10 Best 4-Slice Toasters for your Kitchen

From tuna melts to egg sandwiches, toast is one of the most versatile and commonly eaten foods. Since it’s such a staple, it’s no wonder why a toaster is one of the most popular appliances in the kitchen.  If you have a large family, however, a standard 2-slice toaster isn’t going to cut it. So what’s the best way to get enough toast prepared for your large brood quickly? – A 4-slice toaster, of course!

Best 4-Slice ToasterWith a 4-slice toaster, you can prepare double the amount of toast as you would with a standard 2-slice toaster, which can save you a lot of time so you can fill those grumbling tummies a lot faster. But, like most products for the kitchen, there are so many 4-slice toasters to choose from! To save you a lot of hassle trying to figure out which one is the best, we’ve rounded up a list of the top five 4-slice toasters.

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Now that you’ve seen our top 10 picks, we’re going to go into more detail on each of them. Once you’ve read our reviews and see the one that’s best for you, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon and read more verified customer reviews!

#1 – Cuisinart CPT-180 4-Slice Toaster

Cuisinart CPT-180 Metal Classic 4-Slice Toaster Product Image

Cuisinart is one of the leading names in countertop kitchen appliances, so it’s no wonder why their CPT-180 Metal Classic 4-Slice Toaster is the first pick on our list. The retro style will add just the right touch of whimsy to your kitchen. There three color options available: brushed stainless steel, black and stainless, and red and stainless, so you can choose the color that works best for your décor. This 4-slice toaster is more than just stylish; it’s super functional, too.

It features dual controls on the front, which features a black and brushed stainless color, as well. The controls make this appliance two toasters in one because you can adjust each side to your preferred setting. Both dials are custom-controlled and feature six browning settings. One person likes their toast darker, and the other likes it darker? No problem! You can make both at the same time by simply adjusting the dials.

In addition to a browning setting, the dials are also outfitted with dual reheat, defrost, and bagel buttons. LED indicator lights make it easier to read the settings, too. With 1 ½ inch slots, you’ll be able to toast all types of bread, bagels, English muffins, and other yummy treats with ease. Slide-out crumb tray on the bottom make for easy cleaning, and the extra lift carriage lever means you can remove your toasted items without burning your fingers.

What We Like About It

  • Two independent toasters in one unit
  • Features a fun retro style
  • Three color options available
  • Six custom control settings, including browning, dual reheat, defrost, and bagel settings
  • LED indicator lights
  • 1 ½ inch toasting slits
  • Slide-out crumb tray
  • Extra lift carriage means no burnt fingers

Reasons to Complain

  • Some users said that it didn’t produce consistent results

Final Verdict: If you’re looking for a fun, yet stylish 4-slice toaster, you’ll love the Cuisinart CPT-180 Metal Class 4-Slice Toaster. A retro design lends a touch of whimsy, and three color options mean that you can choose the perfect look for your kitchen. Each toaster works independently, too, so you can make everyone’s toast exactly how they like it.

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#2 – KRUPS KH734D 4-Slice Toaster

KRUPS KH734D Breakfast Set 4-Slot Toaster with Brushed and Chrome Stainless Steel Housing Product Imge

You’ll have no problem toasting whatever it is that you want to toast with the KRUPS JK734D Breakfast Set 4-Slot Toaster with Brushed and Chrome Stainless Steel Housing! This bad boy features four extra-large, self-centering slots, so your bread will be properly positioned and cooked to perfection. Like the previously mentioned toaster, this one also features dual independent control panels, making it two separate toasters in one.

The settings include toasting, defrost, reheat, and bagel, and you can choose from one of the six levels of browning. The LED indicator lights glow blue, so you can easily see what settings are selected. A high lift lever will allow you to remove your toasted items with ease, so there’s no need to wear an oven mitt to avoid burns.

There’s also a slide-out crumb catcher on the bottom and storage for the cord, making for easy cleaning and easy storage. The design is stunning, too: the brushed stainless steel and chrome housing has a modern look with rounded edges that will look amazing in any kitchen.

