The 7 Most Used Tabletop Appliances in Home Kitchens


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Choosing a tabletop appliance comes with a lot of options, not only for the specific device that you need but for the design best suited to the needs of your kitchen’s layout. Since we all want specific things made in a hurry from the convenience of our countertops, these small appliances have something for everyone.

From new homemakers hoping to entertain guests to seasoned parents hoping to spice up their kitchen and improve their family’s health, tabletop cooking appliances go a long way to completing a kitchen. Here is a short guide to the 7 most used tabletop cooking appliances.

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Coffee Makers

This is going to top any list of the most used countertop appliances. Few homes would be complete without the smell of fresh coffee wafting from the kitchen each morning.

If you’re a particularly avid coffee drinker, you could also opt for an espresso maker or cold brew machine. Coffee experts agree that the crème de la crème of coffee machines is a high-end drip coffee maker, which can be set up the night before, make a huge amount of coffee, and store some for later.

Slow Cookers

One of the biggest challenges of raising a family in the fast-paced modern working environment is that eating healthy takes a long time to prepare. Often, you’ll be scrambling to feed everyone on low-quality fast or frozen food. A slow cooker is a potential solution to this problem that carries huge implications for your family’s eating habits.

With a slow cooker, you can put a bunch of fresh ingredients into one pot, turn it on LOW before you leave the house, and come home to a home-cooked meal. Your family will save time, eat healthier, and be happier as a result.


On the other end of the cooking spectrum, well-functioning microwaves are a staple of most kitchens. These incredibly durable appliances are going to be included in your kitchen plans – just remember that overusing it can affect the health of your family.

Still, when your coffee goes cold or your popcorn needs popping, there’s nothing more convenient than a tabletop microwave oven. As one of the bulkier appliances on this list, consider finding room for the microwave embedded into a cabinet or on a low-hanging shelf to save your valuable counter space.


A sleek stainless-steel griddle could spice up any kitchen with a mini version of the comforts of cooking outdoors. Look for a hefty, stable tabletop griddle with an even heat distribution and a modern look. Also make sure it has steady, adjustable feet.

We’ve selected some of the best ones right here. You don’t have to take our word for it, though, others usually pick the same models.

While many models look like skillets, real griddles are portable so you can take your kitchen grilling experience outdoors, to campgrounds, tailgating events, or just out to your backyard. Don’t settle for less when it comes to the more heavy-duty appliances: look for the beautiful stainless steel and cold rolled steel construction that some griddles have.


For the health-conscious kitchen furnishers out there, a blender is a multipurpose health food machine. From vegetable soups to nutritious smoothies, the right blender can handle bulky, fresh ingredients and turn them into a vitamin-packed meal that you can take on the go.

A blender is an essential addition for most kitchens, from those owned by people who frequent the gym and want to take charge of their protein intake, to those owned by people who frequent the club and want to take charge of their Margarita recipe.

Stand Mixers

This is probably not one of the first tabletop appliances that come to your mind unless you’re a frequent baker. However, most homeowners will run into a situation at one point or another when they wish they had a stand mixer.

Maybe your kid comes home with an assignment to make cupcakes for the class. Or maybe you found out that processed bread comes with a lot of health advisories and you want to try to make your own dough. Regardless, you want the best option to do it. After the first time you have to mix your own dough or sift dry ingredients by hand, you’ll wish you had a mixer to help you out.


We all know that toasters are a convenient tool for fast-paced, before-school breakfast items. They also take up conveniently little counter space.

However, if you have enough room, consider upgrading to a convection toaster oven for a more luxurious and versatile cooking tool. Convection ovens take a few minutes to warm up, but they toast your bread and pastries more evenly. They’re big enough to bake small batches of cookies or little pizzas as well, providing a baking utility that distributes relatively low heat to the rest of your house and without the hassle of cranking up the main oven.

The Takeaway

Furnishing a kitchen comes with a lot of choices. The vast array of available tabletop cooking appliances gives you a range of abilities as a homemaker, entertainer, or working parent.

From blenders that complete your workout routine with the perfect smoothie, to slow cookers for the conscientious homemaker, to the everyday conveniences of coffeemakers and toaster ovens, these tabletop kitchen appliances will complete any home.

Before you go on a shopping spree, ask yourself what your priorities are, like if you plan on doing a lot of baking or can’t live without your morning espresso. Evaluate your kitchen for counter space so you don’t accidentally buy something you don’t have room for. Consider what house you want to make for yourself: your tabletop appliances could help you get there.


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