5 Best KitchenAid Toasters for your Kitchen


5 Best Kitchenaid Toasters For Your KitchenA warm and tasty breakfast is the source of energy for the whole day. As you know nothing is better than toast in the morning accompanied with hot tea or coffee which refreshes your mental faculties and gives you the propelling strength to venture ahead to face the challenges waiting for you in the home, in the workplace or wherever you go.

For preparing a warm toast you need an excellent KitchenAid toaster which has all the latest functions and keeps your breakfast ready each morning. If you are looking for such a great machine, this review is exclusively for you, read and be aware of the best KitchenAid toasters in the market.

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#1 – KitchenAid KMT2203FP Pro Line Series

KitchenAid KMT2203FP Pro Line Series product image

Toasting may not be your favorite chore but with this attractive toaster sitting on your kitchen rack, be ready to enjoy the job called toasting. With the appealing color, it will be impossible for you to take your eyes off the machine. Apart from looks, the functions are enticing too and once you use them, it will become impossible to resist the urge to use them again. You can call it the best KitchenAid toaster due to its exceptional service to the user. Moreover, it keeps the toast warm automatically, which is more than what you were expecting from a toaster. To make you feel royal, it automatically lifts the toast for you and you will definitely feel like a prince or princess while extracting toast.

You can set it into seven shades which are less than fifty shades but you will have the same fun if tried sincerely. If you want to make toast from bread made by rolled dough, you can do it by bagel settings available in the machine. The frozen function is also available which makes cooking easy for you. Light to lift and easy to place anywhere, keep it on your dining table, kitchen table, butcher chopping block, baker’s rack, anywhere you want to. With these outstanding qualities, the best among the best is the right tag for it which honors its mastery in its field.

What we like about it:

There are a lot of things which will allure you to this product and as aforesaid, resistance is impossible. Whatever the device is, appearance matters the most as an ugly device is irritating and even if it’s the best, you will not be at ease with it.  The makers have taken care of basic likings of the customers and have designed the product accordingly. The automatic system which keeps the toast warm deserves something more than appreciation.

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#2 – KitchenAid KMT2203CA Toaster

KitchenAid KMT2203CA Toaster product image

If you are a newly married couple and are looking for something which matches your appetite (hope you understand!), this toaster with candy apple red color is better than the best. For making mornings warm, nothing in this earth is more suited than this cherry red device. The makers have taken care of every need of individuals and family and this product shows their spirit to make your life better very well. KitchenAid KMT2203CA Toaster understands that mornings are full of rush and is the time when everyone wants to have his own way and to head to the workplace as fast as possible. To avoid delay, this toaster keeps the toast warm for you so that you do not have to wait.

All you have to do is to get up and put the toaster on, it will toast for you and makes sure that you get warm toast whenever you come for breakfast. When the toast is ready, it automatically lifts it makes it easy for you to get it hassle- free. The seven shade setting helps you decide the color of the toast from light to dark and the shades lying in between. It is epitome of new technology and has four buttons which were never seen before on a toaster. These buttons are- Bagel, Frozen, A little longer and Cancel. If have used a toaster before, you can understand the significance of these orders and how they facilitate toasting for you.

What we like about it:

Toasters appear mundane but actually they are not if you want to have a satisfying breakfast in the morning. This toaster kitchen aid has attractive cherry red color and is best suited for household of newly married. If you want to add charm to your kitchen this is the loveliest spell you can cast! People judge food by its color and if you have such a person in your house, you can convince him with the seven shade settings which help you decide the color of the toast.

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#3 – KitchenAid KMT222ER 2-Slice Toaster

KitchenAid KMT4115CU 4-Slice Toaster product image

Do you want something which looks mechanical in your house? Well, this is what you have been looking for so long! Apart from toast, you can toast a number of other things like English muffins, bagels, thick breads etc. and its credit goes to the one and a half inch wider mouth provided my makers. With its silver grey color, it looks like a high class machine sitting at the table- top toasting for you. It has metallic body which makes it super strong and protects it from minor damages caused by accidental falls. The manufacturers have taken best care of cleanliness and for that has installed a tray which is removable and holds crumbs.

Yes, now there is no more need to do after- cleaning, just remove the tray and get rid of crumbs. There is no doubt that this is the best kitchen aid toaster and making your life east daily by providing fast toasting alternative. You will find bagel and cancel button on the machine which are there for toasting bagel and cancelling the toasting operation if you want to. It is classy and will be a gem in your kitchen which will not only toast for you, but will enhance the ambience of your kitchen too. You can adjust the shade of the food you are cooking with the shade knobs provided on the toaster.

What we like about it:

Who would not like to have to have a classy device in the house? Well it has not only classy appearance but classy qualities too. After reading this review you will be compelled to buy one. Toast whatever you want to, bagel, thick bread, English muffins and whatever! The cancel button allows you to cancel toasting anytime you need to which saves your time and in a way edibles too. There is no need to clean the mess and here is a tray which collects the crumbs and all you have to do is to remove it!

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#4 – KitchenAid KMT222ER 2-Slice Toaster

KitchenAid KMT222ER 2-Slice Toaster product image

Want to easily make great toast for your kids? This is the right KitchenAid toaster which can bring your whole family on the kitchen table for breakfast. It has all- metal construction which makes it prone to small harms and minor crashes. You love getting something extra in a deal, right? Then it’s clear that you are going to like KitchenAid KMT222ER 2-Slice Toaster as it has extra wide slots which allow you to toast anything you want to. So feed you family freshly baked bagels, English muffins, toasts and thick bread each morning and enjoy the smile the kids have on their sweet faces when they have a full belly. To give an idea about the approximate time, it has countdown timer with digital display.

