5 Simple Steps To Move And Reuse Kitchen Cabinets!

The old cabinets don’t have to be thrown out when you update your kitchen. You may take those cabinets and put them wherever you need more storage, such as in your garage, shed, or laundry room. You’ll save a few dollars and feel better knowing that it won’t wind up in a landfill.

There are several options for reuse.

You don’t just have to replace your cabinets; you may also use an old countertop and sink in a different area. To increase the amount of space you have beneath the sink, you might place them in your utility room along with some base cabinets from the kitchen. Replace the outdated fiberglass sink in your laundry area with a more attractive option.

What To Do With Old Kitchen Cabinets?

One of the problems that arise when replacing our old kitchen cabinets is figuring out what to do with them after removal. However, there are several choices. Those who don’t want them stored can sell them to building firms or secondhand shops. The most talented individuals can use the material in new initiatives, nevertheless.

kitchen cabinets

Look at the back of your cabinet once you’ve opened it to determine what kind of cabinets you have. You have prefabricated cabinets that, assuming they are made of the same material as the sides of the cabinets, should be possible to reuse after removal.

Any type of object can be stored in our home using a pre-made cabinet. They weren’t made to only be in the kitchen, despite being designed for there.

Your cabinets most likely need some modifications so they can be a part of a different area in Your house. You might only need to alter the door moldings or even the wood’s color to breathe fresh life into the drawers.

Cabinets For Storing Shoes

The lovely shelf for our shoes is the first option. We can construct a space to put shoes before entering our home, keeping it tidy, by placing some shelves there.

These cabinets’ height makes it simple for us to fit them into our closet to add more storage space.

Decorate A Craft Room

There are numerous methods for creating an old kitchen cabinet that you can use. Because artists need so many tools, their workspaces can sometimes get disorganized. This problem can be handled by placing many drawers on a table.

We need to leave at least 70 cm free because we need room to work on it. This indicates that for a suitable installation, the table should be about 160 cm wide.

Organizing The Bathroom

If the dresser is too tiny to accommodate all of your personal care and cosmetics items, you can use a single drawer and mount it on the wall as a brand-new drawer. A complete cabinet can also be used to make new countertops.

Now you may keep anything you need, including towels, soaps, and other medications. The only thing that is advised is to sand and repaint a worn-out drawer so that it matches the bathroom design.

Old Kitchen Cabinets Are Reused In The Garage

Sometimes the wear and tear on our cabinets may be visible, leaving us to ponder if we can use them for another project around the house. However, keep in mind that some rooms, like the garage, do not need to be particularly attractive.

It’s never a bad idea to have a little extra space for our tools, and since the shelves are already beaten up, the abuse won’t harm them.

How Do You Remove Old Kitchen Cabinets?

Cabinets are mostly just plywood boxes, and many of them are easily modifiable. Typically, the entire process of shrinking cabinets entails removing a portion and reducing entrances to fit the shorter cabinet. A saw can be used to change the cabinet’s proportions.

Once you know what kind of cabinets you have, use the removal techniques listed below.

Gathering of Tools and Supplies 

Most of the equipment you’ll require to remove your cabinets is already in your regular toolbox. That’s wonderful since it frees you up from having to rush to the hardware shop to get specialized tools and allows you to start working on your project whenever you’re ready.

Prepare The Area

It’s time to begin but refrain from moving too quickly. There are a few tasks you must complete before the screws begin to come out. These tasks are simple to complete, essential for a job well done, and will help you maintain your workspace tidy as you work.

  • Clean out your cabinets.
  • Remove all items from the counters.
  • Cut off the kitchen’s utilities.
  • Tarps should be used to cover the floor and counters.

Get The Kitchen Cabinets Ready To Be Taken Out

Prior to taking out your kitchen cabinets, make sure to clean out your cabinets.

Look inside your cabinets for any hidden electrical connections and make sure they are turned off.

Using a drill, detach the cabinet’s hinges while keeping the door’s hinge in place to remove the cabinet doors. If you won’t be reusing your old cabinets, remove them more quickly using a crowbar while protecting yourself by donning gloves and safety eyewear.

Take the following safety precautions if you are removing kitchen cabinets to reuse them:

  • Place any exposed hinges or loose screws from each cabinet in a plastic bag or another container. Once the cabinets have been removed from the walls, fasten the container to the cupboard to keep materials together.
  • Before removing the cabinets, name or number them with adhesive if you plan to replace them in the same location. This will help you keep them organized and prevent misunderstandings in the future.

Take Cabinet Fixtures Apart

Start by eliminating everything that might move or obstruct the way before removing the cabinet body. The following is included in this:

Doors: Take off the hinge while still leaving the bracket attached to the cabinet body.

Shelves: Pull the shelf away from the support peg or unscrew the bracket from the cabinet body.

Drawers: Completely pull the drawer out, then lift and keep pulling. Remove the movable bracket from the drawer if that doesn’t work.

Raise And Remove The Cabinet

Gently push the cabinet up and move it away from the wall after you believe you have fully separated it from the wall. Throughout this process, take your time to make sure there isn’t any loose glue left, or if a screw was missed. Remove the cabinet from your work area once it has been entirely taken apart to create a place for the other cabinets.

Related Questions

Can the existing kitchen cabinets be rearranged?

Without having to spend money on brand-new cabinets, rearranging the kitchen cabinets can refresh and reorganize the space. You can take advantage of the space above your current kitchen cabinets if you have it.

Do base cabinets have a floor connection?

Wood screws that pass through the cabinet frame, the particleboard underlay, and the plywood subfloor are used to secure the base cabinets in the kitchen. Typically, base cabinets are put in place without tops, drawers, or doors.


People love to recycle things. They recycle old water bottles to create new ones, or they frequently buy and sell items through consignment stores. Reusing materials from renovation projects is nothing to be ashamed of.

You can use kitchen cabinets, granite worktops, and sinks in other rooms of your house. They can look wonderful and prevent you from having to purchase additional storage for other areas in your home if they’re still in good condition.