What We Like About It

  • Brushed stainless steel and chrome housing is attractive and durable
  • Modern design
  • Features two independent temperature controls
  • Each control has five functions and size browning settings
  • High lift lever
  • LED indicator lights
  • Cord storage
  • Backed by a two-year warranty

Reasons to Complain

  • Some customers said that it didn’t toast all of their bread all the way through

Final Verdict: Overall, we were very impressed with the KRUPS KH734D Breakfast Set 4-Slot Toaster with Brushed and Chrome Stainless Housing. The modern design gives it a professional look, the settings allow for various toasting capabilities, and it’s very durable. Though some users did say that it didn’t brown thoroughly, it is backed by a warranty, so keep that in mind if you encounter any issues.

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#3 – KitchenAid KMT4115OB 4-Slice Toaster

KitchenAid KMT4115OB Toaster with Manual High-Lift Lever Product Image

KitchenAid is another one of the best names in kitchen appliances. This manufacturer is most famous for its stand mixers; however, all of their products are top-of-the-line, including their KMT 41150B Toaster with Manual High-Lift Lever.

Like the other 4-slice toasters we’ve mentioned, this one also features two separate temperature controls with five browning settings, so you can achieve your desired toasting on each side; however, unlike the other toasters, it only has two settings: toast and bagel, so if you want to do more with your 4-slice toaster, keep that in mind. The extra-wide slots can accommodate bread of various sizes with ease, and the all-metal construction is built to last.

LED indicator lights let you easily see what setting you’ve chosen. There’s a removable crumb tray and under base storage for the cord, too. The design is simple, yet sleek and modern, and it’s available in three colors: red, onyx, and stainless. The high lift levers will help you prevent burning your fingers, too. Most customers offered rave reviews about this 4-slice toaster; they were very pleased with the simplicity of the design, as well as how efficiently it works.

What We Like About It

  • Simple yet elegant design
  • Features two independent temperature controls
  • Five browning settings
  • Extra-wide slots
  • Convenient cord storage
  • High lift levers for easy access
  • LED indicator lights

Reasons to Complain

  • Some customers said they thought that the price was too high

Final Verdict: If you’re looking for a basic, yet elegant 4-slice toaster, consider the KitchenAid KMT 4115OB Toaster with Manual High-Lift Lever. The design is simple yet stylish, and it gives you the ability to achieve your desired level of browning. However, do note that it only features two settings.

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#4 – Hamilton Beach 4-Slice Toaster (24910)

Hamilton Beach Brushed Stainless Steel 4-Slice Toaster 24910 Product Image

If you’re looking for a no-frills 4-slice toaster that doesn’t cost a fortune and will get the job done, the Hamilton Beach Brushed Stainless Steel 4-Slice Toaster (24910) is a great choice. The design isn’t as bold as other toasters we’ve mentioned; however, it is still stylish, thanks to the brushed stainless steel housing and the black levers and controls.

All four of the slots on this toaster are extra-wide for easy toasting. There are two independent temperature controls, which offer seven settings, you can make your toast exactly how you like it! There aren’t any other features like a bagel or a preheat setting; it only toasts, but if that’s all you plan on doing with your toaster, then this appliance should work just fine!

Two crumb trays on the bottom slide out for easy cleaning, and a high-lift boost allows you to reach your slices with ease. Most customers were very pleased with this toaster; they said that it works well and that it’s very reliable.

What We Like About It

  • Simple design
  • Seven browning settings
  • Slide-out crumb trays
  • Brushed stainless steel housing
  • Cord wrap for easy storage

Reasons to Complain

  • It doesn’t offer any features other than toasting

Final Verdict: The Hamilton Beach Brushed Stainless Steel 4-Slice Toaster (24910) is a no-frills, affordable 4-slice toaster that will allow you to prepare the perfect toast with ease.

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#5 – Oster TSSTTRWF4R-SHP 4-Slice Toaster

Oster TSSTTRWF4R-SHP 4-Slice Toaster Product Image

Last up is the Oster TSSTTRWF4R-SHP 4-Slice Toaster. This is another high-end appliance that offers everything you could ever want in a toaster! It also has a stunning modern with a slightly retro design that is available in red or stainless steel.

This toaster features extra-wide slots so it can accommodate all types of bread. The auto-adjust allows for consistent toasting and the seven toast shades on each temperature control allow you to achieve the perfect doneness. There are also three settings: bagel, reheat and frozen.