Getting fresh toast is a matter of minutes and you will absolutely fall in love with the precision of this machine. The machine is bedecked with four useful functions which you can avail with the help of buttons. These four magical buttons are bagel, defrost, reheat and toast or cancel. Their name suggests their use and as you know these options make the toaster modern. Using the bagel option, you can toast bagels or other fat things like English muffins and thick breads. Its operation is very easy and you can teach your kids too to operate it which will definitely reduce the burden of breakfast from your shoulders.

What we like about it:

Metallic body deserves appreciation and makers should receive accolades for that. The KitchenAid toasters reviews rank it the best sighting its exceptional facilities and the ease it introduces in your life. Toast anything with two extra wide slots and have fresh breakfast each morning. Not only this, since the operation is easy, your kids can toast whenever they are hungry and have a full tummy throughout the day. In this way it takes care of health of your kids.

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#5 – KitchenAid KMT2115CU Toaster

KitchenAid KMT2115CU Toaster product image

Welcome to the world of best kitchen devices which are here to make your kitchen a heaven and food an elixir of life. With this toaster in the list, this review is a super hit and has left all the other suggestions far behind. KitchenAid KMT2115CU Toaster is the best for use in homes and offices and can give you fresh breakfast in a few minutes. If you are getting late for a meeting, don’t worry rush to the office, and have breakfast there checking final preparations. All this is possible with this magical device which has two extra wide slots and can cook anything for you. And yes, worried about cleanliness? Congratulate makers as they have understood your urgent needs and have taken the best care of it.

Yes, they have provided the machine with a removable crumb tray which collects the crumbs produced while toasting and all you have to do is to take out the tray and throw them in the kitchen dustbin. The all- metal construction makes it possible for you to place them anywhere in the kitchen cabinet or on the table. Moreover, the metal body makes the machine prone to rats. The best part is that it has bagel and cancel buttons which makes toasting a beautiful dream for you. The KitchenAid toaster reviews place it at the top notch.

What we like about it:

There is lot to be liked and appreciated in this product. It will be the best to start with the cleanliness part as it can be attributed with one of the most usable qualities. Yes, the product has a tray in which crumbs are accumulated while toasting and the toil on your part is eliminated. The metal body is cool and designed in a way to give sophisticated and royal look to the kitchen device.

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How we choose the Top KitchenAid Toasters in our List

Writing a review and selecting the best for customers in not a small thing and especially when it comes to toasters which form the base of happy mornings, the responsibility becomes manifold. Extensive research and deep analysis is required before suggesting things to people and when it comes to formal review structured data and meaningful grounds are important.

Here are some of the points which formed the base of the research and the reason of inclusion of these products in the list-

  • Metallic body- Toaster is something which is used almost daily in your home from dusk to dawn. It is obvious that you will prefer a device which can be used for a long time without showing defects. Apart from long life, strong structure is a major factor which is assured by the metal body of the KitchenAid toaster machines in the list.
  • Ease of operation- There are four separate buttons which define the basic functions of the devices. They are very easy to handle and your kids too can operate them.
  • Availability of variety- Variety means a lot of things here of which the basic thing here is variety in toasting. With the toasters on the list, you can toast bagel and English muffins too.

The products were finalized after evaluating them on the aforementioned scales and the ones who passed these standards were given a niche in this very useful review. Hope you have found this reliable and will definitely consider these criteria before buying red toaster for your home or office.

Different Types of KitchenAid Toasters

Types and varieties are great and due to them only, you feel empowered to choose. Who in this world does not like to hold decision making power? Everyone does, right? And so do you. To make you feel great and enhance your decision making power, here are some comparisons and choices among which you would be glad to select from. So feel royal and read below, see here it goes-

  • Material used- All the KitchenAid products are strong and reliable as they are made from metals. You can see any model number as all are made from the same material.
  • Variety of functions- This is again a plus point for these products as all of them are multipurpose and can be used for toasting English muffins, beagles and other food which is fit for toasting.
  • Buttons- The ease of operation is enhancing when there are separate buttons for every function which you can see in these products. Model number four can be gives special accolades as the markings are very clear.
  • Size of slots- If you want to bake many things, the size of slots is very important. This quality you will find in all models except the first one where it is not specified. Enjoy hassle- free toasting with wide slots.

The kitchen aid toaster reviews which were crafted after huge analysis and accurate results suggest you these products due to their excellence and fabulous qualities. Buy any of them and get rid from the burden of breakfast and get up each morning with a smile on your face not with confused mind.

Why you need the Best KitchenAid Toasters in your Kitchen

It is said that it you want to happy and healthy life, you should keep best things in your vicinity. Best Kitchen aid toasters are those great things which you need around you. If you are finding reasons why to keep them in your kitchen, you will find plenty and will be compelled to buy one for you and your loved ones. Here are the reasons why having them in your kitchen is must for happy household-

  • Removable crumbs collector tray- These 4-slice toasters are cleanliness cautious and come with a removable tray which collects all the bread crumbs and all you are left to do is to throw the collected crumbs away to clean the machine.
  • Keeps the toast warm automatically- If you are in a hurry, set the machine to work and don’t worry even if you can’t eat the toast immediately after preparation, the toaster will keep it warm for you without special instructions.
  • Toast a variety of food items- KitchenAid toasters give you the liberty to toast a variety of items like English muffins, bagles and other things which can be toasted. We like using this in conjunction with a convection oven.
  • Gift them to the people you love- KitchenAid toasters will be a sophisticated gift for special occasions as they are endowed with all the qualities which were ever expected in a toaster. The receiver will definitely like it and find it useful in their kitchen.

Due to these points it becomes a must for you to keep best toasters KitchenAid in your kitchen. Have fun toasting!

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