How to Install a Window in a House?


In this time of the pandemic, you are at home and spending quality time with your family members. There is always a comfortable feeling whenever the sunlight filters through the window. Well!! You might be thinking while looking at the wall that it is a perfect place to have another window. You might have ignored that corner for a long period but now it’s the perfect time to do so. The answer is to take the help of EcoChoice Windows Cambridge experts.

Every one of us hates to be in a dark and dull place. Many want to replace the old boring window with a new one. Installing new things will add positive vibes to your life. Plenty of things need to be considered before the installation.

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It is the primary thing and as per your needs, you can chalk out your requirement.


It is important to wear eye and hand protection before installation, especially while replacing window glass and fiberglass insulation. You can rent scaffolding since windows are difficult to handle.

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The EcoChoice Windows Cambridge comes in a wide variety of shapes and that too within your budget. The experts who are handling this product claim that it will increase your home’s energy efficiency. Let’s discuss the steps to be followed for proper installations are:

  • Proper Research
    Before buying any material it is better to research a few important elements. It is important to look for the proper building codes. You will need to frame plans and co-ordinate on-site inspections. The area needs to be examined and approved previously. The window needs to work with other window styles and should complement the exterior part as well. You will need to investigate for any electrical wiring, plumbing, and ductwork over the area before you start the work.
  • Purchase Correct Materials/Rent Important Tools
    This is the next part of our step. Here you need to purchase or rent the specified tools and with it, the skills need to attach to get the desired output. For a successful installation of EcoChoice Windows Cambridge frames, you can contact their expert for further tips. For further installation, the following items required are:
    • Full height 2*4 studs or 2*6 to match the wall depth.
    • With 2*8 or 2*10 beam the header can be constructed.
    • Exterior and interior window casting, shims, drip-cap flashing, screws, nails, caulking guns, etc.
  • Get Correct Measure
    Even the carpenter advises you to measure the area twice and get it right. Each room has got different heights. The windows attached in the kitchen are completely different from the windows in the living and dining room. It is important to add a window guard in children’s rooms to avoid any accident. Before cutting any place do mark the rough opening size. Measure the top header, side vertical trimmers, and bottom sill plate to fit your requirement.
  • Cut the Hole
    Try to go for a drywall repair rather than trying to squeeze the frame into the small opening. To reduce the cleanup time it is better to place worn-out clothes on the floor and seal the doorways. It will produce a lot of dust. The window measurement should be done with the use of a straight edge ruler. To cut a required place you need a circular saw and a razor knife. You need to remove the top studs without damaging the surrounding drywall.
  • Frame the New Window
    The proper window framing will help you to operate the window smoothly for many years. To support the window sill it is important to add lower wall stud cripples just beneath the window opening. The window needs to be level from the side-to-side. The one-inch slope will allow the water to drain. Do remember to attach a window trimmer and metal angled brackets to connect it with the sill. Try to add a floating king stud on the right. The 2*4 cripples should be added with the header above. The studs need to be notched around electrical wiring.
  • Finishing the opening for the exterior
    To locate the window opening from the outside, you will need to drill holes from inside. Approximately 12 inches should be sufficient enough for your work. Draw a line along the drill holes by placing a straightedge. The siding can be removed from the center and clean out the corners with a saw.
  • Placing the New Window
    This is the final and important step. This product can be fixed with a nail fin or integral flange. You need to level the top and sides with shims. Try to use spray adhesive to tighten the window membrane with the window frame. Do put a bead of chalks in the bottom corners and plastic corners on the top of caulking. The siding pieces need to be cut before trimming out the window.
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Well!! It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions while installing a window. While purchasing be sure that the windows are in level and square. Always try to do proper waterproofing of this EcoChoice Windows Cambridge frame. Generally, there are two types of installation method one is retrofit installation and the other one is full-frame window replacement. Retrofit installation is recommended for newer windows without frame and replacement of window sash. The existing frame can be reused. The full-frame installation also includes the frame, jambs, trim, and brick molds.

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