The removable crumb tray makes for easy cleaning, and the retractable cord allows for easy storage. The customers who shared reviews of this toaster seemed to be very pleased with the quality, construction, and ease of use.

What We Like About It

  • Modern design
  • Dual controls
  • Three settings
  • Seven browning settings
  • Extra-wide slots
  • Retractable cord
  • Available in two colors: red and stainless

Reasons to Complain

  • Some users said it didn’t hold up as well as they hoped it would

Final Verdict: Overall, we are very impressed with the Oster TSSTTRWF4R-SHP 4-Slice Toaster. It’s sleek, modern, and easy to use, and it will allow you to make perfect toast every time!

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#6 – Proctor Silex 24215 4-Slice Toaster

Proctor Silex 24215 Toaster with Wide Slots & Toast Boost, 4-Slice, Black Kitchen lovers will never find a reason for a delayed slice of bread due to a lousy toaster. Here is your excellent option in case you have had a bad experience with other toasters. The incredible thing the Proctor Silex Company has done is to design and make the 24215 toasters for you.

This model comes from high-quality materials to withstand high temperatures. It even makes your appliance to work for a long time, meaning you will save a lot when it comes to repairs and replacements. To some extent, it will serve you for a reasonable amount of time.

The cool touch exterior feature is a hit as it will protect your hands from burn in case you accidentally touched the toaster while toasting. This improves your family’s safety. There is also a toast boost that lifts your bread when done, and this makes it possible to remove the slices for the next toasting session.

What we like about it

  • The cool touch safety feature for protection
  • Toast boost for safely removing the ready slices
  • Cancel button
  • Removable crumb tray for cleaning
  • Wide slots for fitting big sized slices
  • Seven option shade selector for you to pick from

Reason to complain

  • Many buyers found this model costly

Final verdict: Overall, we found this model an excellent addition to your kitchen as it gives you options for browning your slices. Furthermore, you will get value for your money as the extra functions like auto shut off makes it safe for you and the entire family.

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#7 – BLACK+DECKER TR4310FBD 4-Slice Toaster

BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Extra-Wide Slot Toaster, Stainless Steel, Ombré Finish, TR4310FBD The smart way to prepare your toast in the shortest time is through the TR4310FBD 4 slice toaster. It’s a product by the BLACK+ DECKER Company. From history, this company rules the world by making other appliances to make work easier for any living thing.

The Ombre finish is just a lovely thing you can’t miss. It creates the kind of décor you would want in your kitchen. This also makes it unique when compared to other brands with dull colors. The stainless steel materials used give this type a durable span as well as the ability to resist weather impacts such as rusting and excess heat.

The appliance comes with a simple knob that will help you select your shade in a collection of seven shades. This means that you make for yourself the kind of toast you want. For those who value customized slices, then this is the best toaster for you to add in your kitchen.

Finally, this fantastic toaster comes with Self-Centering Guides, and these will see you get the size you want for that toast. It also keeps the slices in the correct position for toasting.

What we liked about it

  • The four-slice slots for faster toasting
  • The toast booster for easy lifting of the ready toast
  • The Self-Centering Guides for excellent positioning
  • Durable steel construction and classy look
  • Shade selector for variety of shading

Reason to complain

  • Some users find it slow and hence not worth the price

Final verdict: For the TR4310FBD toaster, we believe you will get a great tool to add to your kitchen appliances. It comes with excellent settings to give you a great color on your final slices. You will fall in love with it. Get it today at reasonable prices and enjoy it.

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#8 – IKICH 4-Slice Toaster 

IKICH 4 Slice Long Slot Toaster Best Rated Prime, Stainless Steel Bread Toasters(Warming Rack, 6 Bread Shade Settings, Defrost/Reheat/Cancel Function, Extra Wide Slots, Removable Crumb Tray, 1300W)

The Long 10” Slots & Extra Wide 1.5” can now be toasted at ago with this appliance that accommodates long slices with ease. This means that your family will get enough for single toasting, making it efficient.

