6 Industrial Robots That Would Be Perfect for Your Kitchen


Have you ever seen the Jetsons? If you have, you would have noticed how their kitchens were full of robots that made their food for them. Robot arms were scrambling eggs, and toasters were automated to jettison their toasts onto plates.

6 Industrial Robots That Would Be Perfect for Your Kitchen
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The funny thing is, these shows were set in the 2000s, which goes to show how far fetched those shows were: we are nowhere near that level of technology. However, they can give you ideas on how to improve your kitchen.

We have entered a new decade, and it is important that you consider modernizing your kitchen. The best way to modernize your kitchen is to use industrial robots. These are robots that are usually used for manufacturing sites, but they can also be customized for kitchen duty. Here are some industrial robots that would be perfect for your kitchen:

Articulated Robot Arms

The articulated robot arm is one of the more advanced industrial robots in the market. As the name implies it is capable of very articulate movement. It is made up of two joints that are connected to 10 other joints.

The arm is then connected to a base that usually has a control panel. Due to the high levels of articulation, it is capable of a full range of movement and can go over and around obstacles. They can be installed with robotic hands that can grip, press, and pick up materials.

Applications in the Kitchen

This type of industrial robot can perform a myriad of tasks in the kitchen. Articulated robots can be attached on top of the stop. It can also be attached to a moving platform to make it more mobile.

Due to its incredible dexterity, the articulated robot arm can be used for various applications. It has the control to unpack groceries and arrange ingredients in record time.

It could cut up meat and vegetables, and cook eggs with minimal effort or fuss. As a whole, the articulated robot arms are extremely versatile robots.

SCARA Industrial Robot

The SCARA industrial robot has a limited movement range compared to the articulated robot arm. However, it makes up for this limitation with incredible speed and durability.

It can handle extreme amounts of movement and repetition. This makes it perfect for pick and place functions.

Applications in the Kitchen

The SCARA industrial robot is not as versatile as the articulated robot arms, but it is capable of functioning at extreme speeds and can handle extreme stress. It can be used for pick and place functions, but it will need to be customized further to function in the kitchen properly.

Application-wise, it can be used to sort ingredients such as vegetables, nuts, and fruits at extreme speeds.

If you are interested in the best SCARA robot arms, you should check out EVS: it is an industrial robot company that makes a wide selection of quality industrial robots.

Delta Robots

The Delta industrial robot is a spiderlike robot made up of three arms connected to a single base.

They are usually suspended atop the work area and are usually used for pick and place functions. They also have the flexibility and dexterity to carry out rapid assembly applications.

Applications in the Kitchen

The delta robot is a very efficient and accurate robot that thrives in assembly tasks.

It is best suspended on a clear surface and used to assemble sandwiches, sushi, spring rolls, or any type of food that requires assembly.

Noodle Making Robots

The noodle-making robot is self-explanatory enough. It makes noodles and it makes them very fast. Just put the dough into the robot, and the robot will cut it up and cook the noodles in record time.

Applications in the Kitchen

Having a noodle-making robot means that you will never have to buy noodles for your pasta-based dishes ever again. All you need is the specific dough for your noodles, and you can have a feast of noodles in no time.

Pancake Bots

The pancake bot is capable of creating pancake art using 3D technology. The art that this robot is capable of is more than simple shapes made from dough.

They are as intricate as they come. By using the pancake bot, you will be able to create highly-detailed pancake art, that looks too good to eat.

Applications in the Kitchen

Pancake art is a fun activity that you could have with your family. However, with technology like this, you can do more than just pancake art.

You can even start your own business for theme pancakes. The quality of their printing is that good, and people would be more than willing to pay for them.

Collaborative Robots

When it comes to industrial robots, the collaborative robot is the next step. Where the earlier versions of industrial robots were arms or of a simpler design, the collaborative robot is more than that.

A Collaborative robot is meant to work alongside humans. Where most industrial robots need a separate space to function properly, the co-bot can work in the same space as its owner.

Feature-wise, the cobot can do a multitude of functions such as pick and place, assembly, and welding to name but a few.

Applications in the Kitchen:

The collaborative robot is an extremely intelligent robot and is lightyears ahead of earlier industry robot models.

They are also extremely expensive, and way above the price range of most households. However, there have been huge strides in robotics technology, so there is a chance that cobots can be mass-produced for public use.


If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen and adding modern features to it, then industrial robots are for you.

They can be used for a multitude of applications, and can also give your kitchen a more futuristic feel.

Modernizing your kitchen can be expensive though, luckily with this list of industrial robots, you’ll be able to choose the right one for your kitchen.

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