towels are soft and comes with the material of non-abrasive microfiber which can absorb well 8 times in own weight and don’t need any of the chemicals for cleaning. Unlike the paper towels or some other cleaning cloths, they are washable through machine and can also be reused multiple number of times without losing its absorbency. For the best results for washing, clean them in cold water for effective cleaning of cloth. They are non-abrasive, extremely cushy which can help in scratching paints, different surfaces or coats. You can clean the same without or with the chemical cleaners, streak lose effects and leaves lint. They are selected by the people that have top hygiene and even cautious of environment.

What we like about it:

They are the most absorbent dish towels which are made of 100 per cent bamboo, hygienic enough and also greatly porous. They come in good size and can nicely fit in hands and cover utensils, plates and dishes. These light weighted pieces dry dishes instantly and receiver the praise for all good stain absorption. All of them are hypoallergenic and one must not worry about the bacteria, dust mites or allergies and even pathogens or any other.

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How we choose the best kitchen towel sets in our list:

These experts have wiped up the gallons of the spill and they dried dishes in countless number with just best 5 kitchen towels during their research. The kitchen towels which they have reviewed are all affordable, durable, absorbent and available in different colors. The experts are confident enough that you can enjoy long year’s usage from these best kitchen towels sets. They focused actually on all the purpose towels which can take beating in kitchen and can even hold frequent washing cycles. During their research, they found some of the attractive features of these kitchen towel sets which are,

  1. Durability: They ruled out the microfiber cloths as they hold smells and are also much durable as the cotton towels. We made sure that these can easily clean up spills from your water cooler or pressure cooker.
  2. Absorption: They tested the thick weave towels of linen which are absorbent & lint less. No one likes having leftover lint in their bread machine pan or popcorn popper!
  3. Easy handling: When it comes on drying dishes quickly, hands or produce, the handling of hot pans & casseroles can also be done. They all are versatile and best as the thick towel.
  4. Resistant to heat: They all are heat resistant and make them as great when folded for couple times. If you’re in a pinch and don’t have your oven mitt handy, you can usually use these to take hot food out of your food dehydrator, pizza oven, or convection oven!

We made sure that they had no problem cleaning the following cookware sets:

Not all the cotton towels are same; the performance varies with the thickness, weave type and size. All the professionals had complete look on these kitchen towel sets, used them personally for drying dishes, holding pots, cleaning the surface of kitchen and others. These kitchen towels turned out as much thicker and even simplify work in kitchen with their handy use. All of them are made of high quality cotton and ensures best results for all.

Different types of kitchen towel sets

The kitchen towel is something which comes in roll of the disposable paper towel to set of these decorative hand towels for fitting everyone kitchen needs and their budget. There are different types of the kitchen towel available which includes as;

  1. Tea towel: They are the work horse kitchen linen towel. They are sold in the set of 5 or 4 and its major purpose is drying home tea set (not your electric tea kettle!). This comes with the natural absorbent nature and is also lint free which is ideal enough for washing the dishes and has turned out as best choice to dry hands or even handling cookware.
  2. Dish towel: When compared to tea towel, this is versatile as they are the standard ones which are referred also as the best dish towels. When you will compare different number of the brands, they all come with the subtle differences. They are the ones which are thicker in the texture than the tea towels. Some of them are abrasive and comes with ribbed texture which allows all to be washed thoroughly or for drying the cookware, cutlery or dishes.
  3. Pot holder: On its comparison, they are available in Thick Square and can protect the table tops or human flesh from the lids and hot handles. They are also lined with material that is heat resistant as silicone.
  4. Hand towel: They are made of the thick terry cloth which resembles closely material in guest towel or bathing washcloth.

You can also tuck these kitchen towels in your apron while preparation of the food easily.

Why you need best kitchen towel sets in your kitchen

Almost every cook need to have a durable best absorbent dish towels which can help them while cooking in kitchen. They are also easy on the budget and can buy some of the sturdy absorbent towels which can last for long. They are also fair at the prices and can also get great towels and save their money too. Some of its best features which make it as the best kitchen towel are as,

  • You can use the same for drying the dishes or wiping the hands.
  • The absorbency is also one important thing which you must look out for while scoping kitchen towels.
  • You can find them as made with 100 per cent pure cotton or with microfiber fabric which is one absorbent material.
  • It gets dries fast so that you don’t have to stick to wet towel all day long.
  • These kitchen towel sets comes with durable fabric. You can have a look at them as they have long fibers and tend for holding additional usage.

To conclude, if you are the one who is looking out for best kitchen towel which is decorative purely and offers probably durability and absorbency in an amazing pattern. They all are light in weight and complements well the kitchen designing style which ranges from contemporary to rustic. We like using them before putting dishes in our dish drying rack. Unnecessary, but it’s how my grandmother taught me!

Measuring in good sizing, they are larger than the standard ones, which states that you can dry dishes and your hands too. Made of high end woven construction, you can well hold them even after multiple numbers of usages. The pack of the kitchen towel set can be an ideal option to go for today.

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