8 Lip Smacking Vegan Dishes To Try In This New Year of Ox (Lunar New Year)

The Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year in 2021 started on February 12th, and the celebrations will last for seven days. The New Year marks the ‘first day’ of the Chinese Lunar calendar. However, the date and lucky Chinese zodiac symbols keep on changing every year. This is the ‘Year of the Ox’. China mainland and other Asian countries celebrate this festival with red envelopes, fireworks, gambling, and lip-smacking feast.

8 Lip Smacking Vegan Dishes To Try In This New Year of Ox (Lunar New Year)
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Yes, you can play traditional table games during this 2-week celebration period. Even people away from their native land can play online casino games at casino.netbet.com. It has an exclusive offer and a range of games to plays during your holidays. Apart from the entertainment, food is another top pick during this celebration period. So, without wasting much time, let us read-on about a few vegan dishes that will fill your heart & spirit.

Yummlicious Vegan Dishes to Try this Lunar New Year

  • Vegan Mushroom Potstickers

The Potstickers or the Dumplings are a main dish in the Lunar New Year. Potstickers variety is quite versatile, with people preparing steamed, pan-fried, sweet, or savory dumplings. You can stuff them the way you like and prepare for your whole family. Here, we are talking about the vegan twist so you can fill these dumplings with the shiitake mushrooms. They are crispy outside and juicy inside. Even they are filled with savory vegan umami. You can even prepare a large batch of these Potstickers and freeze the uncooked ones to be used during the celebration period.

  • Dan Dan Noodles

Noodles symbolize longevity in Chinese New Year, and the vegan Dan Dan Noodles tastes light and delicious. It is mainly prepared in countries like Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore. It has sweet, tangy, and spicy flavors with chopped mushrooms making it an excellent substitute for the meat.

  • Sticky Rice Mushroom Shumai

This recipe is said to be originated from the Inner Mongolia region, where it is made in a non-vegetarian way. The homemakers use scallion, ginger, and minced lamb. But, the sticky rice dim-sums are stuffed with mushrooms and peas. In case you cannot find the vegan Shumai wrappers, it is ideal for preparing them at home. The vegan Shumai recipe is healthier and light too.

  • Braised Wheat Gluten With Mushrooms

This healthy vegan dish is high in proteins, so vegan nay-sayers will eventually fall in love with this dish. You can find the ingredients required to prepare this dish in the local Asian market. This is a cold appetizer that is worth craving. This dish, namely ‘Hong Shao Kao fu,’ is made with wood ear mushrooms, dried wheat gluten, peanuts, and dried lily flower. Before preparation, all the ingredients are soaked in the slightly ‘sweet-based’ and dark soy sauce. Here, the dried wheat gluten tastes similar to the tofu that acts as the sponge. The dried wheat gluten soaks all the flavors that you add to it.

  • Bean Curd Rolls

The curd roll is a twist to the Californian rolls prepared with the roasted seaweed wrapped in sweet seasoned rice. This vegan recipe has roasted dried seaweed or Yakinori wrapped in the dried bean curd’s seasoned and softened sheets. This bean curd is readily available in the Asian markets.

  • Lip Smacking and Sweet Chinese Rice Dumplings Prepared in Ginger Syrup 

‘Tong Yuan’ or the ‘glutinous rice dumplings’ are enjoyed in the Chinese New Year, especially at the Lantern Festival. These rice dumplings are soft and chewy and submerged in light ginger syrup. These dumplings have their original white color or colored with the fruit pulps or the vegetable extracts.

A few of these rice dumplings are either plain or stuffed with sweet fillings. Moreover, the flour used in this rice dumpling is gluten-free. This flour is the same as that of the chewy shells of the Mochi. This sweet dessert is a wholesome dessert for the concluding event of the Chinese Lunar Year.

  • Cabbage Rolls And Vegetarian Spring Rolls

For preparing tangy and salty Cabbage Rolls, these leaves are filled with carrot, mung bean sprouts, water chestnuts, and other vegetables of your choice. If you are preparing the vegetable spring rolls, you need rice paper to wrap your choice’s vegetables. These spring rolls can be filled with bamboo shoots, sliced carrots, dried black mushrooms, sweet red bell paper, and get the vegetarian version of the ‘oyster sauce’ available in many local markets. You can use this as an appetizer if you have guests at home during the Chinese New Year.

  • Buddha’s Delight Or Lo Han Jai

Lo Han Jai, Loh Han Chai, and Loh Han Cai are all the names of one of the most essential dishes prepared during the Chinese New Year that is the ‘Buddha’s Delight’. This traditional vegan dish includes almost 18 ingredients that represent 18 Chinese Saints or Arhats. You can make the original version of this recipe if you want and modify it in the coming festival days. This dish is served as the ‘vegetarian meal for the Buddhists’ and is mainly eaten by the saints. The main ingredients are Dry lily buds, Shiitake mushrooms, Bean curd sheet and sticks, cabbage, mung bean vermicelli, black moss or fat choy, preserved bean curd, wood ear fungus, bamboo shoots, lotus seeds, arrows shoots, ginkgo nuts. Even you can add more vegetables of your choice too.


If you are looking forward to healthy and plant-based ingredients in your lip-smacking dishes, then shiitake mushrooms, cabbage, tofu, mung bean sprouts, etc., are a few great options. It will give the same taste as the non-vegetarian variants of these dishes. So, you can choose the ingredients according to their availability and make this ‘Year of Ox’ a healthy and excellent one. These are a few great vegan dishes ideas that you will crave even after the Chinese New Year gets over.