Must-have Appliances For Your Kitchen

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In the era of digitalization, we can benefit from various tech gadgets that make our lives so much easier: we use Bluetooth headphones to cancel all the noise around; smartphones help us be in touch all the time while smart home devices make almost all the job for us. For example, if you have a big family and need to feed them with tasty meals during the day, some great kitchen appliances can facilitate this task for you a lot. But even if you don`t, having some help in the kitchen won`t hurt either. In this guide, we have prepared a list of must-have kitchen devices you just can`t do without in the modern world.

Top smart gadgets to have in your kitchen

In addition to regular meals for your family, cooking is an excellent opportunity to apply your creative skills and enjoy the whole process. With technologies developing at a rapid pace, you can now cook complex recipes from restaurants` chefs easily with a few digital assistants in your kitchen. If earlier you could spend hours trying to come up with a decent cake for your birthday, today, you just need to give a voice command to your microwave or send a request to your blender from your phone.

It sounds interesting, doesn`t it? And so will be the process of cooking, if you manage to use a few great assistants from this list. Here is our top of smart gadgets a modern kitchen should have today:

Instant Pot

And not just a regular one, but a smart model connected to Wi-Fi so that you could easily operate on it and cook on the go with your smartphone or tablet. With this small upgrade, you can now do everything from yogurt to cereals and cakes. It cooks 70% faster, has eight programs in one, and can become your best kitchen assistant when you are busy. The gadget will cost you around $120 but will pay off in a few days after the purchase;

Best single serve coffee maker

A productive day for many people cannot start without at least one cup of tasty coffee. It helps to open our eyes and makes our mornings more pleasant. One of the key advantages of single servers is speed: just one minute, and you are free to go. The coffee maker is simple to use as it doesn`t have many features, and it can be easily maintained. Besides, it is quite small, so it can fit in any kitchen not taking much space;

Automatic pan stirrer

Just for $25, you can get this handy little device that can literally become your lifesaver. If you are cooking a recipe that needs regular stirring and you are afraid to ruin the dish because you will be busy with kids or elsewhere, just set a timer on this gadget and it will stir it for you: no efforts from your side required;

Salad spinner

If you are eating healthy food and want your family to join you, this small and affordable gadget is something you must have. It will allow you to eat a fresh salad with herbs, lettuce, and berries every day not spending much time on cooking;


Just like an oven, this thing is a must-have in your kitchen. Depending on your needs, it may be a small or bigger fridge with sections for fruits, vegetables, and eggs. Consider some modern smart models like Samsung or LG that are packed with such features as notes, recipes, a calendar, TV, music, and other things available on a large display. What about your fridge sending you a notification when the door has been left open or if you run out of ice?

Connected kitchen scale

This gadget is totally a must-have for all cooking lovers. With its help, you can choose among hundreds of recipes in your smartphone, change portion sizes, substitute, and match ingredients, and pick single-bowl recipes to avoid washing too many dishes. Besides, you can use the wireless auto progress option not to touch your smartphone with dirty fingers. Cooking has never been so easy with this smart little assistant;

Sous Vide Precision Cooker

If you need someone or something to help you cook slowly until perfection, this device is your choice. Connecting to Wi-Fi, you can cook a restaurant-quality meal from anywhere like a pro. Now hands-off cooking is available for meat, vegetables, and other products with more temperature control and precision;


Once we mentioned hands-free Wi-Fi connecting devices with remote control, such a simple thing as a dishwasher comes without saying. It is essential in your kitchen as it helps you to get rid of piles of dirty dishes within a few minutes. Just load it (and make sure you did everything right) and keep enjoying your meal, rest or other more interesting activities;


Can you imagine your kitchen without a microwave? Probably, not today. Even though many people are against it, these devices are practical and easy to use, especially when you need to heat your food up or cook something quickly and effortlessly. Modern microwaves with large displays are stress and struggle free with built-in notifications and other smart features for your convenience;

Smart air fryer

Just for $120, you receive eleven cooking modes, lots of recipes, and a dishwasher-safe basket that will let you enjoy healthy food, fewer oils, and more crispy textures. You can spend less time cooking and just set a required program with a slight touch of the screen;

Balance personal blender

With a smart blender connected to your smartphone with Bluetooth, you can see all nutritional information, cook a lot of delicious smoothies, and even update the list of groceries. Besides, some models can also help count protein, calories, sugar, and fat based on the ingredients` volume. It is a really useful thing in your kitchen;

Two-slice smart toaster

With so many smart kitchen appliances, we should also mention a high-speed smart toaster with a touch-screen. Smart sensors help you receive perfectly baked toast bread, delicious waffles, bagels, cakes, and pastries just like you love. It can also heat your toast up within 15 seconds if it gets cold. Tasty breakfasts are guaranteed;

Hand Soap Dispenser

When you are cooking, you don`t want to touch your smartphone and other valuable things with dirty fingers. With this small automatic device, you can just put your hand under its sensor and get the necessary amount of soap. It will also prevent dirt and bacteria from getting all over your house.