IKICH has excellent Heating Rolls & Croissants with Longer Build-in Warming Rack for you to enjoy your toasted slices any time of the day. Just pull down the warming tray and reheat instantly. With this feature, we believe that wasting time on preparing toasters will be a thing of the past.

This model comes with three smart functions where you can reheat, frost, and even cancel the process anytime. This makes it easy for you to prepare toasts with no pressure as you are sure of the results. Furthermore, the model features the browning control ranges between 1- 6, and this means that you will get the kind of color intensity you prefer. Just engage the settings and get what you want.

The surface is smooth, and the Removable Crumb Tray & Cord Wrap makes your cleaning formula easy. The wrap cord function ensures that your tool is kept safely away for handing and damage.

What we liked about it

  • The ease of cleaning and cord wrapping
  • Accommodating the long slices
  • Three smart functions
  • Six browning options
  • The durability of the tool

Reasons to complain

  • Bigger as compared to others

Final verdict: If you are a fan of large slices, then grab this toaster today. It accommodates the large and long slices for faster toasting. It also comes with three smart functions just for you; not forgetting the affordability of this excellent tool.

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#9 – CUSIBOX Stainless Steel 4-Slice Toaster

Toaster 4 Slice, CUSIBOX Stainless Steel Toaster with Bagel, Defrost, Cancel Function, Extra Wide Slots, 6 Bread Shade Settings, 1650W, Black

The removable trays and the smooth external design makes your cleaning work a stress-free experience, and this means that you will; save more time for other things. For the people who love preparing different flavors, you now have a tool that features four independent slots when you can roast your toast and enjoy it immediately.

The Cusibox arrives with both smart settings and browning settings. The three mart settings will help you cancel the process, frost your toast, and also bagel your slice for even results. It has been crafted to give you the exact results as you set, and this means that your quality of toast will always remain impressive.

If your slices are full, then self-centering guides have been added to this tool to keep the toasting in shape and position so that you get the correct slices as per your preferred settings.

What we liked about it

  • Has six browning settings and three smart settings
  • Comes with dual independent control panels
  • Has an excellent quality
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Accommodates extra-sized slices
  • Has a high lift lever

Reason to complain 

  • The toaster is very lightweight
  • Sometimes burns the bread

Final verdict: If your goal is to make your family happy, then try this fantastic toaster. It features quality materials as well as an attractive design. It comes with a warranty for you to buy with confidence.

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#10 – Hamilton Beach 31344D 4-Slice Toaster

Hamilton Beach 31344D Easy Reach With Roll-Top Door Toaster Oven 4-Slice Silver

The model design is unique when compared to other competing types we have reviewed above. It’s classic and has versatility more than any other toaster. Its design is compact and hence sits stable on the table or flat surface. This ensures safety when toasting.

This toaster comes with a roll-top door and removing and inserting the bread slices is easy and safe. This also makes it quick when it comes to rot washing the appliance. The interior has enough space where you can cook and warm other delicacies. With this model, you can bake, broil, and toast at any given time, and this multi-use gives it an upper hand.

What we liked about it

  • The roll-top for ease of access
  • Big knobs for ease of setting
  • Enough space for other delicacies
  • Accommodates slices for toasting

Reason to complain

  • It’s bulky
  • It’s expensive

Final verdict: If you want a toaster that will prepare other delicacies such as pizza, then get this type as it’s durable and excellent value for your money.

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Which is the Best 4-Slice Toaster Brand?

How to Choose a 4-Slot Toaster?

Firstly, you should ask yourself about what you will mainly be using it for. If you want to have more control over the exact way in which your bread is toasted, then you should go for a toaster that has more detailed controls, and more program options. This is especially important if you are a fan of bagels since these require a specific option on the toaster itself.

Secondly, you should determine the relative durability of the toaster you want to buy. Do you want to splurge on a high-end toaster that will last a lifetime, or will you be satisfied with a simple toaster that gets the job done? There are options on our list to appease both of these requests. The toast that comes out is pretty much the same, but some toasters are built sturdier (and pricier) than others.

Finally, and for some people, most importantly, you would do well to consider the design of the toaster when making a decision. A toaster is a piece of kitchen equipment that will likely be a permanent fixture of your countertop, so having a good looking toaster will highlight the overall appearance of your kitchen.